Daisy episode 3


Chapter 3

Aria I’ve been wanting to tell you these but each time I see you then thought would wipe off, there’s one room in this house that nobody enters I want to break the door.. Daisy told Aria looking around to see if someone hid around eavesdropping

A room? You mean nobody goes close to the room? Aria asked

Yes no one goes close to the room except my mother in-law I’ve seen her twice entering the room.. Daisy replied

Does it mean she’s hiding something from both you and your husband? Why not find the key than breaking the door… Aria advised

Hia,I can’t go inside that room ooo, her room she do lock everytime..

I’ll do it.. Aria replied

I need to see what is inside that room maybe she’s hiding something from us.. said Daisy

That woman doesn’t even look like someone who can give birth to kelvin Daisy that woman is too young… Aria said

I suspected that the first day I saw her but waved it off immediately I must see what is in that room.. Daisy replied trying to breastfeed her crying baby

There’s something fishy here ooo, Daisy I don’t understand this your marriage ooo.. Aria told her, her phone rang it was her mum she hesitated for a while before taking the call

“Why did you take all the whole time to pick the call?” Her mum asked

I was in the bathroom mum.. she lied frowning

Your presence is needed here tomorrow your dad wants to see you.. She said and ended the call

Aria stared at the screen of her phone and sighed

What did she say? Daisy asked smiling

It’s nothing to worry about,I’ll be traveling to the village tomorrow my dad wants to see me.. Aria told her

You don commit? Daisy laughed

I no sabi oooo,I’ll go see them tomorrow I’ll miss you and Henry.. Aria said

No problem ooo but bring something when coming back to avoid sending you back, please don’t stay long I need to see what is inside that room..

No my dear, I’ll be back after three days.. Aria replied standing on her feet she sighted Mrs Donald trying to enter the room which no one enters

Daisy she’s trying to open the door.. Aria whispered

Mrs Donald entered the room and locked it behind her

Aria tiptoed to the door step, she placed her ear on the door and heard a child crying silently Mrs Donald unlocked the door and Aria flew away

Daisy this woman is something else oooo,I heard a ch…

Daisy I’m hungry.. Kelvin said dropping his phone on the table

When did I start serving you food? She asked

Amara isn’t around so I want to eat yours please I’m hungry..he said raising his voice

Please don’t disturb me,call your mum or your cook to give you food.. Daisy replied going upstairs

Kelvin watched her leave,he looked at Aria who followed her friend upstairs immediately

Aria travelled the next day only to be told that her bride price has been paid, she laughed over it

You’re getting married to Chief Oko whether you like it or not,I am your father and I decides….

Decides what dad? How can you push me into marriage without my consent not even a young guy but an old man who you’re much younger than,mum so you’re in support of this.. Aria shouted pointing fingers at them

He is old but has a lot of money, Aria you must marry chief Oko or no other.. her father said

You want me to marry because of money dad I’m really disappointed,mum can you listen to your husband? We’re you forced to marry him? Aria asked crying

That man wants to pull this family out from poverty but your naughty head, your useless mindset won’t let you see it coming better go and think about it.. her mum fired

My mindset is not useless mum,I don’t know why I came back.. Aria cried picked up her handbag and left

At last you won’t have any other alternative but to marry him.. her dad said taking his snuff box from the table

Aria waved down a cab which took her back to school, she entered her room dropped her bag on the bed and lay down crying, she opened her bag and brought out her phone she dialed Daisy’s number

Hello Nigga.. Daisy said

Daisy you won’t believe what my parents told me today

What happened,why are you crying? Asked Daisy

My parent want me to get married to Chief Oko, someone who doesn’t brush his teeth someone who can’t even pronounce his name, Daisy imagine me getting married to an illiterate.. Aria cried

Calm down Aria stop crying, come over let’s talk about it please… Said Daisy


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