Honeymoon In Asaba episode 5

Episode 5

After she was told to bring Emeka for the sacrifice,she started devicing a means to get him. She wanted to get him so cheaply. Going to Awka for him might not really work.
She employed a girl, Tina and handed her a facebook account she prepared for the job. She was to use the account to follow up Emeka and get him to agree to come and visit her in Asaba.
Ifeoma was keeping tabs on their online conversations. She was bidding her time waiting patiently for the day he will land. She could have handled the job but he might recognize her voice over the phone because definitely, there must be phone calls.

She paid Tina half of the money and promised to pay up the balance the moment she sets her eyes on Emeka.
She knew Emeka will certainly agree to the idea of traveling to Asaba for p***y. She knew how he loved s*x. It was the same way he loves s*x without control that made him impregnate her many times.
Ifeoma smiled again as she looked at Emeka looking so defeated, hopeless and hungry.
“Who is having the last laugh now ? I’m glad I got you. She did a very nice job. You came here to f**k. F**k will finally kill you”
“Untie his mouth ”
Emeka begged her for mercy the moment he was free to talk again.
“Mercy.. What is mercy? You better start saying your last prayers now because tomorrow is the day you will die and there is no going back. You will be used for a ritual tomorrow as a penalty for what you did to me” She moved closer and robbed her hands on his face.
“You are very hungry. Don’t worry, they will get you something to eat. You must survive till tomorrow “She smiled again and left.
Emeka cried. He couldn’t hold back the tears this time around. So this is how he will die? He felt sorry for himself and how he treated her. He thought about it again; but he couldn’t keep her anymore. He was tired of using her everytime and he had no plans of planning a future with her. She has no womb. He thought again; but he was responsible for her not having a womb.

The five men left and only two returned with some food for him.
Emeka pleaded with them men who brought the food to spare his life but they promised to beat him if he dared speak any further. He couldn’t take anymore beating today so he gently obeyed and kept quiet.
He managed to eat something as they fed him with a spoon. His hands still tied.
Throughout that day he was in thoughts. Nobody knows his whereabouts not even his closest friends. He thought about his darling mother. Is this how he has chosen to pay her back?
He spent the whole day reflecting over his life.He was very sober and full of sorrow.
That night, he refused to sleep. He was wide awake .That was the last night of his life.
As early as 5am, one of the men was sent to come get him ready so that when the day fully breaks he will be taken to the native doctor shrine for the sacrifice. He was told to make him wear a white dress only. He was about to open the door of the room when Tina told him to wait. It was an uncompleted building in the bush but the doors has been fixed already.

Tina approached him and started touching him seductively.
“E get as my body dey do me this morning. As I see you n***d so I run come make you help me abeg ” She said touching his chest down to his laps.
“ehen, how e dey do you and how I go take help? ”
Tina did not wait for him to finish before she grabbed his d**k. Pulled down his tr0users and quickly removed her 0wn skirt bent down. He took advantage of the opportunity and inserted his j0ystick. What did he do to deserve such a free gift this morning.
He pushed it in and out until she made him promise to allow him see the guy inside for five minutes. He agreed and she allowed him to continue.
After some more thrusts he started shaking like motor engine.
“Don’t cùm inside ” Tina said and removed her h0neypot from his d**k.
He opened the door for her as promised and stood back. She entered and met him sleeping.

She woke him up,untied him and told him to keep quiet.
“I am not here to rescue you but I am here to save your life ” she told him.
“You can’t run. They are outside. Just listen and do as I tell you,She continued, Ifeoma thinks she can use me anyhow. She refused to pay me my balance after everything and I will spoil business for her and another reason is because I like you and I don’t want you to die. Just forgive me for everything and always remember this very morning. We shall meet again ”
Emeka was confused. He heard save. He wanted to be saved so he calmed down.
“What should I do? ” He managed to ask.
She removed her clothes immediately and lay down.
“Do not waste anytime and do not ask any questions. Come and f**k me. Be fast about it you will find out why I am doing this later ” she said.

Emeka did as he was bid. He didn’t even know if he believed what she said or if it’s because he has seen p***y again. He just can’t let this one go. It might be the last bang of his life.
With all the strength in him, he dived in and started doing what he knows how to do best. He fired from river Niger to river Jordan. She was really tight like she said but this is not the way he thought it would be. He thought it would be like a honeymoon. Home alone with her and hitting the honeypot anyhow he wanted it but all the same this is still the same p***y.
He stired it with all his strength and buried his entire self into her. She m0aned in pleasure begging him to forgive her. She never knew when she said those words. It was Emeka’s d**k effect. It can make a woman apologize for the wrong things she has ever done both knowingly and unknowingly. She noticed he was weak and decided to ride him. Her mission was to just make him release and that would be all.

SHe m0unted him and rode him like a fire dancer. She gripped his dicck with her tight p***y walls making sure they massaged his d**k so well. The warmness, tightness and her riding speed left Emeka with no other choice but to cùm. Tina did not bother. She allowed him pour everything inside. She got dressed and left. Emeka wondered the kind of help she claimed to have helped him. If she wanted to help him, she should have helped him escape but no, she came to f**k him claiming she came to help him. Maybe she was horny and had no one to help her out, he thought. He was still thinking when he fell into a short sleep. The type that comes after releasing some seeds. He was jolted back to reality by the hefty man who came to prepare him. By now two more men arrived because it was already morning.
They removed the clothes he was putting on and made him wear the white as they were instructed to.
Everything was set.They took him, eyes blindfolded, hands tied and walked him through the the bush. He didn’t know were he was going.He only moved with them to avoid beating.

They pushed him and he fell down. This signaled to him that they have arrived their destination.
He heard a voice telling them to remove his blindfolds. It was a male voice. When the blinds were taken off, he felt goose bumps all over him. He was in front of a very big shrine.
Ifeoma was also putting on a white wrapper which she tied over her b*****s. The man standing next to her was no doubt the native doctor. He was an old man with native chalk circled around his two eyes. He was putting on a red dress.
“Bring me the calabash and the ancient spear for the time has come ” The old man said and a little boy emerged from inside the shrine and handed over to him a very sharp spear while he stood there with the big calabash.
“Amadioha! It is time. Accept this sacrifice. May his blood be accepted by you and may all we seek today be successful ” He said,applied some native chalk on Emeka face and lifted up his spear to stab Emeka’s chest.

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