Daisy episode 4


Chapter 4

Aria arrived at Daisy house after two hours of their call ended
Daisy’s mother in-law was sitting in the parlour she was on a call with her mum when Aria entered with swollen eyes
Aria didn’t talk to her, she wanted to ask her about Daisy but waved it off she went upstairs to check her

See your eyes Aria,stop crying madam.. Daisy told her

Daisy my parents are serious they want me to marry chief Oko and he has already paid my bride price can you imagine… Aria replied crying again

Haba won’t you stop crying,I’ll leave this room for you ooo… Daisy said changing her son’s diaper

I’m not crying again, where’s your husband? Aria asked

I left him downstairs minutes ago did you see his mum downstairs?

Yes, she was on a call with someone when I came in I didn’t even bother looking around… replied Aria playing with Daisy’s son

Daisy you will be sleeping here tonight,I want to find out what is inside that room I’ve made up my mind

Did you find the key? Aria asked

I’ll be doing that tonight I’m just eager to see what is inside the room because I don’t trust that woman I heard her calling her own son baby yesterday night… Daisy said

I told you Daisy, that woman might be your husband’s wife but why will you allow her live under this roof this house that was given to you by your parents you allowed her stay here you’re funny ooo… Aria told her

I can’t send his mum out nah, since she came into this house with her things and that Amara of a girl that room has always been lock I’ll break the door, it’s my house.. Daisy said confidently

Now you’re talking,we will break it tonight..Aria supported

Aria was chatting that night when her elder brother texted her telling her their father was dying and they needed money to take him to the hospital Aria’s heart raced for awhile then she faced Daisy who was playing with her son

Daisy.. she called

I’ll be leaving for the village tomorrow,my father is sick and needs some money to be taken to the hospital..

Your father? When you left the village in the morning wasn’t he strong? How come he’s sick within hours…. Daisy asked

I know he is not sick they just want me to come back so that they can continue talking about my marriage with Chief Oko.. she replied

I’ll advice you to marry him to avoid your family keeping malice with you..

Daisy stop it,chief Oko stinks who doesn’t know that man..upon all the money he has he can’t take care of himself if it’s a joke better stop it.. Aria shunned her

Daisy sat up holding her son from falling from the bed

As a wise girl you don’t know what to do when you marry him?

I don’t know Daisy and I can’t marry him, the name Oko irritated me.. she replied

Marry him, save a lot of money from him open a big business for your parents and your parents,pay your textbook bills Aria do something reasonable with his money you can even leave the country after graduating go there and marry your choice of man.. Daisy said

Aria thought for a while and sighed,Won’t he want me to have babies for him? I no fit sleep with that thing oooo… Aria blasted

Now I know you don’t have sense,so you can’t take pills to avoid pregnancy huh you’re getting me angry am advising you on what to do but you’re proving stubborn opportunity comes but once ooo..Daisy said dragging her ear

Aria removed her hand immediately she felt the pain, she held her ear looking at Daisy like a goat

This is almost ten o’clock let’s start getting ready.. Aria told her

Have you agreed on what I said now?

Yes madam, I’ve agreed let’s start getting ready let me go down stairs and see if they have gone to bed.. Aria said going downstairs

Aria was shocked when she got downstairs, she held herself tightly to avoid making noise she watched as Kelvin devoured his mum on the couch
Aria quietly went upstairs to call Daisy the two ladies came downstairs watching the two couples doing dirty to their selves when Daisy’s son coughed
Kelvin sprang up and started searching for his trouser while his mistress used her two hands to cover her body

I’ve always known that this woman here isn’t your mum, she’s your mistress.. Aria shouted slapping kelvin

Mrs Donald I need the key to that room as fast as possible … Daisy screamed at the top of her voice

Mrs Donald was scared she ran to her and brought out the key she handed the keys with a shaky hand

Aria snatched the key from her and ran to open the door Mrs Donald started begging her
She cried her eyes out begging them to let the room be, Daisy dragged the key from Aria and opened the door Mrs Donald’s children were fast asleep, Daisy screamed jumping up and down hitting kelvin and calling him names.


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