Chapter 1

He hasn’t called yet and he isn’t taking my calls I feel like the earth should just open and swallow me..Daisy told her friend who sat perplex watching Daisy dail her lovers number several times

This guy has abandoned you oooo be like say you go carry your cross alone.. Aria replied

I’m doomed Aria how come I didn’t know I was pregnant all these while,why me, what do I tell my parents…Daisy cried

I warned you,I would have suggested for an abortion but you are four months gone with knowing you’re pregnant, how come? How come you don’t know something was germinating in that tummy of yours?

Aria I’ll risk my life for this I can’t deal with this..oh no.. Daisy cried dropping her phone

Men are indeed heartless God will punish kelvin… Aria said

Aria has been a good friend to Daisy, Daisy took her like a sister…they were still in their first year in school
Kelvin had promised daisy marriage,he convinced her and took advantage of her,he used Daisy however he wants,he controls Daisy and beat her up whenever she misbehaves, Daisy called him in the morning telling him about the pregnancy immediately kelvin heard it he ended the call and didn’t pick her calls anymore

In the evening Daisy dressed up to go meet her boyfriend but was shocked to receive the worst news she threw herself on the floor,rolled over and over until she was tired and left

Thank you very much Abraham… Kelvin thanked the gate keeper peeping to see if Daisy has left

This thing wey you do no show wiseness ooo.. Abraham told him

No be me give am belle nah no annoy me ooo..He replied going inside

Abraham sighed,shook his head and closed the gate

What do you tell your parents? Will you stay here for nine months without going to visit them? What if they visit you? How do you intend to escape? I’m really disappointed daisy.. Aria told her lying on the floor

I want to abort it.. she said

What if you die, you want to abort your head..

Don’t blame me Aria, kelvin decieved and lured me to his bed, what do I tell my parents?

Aria looked at her sighed and covered her ears

Aria please I need your help,I can’t do this alone please help me I beg you..

When you were busy enjoying with him you didn’t know,why didn’t you use protection?

Daisy didn’t say anything, she kept on crying praying fervently for God to take away the the pregnancy
Aria laughed at her and assured her that she will take care of the pregnancy

The next morning Aria went to open the door, someone has been knocking
She was shocked to see kelvin

I thought you traveled? She asked

Where is Daisy,I need to talk to her please..

Daisy walked up to him and landed a slap on his face,he knelt down begging her to forgive him

I’ll marry you Daisy..he said

Who told you I am ready for marriage kelvin you told your gate keeper to lie that you have left the country, what are you doing here? She asked

I’ve come to marry you I promise to take care of you and give you whatever you want

Daisy smiled not knowing that was the beginning of her doom

This one he wants to marry you Daisy? Let him not finish you ooo

I trust him Aria,I can’t wait to live with him.. Daisy replied holding her chest

Introduction was done, the bride price, traditional marriage and white wedding was done within two weeks
Daisy was happy at least nobody will insult or look at her like a prostitute she always flaunt her ring on people’s face

She was done cleaning the room when Kelvin entered,he dropped his jacket and called Daisy to serve his meal

Daisy complained of waist pain and begged him to serve himself, Daisy was still talking when a belt landed on her waist she screamed holding kelvin by the wrist shouting at the top of her voice


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