Daisy episode 5


Chapter 5

Who is she to you? Daisy asked sitting on the couch

She’s my mum Daisy believe me.. Kelvin replied

Your mum? What about those kids kelvin? Ain’t they your kids? What have I ever done to you,so you have been deceiving me all these while, now I want you to go inside there pack everything that belongs to you and leave my house this minute.. Daisy commanded with pains written all over her body

Please don’t do this to me Daisy, I’ve always loved you and I’ll keep on loving you believe me when I say she’s mum .. Kelvin begged

For how long have you been sleeping with her? She’s not your mum kelvin, you’re a cheat kelvin God will punish you… Aria fired

The kids? Ain’t they yours? Daisy asked calmly

The kids? Nooo they ain’t mine ooo…He denied

Mrs Donald turned to him and sighed ” you’re lying, they’re your kids” Mrs Donald said

You locked those kids up for how many months now,but how come I didn’t know kids were inside there or did you use charm to tie their mouth? Daisy asked looking tired

Please forgive us..Mrs Donald begged

Who is kelvin to you? Aria asked

He is my son… She replied

Wow,so you bore him those kids… Aria said laughing

Mrs Donald covered her face she was tired, she went upstairs packed her things which took her almost one hour she came downstairs
“I’m leaving kelvin, take care of your kids” she said

Please come back,you can’t leave now it’s late already.. Kelvin told her

She should leave this house ooo, Kelvin better join her to avoid getting you disfigured this night… Daisy shouted

Go get the kids… Kelvin instructed Amara

Hey come back here..Daisy called Amara back

Who is she to you? She asked

Amara started shivering she looked at kelvin and Mrs Donald then turned to Daisy who was impatient to hear her reply

She is my mum..Amara broke the silence

Aria held Amara and gave her a knock on the head

“So I’ve been feeding three mouth in this house?” Daisy screamed

Who is your mum married to? Aria asked her

Mr Donald,he changed his name to kelvin..Amara replied still shivering

Aria went inside the room, woke the kids up and brought them to the parlour

You can now leave.. Aria said sitting beside Daisy

Daisy please, don’t let Aria deceive you… Kelvin pleaded

Daisy stood up and left them
She lay on the bed touching her son’s hair and was loss in thought she didn’t know when Kelvin entered

Daisy I’m sorry please, forgive me..He begged rubbing her laps

Daisy picked up her phone and dailed her dad’s number but wasn’t reachable, she dropped the phone, she stared crying uncontrollably

Aria came inside the room, she pushed kelvin out of the room and warned him never to come close to her friend again

“I warned you Daisy” she said

I’m just happy you caught them in that state, Aria I’m relocating… Daisy replied wiping her tears

To where? You’re now a single mother…

I want to leave this country,I’ll finish up my studies there.. She replied

Where Daisy? Please don’t leave me.. Aria said laughing

I’m not laughing Aria, kelvin did this to me 😭, Aria I’m still trying to recover from the shock

Aria climbed the bed,rolled the duvet to the other side of the bed and slept off
Daisy was awake throughout the whole night, she left the room and went downstairs to check if they were still there
She stood at the entrance door peeping from the hole, she didn’t see anyone
She sat on the couch murmuring to herself

Aria woke up the next morning, she quickly dressed up and came downstairs
She saw her friend lying lifeless on the floor, She touched her neck and then picked up the bottle on the table

“Cyanide” Aria screamed shaking her lifeless friend

Jesus Christ,Daisy it’s me, please don’t do this to me you have a son to take care of, please don’t leave us yet.. Aria wailed

Aria picked up her phone and called Daisy’s parents, she explained everything that happened to them
Her mum was preparing for work when she heard about her daughter’s demise, she pulled off her skirt and wore her trouser running downstairs to inform her husband who was already waiting for her in the car
They drove to Daisy’s house and saw their daughter lyingly lifeless on the floor

“Where is kelvin” her dad asked

He left with his family last night.. Aria replied consoling Daisy’s son


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