Daisy episode 2


Chapter 2

Daisy ran outside immediately she noticed blood was coming out from her nose, she held her nose and ran out
She thought about going to spend the night at Aria’s lodge but waved if off thinking Aria will mock her
Aria has always loved and stood by her despite all the maltreatment she do recieve from Daisy because she came from a poor background Daisy was the one who fed her sometimes and insult her to stupor

She was still standing when the gate opened, Aria entered running to hug her Daisy asked her to stop

Did he hit you again? Aria asked

He didn’t hit me,why can’t you mind your business please leave my house..Daisy shouted

I’m not leaving until I set my eyes on that monster you call a hub… she was interrupted with a hot slap which sent her to the floor

Don’t dare you call my husband a monster again,I said leave my house now..

Kelvin came out,Daisy took a step back falling on Aria who helped her back to her feet

How dare you lay your filthy hands on my friend kelvin, can’t you see she’s heavily pregnant? Pregnant for a monster like you woman beater..Daisy dragged her back pushing her out of the compound

You called your friend to come here and harass me, now follow her and never return to this house

Kelvin please I didn’t call anyone I’m sorry,I don’t have anywhere to go.. Daisy cried

Serve my meal goat… kelvin commanded

Daisy ran inside the kitchen,dished out his food and served him

Kelvin was about finishing the food when his mum came in with loads of foodstuffs Daisy rushed to hug her but was pushed down, she sat down on the floor for almost an hour before getting up

Amara come inside.. His mum told the girl she came with

You decided to tie my son down with this pregnancy you will suffer in this house I promise you.. she said

Welcome mum.. kelvin said hugging her

You call yourself Daisy right? You dropped out from school to live with son,no problem ooo..

Kelvin’s mum was heartbroken and angry she never wanted her son to marry anyone until she’s done with him she promised to make life miserable for Daisy
Daisy stood up from the couch and wept to her room, she missed Aria

Who is she mum? Kelvin asked pointing at Amara

She will be making meals in this house right from today,I can’t eat what that pig cooks.. said Mrs Donald

Kelvin nodded,he asked the girl to drop the foodstuffs upstairs, Amara and kelvin rushed to hug his mum immediately he kissed her for 5 seconds before he heard footsteps he stepped back and continued with his food

She nearly caught us.. Mrs Donald said sitting beside him

Thank God she didn’t,huh ..

Daisy cleaned the house as usual and left to see her parents, her parents were already at work she went to their room and lay there waiting for them to come back
After hours of waiting her mum came home first, she was scared when she saw her daughter lying on the bed
Daisy’s head was now bigger than her body she was passing through hell in the hands of her husband and mother in-law

Daisy are you okay? Her mum asked feeling her body temperature

I’m not fine mum,my waist has been paining me since morning and I’m running temperature.. Daisy replied holding the duvet

Your husband didn’t take you to the hospital? She questioned uncovering her

Mummy stop please,I’m cold… She said

Get up from there let’s go and see the doctor.. her mum told her dragging her up from the bed

Take it easy mum do you want to break my hand?

My friend walk like a human being,I warned you but you wouldn’t listen you think kelvin is a human being,he has shown you what he is made of..Mrs Dike said holding her by the arm

Daisy didn’t respond she quietly walked behind her mum

How many months pregnancy is this? A nurse asked looking closely at Daisy

Daisy shook her head, she doesn’t even know how many months her pregnancy is, she sat pale staring at her mum

She’s in labour oooo.. the nurse said focusing on what she was doing

It’s time Daisy go in there and push that thing out.. her mum said harshly

Daisy stood up and waited for the nurses to take her to the labour room

Her mum prayed feverntly for her daughter to give birth like the Hebrew women

She failed Kelvin’s number and asked him to rush to the hospital immediately

Kelvin was making love to his mum when the call came in,he wore his clothes and rushed to the hospital
He met Daisy’s mum who stared at him with much hatred

Please ma it’s not what you think I promise to change…he begged

Pray nothing happens to my daughter.. Mrs Dike told him, she left him going to meet the doctor who was coming out from Daisy’s ward

Congratulations ma.. said the doctor

Wowwww,baby girl or boy? How’s my daughter? Is she okay?

A baby boy, your daughter is a strong being she’s fine… Replied the doctor

Kelvin jumped up,he was grateful he rushed inside the ward to see his son and wife
He begged Daisy to forgive him

I promise to be a good husband to you and a responsible father to my son..he promised rubbing her forehead

Daisy smiled and turned her back to sleep

Kelvin’s phone rang it was his mum he didn’t hesitate to pick the call

Kelvin start coming back immediately… she shouted

I can’t mum I’m with my family here..he replied and entered the call

Daisy was discharged after three days Kelvin’s mum was very angry she warned Daisy to leave her son alone

My son doesn’t belong to you, leave him alone.. Mrs Donald shouted

Will you marry him? Beside he’s already married can’t you let the poor girl breath can’t you let her have peace in her husband’s house? Aria said from the back

Daisy turned and saw Aria sitting on the couch

Who’s this why don’t you go and look for your own husband,stop coming here you witch..

My friend is not a witch..Daisy fired

This will be the last warning if I ever see you close to kelvin again you won’t like me..Mrs Donald warned

Kelvin is my husband I don’t know when I started sharing my husband with you I should be the one warning you to stay away from my husband go to your husband’s house and let me be… Daisy shouted back at her

Let’s watch and see who leaves first ..Mrs Donald replied and went upstairs

That woman is up to something please stay away from her.. Aria said

She should do whatever she likes, she has dealt with me a lot and I’m tired I don’t know if she’s even sleeping with her son because I don’t understand why a month would always rub herself on her son’s body, kelvin doesn’t sleep in the same room with me what’s all these,is it because I’m keeping quiet or what? Daisy shouted

I tire oooo,talk to kelvin he is your husband

I’ve done that several times without numbers, this woman should better go back to her husband’s house and let me breath


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