Daisy episode 6


Chapter 6

~We went to bed together last night I woke up this morning and found her lying lifeless here my hands are clean Sir I didn’t kill her~ Aria defended herself

My daughter can’t kill herself I trust her she can’t do such..Mrs Dike cried

We need to find kelvin and his wife then..Mr Dike told them removing his cap from his bald head

Mr Dike sent some men to go out and search for Kelvin and his family,they were found under the bridge
Mr Dike’s Men pushed them roughly into the car and sped off

“You decided to kill my daughter before leaving this house right?”

Mr Dike asked his men to torture him until the truth comes out of his mouth, kelvin and his family were locked up in a room without no food and water while Daisy was taken to the mortuary

Aria took care of Daisy’s house and son, she feeds the boy whenever she likes
She would lock the little boy up in a room and go for her classes, she did all sorts of things to the little poor boy
Mrs Dike visited them on a Sunday afternoon, Aria was bathing the baby when she walked him

“Is he sick?” Mrs Dike asked

Yes, he’s actually growing a teeth.. Replied Aria

A teeth? Awwwwn my grandson is really growing..Mrs Dike said

Hope he is feeding well because he looks worn out in my eyes.. She asked again looking closely at her grandson who wanted her to carry him

When are you going to see your people Aria? Mrs Dike asked looking at her

Erm,I’ll be going next week ma.. she replied drying the baby’s body

Have you accepted to marry chief Oko?

Chief Oko? How did you know about this ma? Aria asked frowning

Oh! That? Don’t worry okay..Mrs Dike said

Ma! Aria called

Yes… She replied facing her

Daisy came to my dream, she told me how she took her life so nobody killed her.. Aria lied

Which Daisy? Mrs Dike thought within her

~Really nobody killed her, she appeared to me also ~Mrs Dike said smiling

Your husband should release Kelvin and his family they have been inside there since one month now..

It’s not yet time until the police are done with their investigations..Mrs Dike replied

Aria nodded and continued with what she was doing
She left the baby with his grandmum and sneaked downstairs and tiptoed to where kelvin and his family were locked up

Did you kill Daisy? Aria asked looking around

Believe me Aria,I can go extremely far to hurt someone but not to the extent of killing the person I didn’t kill Daisy.. Kelvin replied lifting his hands up

I’ve tried my best to convince that woman that your hands are clean but she won’t listen she behaves like her daughter.. Aria said

Please get us out of here,my children ain’t comfortable here..Mrs Donald cried

But you locked them up for months they didn’t complain,I’m trying my best Chioma.. Aria said

Mrs Donald shook her head and placed her head on the bed trying hard not to cry

Mrs Dike called Aria when she noticed she has stayed long downstairs

“Please I have a meeting to attend I’ll be back in the next three hours” she told her

Okay ma.. Aria replied

Mrs Dike left, Aria ran downstairs leaving the baby upstairs she was talking to kelvin from the window when Mr Dike entered the house
He stood perplexed and listened to their conversation,he quietly went upstairs and carried his crying grandchild and left the house
When Aria was done discussing with kelvin she served them a sumptuous meal and rushed to check up on the baby who was nowhere to be found

“I think Mrs Dike came back here and carried him, anyway what’s my business” she said and went downstairs to continue talking with kelvin
They were planning on how to sell the house
She was still talking and laughing when Mrs Dike slapped her from the back

“You killed my daughter Aria” Mrs Dike yelled at her

~I didn’t kill Daisy,Daisy has always been a good friend to me what’s my gain~ Aria shouted holding her left ear

You served her dinner that night, how come she finished eating the food and didn’t wake up again? What was cyanide doing on the table? A police officer asked

Yes! I remember serving her the meal but I know nothing about the poison I didn’t add anything to her food,I swear with my life.. Aria cried

Kelvin and his family were brought out from the room,they were asked to lie down on the floor with their head facing the ground

kelvin who killed my daughter for the very last time? Mr Dike asked with anger

Sir! Amara called standing up

My dad isn’t the killer,I saw auntie Aria adding something to your daughter’s food that night she chased us out I forgot my sweater on the couch when I saw her adding the poison, when she was done she left upstairs and pretended as if nothing happened
I rushed and poured the food inside the waste bin,I collected m………

The door opened and someone came in followed by DAISY

~Thank you for saving my life ~ Daisy told Amara and hugged her tightly

Daisy rushed upstairs picked up her remote and came downstairs

Aria was shocked and shaking at the moment including kelvin and his wife who opened their mouth widely staring at Daisy

Daisy told her how she hid cameras everywhere the video was played for everyone to watch
Aria has done four abortions for kelvin which Mrs Donald doesn’t even know about

Look at the little kid you have been maltreating since I was taken out of here,I saw the cyanide on the table I knew you were up to something so I took the cyanide in my palm so that it will look like I killed myself out of depression
Kelvin has been sleeping with you for a very long time, I’m just grateful that this child here doesn’t belong to kelvin,yes you can scream for I don’t care, my boyfriend was out of the country thinking that he won’t come back for me so I decided to date you and then you slept with me only once I made you marry me so that people won’t mock me and you think this child here is yours
I’m happy everything happened under this roof

~ you’re a bad friend ~ The police officer said

Aria knelt down and started begging them to forgive her

Officers please take this animals away from here,look at my son… Daisy shouted

Please leave those innocent children here, take kelvin his wife and Aria out of here.. Mrs Dike said pointing at them

The three adults were handcuffed and taken out of the house
Mr Dike promised Amara a good and sound education including her siblings too

Within three weeks Daisy left the country to meet her boyfriend who sent his parents to pay Daisy’s bride price
They lived happily ever after



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