Coming To Lagos episode 4

CONTINUATION. . . Coming To Lagos. .Ep 4

“Oh my God.” She exclaimed. “Freda!! Get me tissue, quickly.”

I wasn’t even feeling the pain from the knife cut but my mind was running wild on what to tell her without putting Samuel in trouble. Samuel mentioned that he didn’t tell her he didn’t even know me. I totally understand him. Who wouldn’t be apprehensive about harbouring a stranger who could be a killer.

“You should be careful next time.” She says as she hands me a tissue to stop the little bleeding. Before we could go back to our conversation, her phone rings.
She walks into the room to speak to the caller as I heaved a sigh of relief.
I quickly open my WhatsApp and saw a message from Samuel.
“Before you go back tomorrow, will you like to visit somewhere in Lagos?”

I smiled as I replied with a yes.
He was online so he also responded immediately.
“Alright. I have somewhere in mind that you’ll never forget. Don’t worry, I won’t take you to mile 2.”

She laughed really hard and reacted with a laughing emoji as she contemplates whether to tell him about his sister’s question or wait till when he returns.
Freda was the first to enter the sitting room with her notebook in her hands.
“Aunty, can you please help me with my assignment?” Freda asked showing some maths questions.
“Oh, don’t bother her with it. Uncle Sam will be here soon and he will help you.” Her mother says walking back to her seat.”I’m sorry I was speaking to my husband. He’s in Abuja and will be on Sunday.” She added.
“Oh, I can help her really. Come here, dear.” I said to Freda. I needed to do something to avoid her asking about Samuel and I.

We were almost done when we heard a knock on the door. It was Samuel.
“Uncle Samuelll!” Freda screams and jumps on him. Samuel got us ice cream.

“Welcome uncle Sam.” I mimick Freda as Samuel laughs and says.

“Then you shouldn’t be sitting there. Come hug me like Freda.” Everyone starts laughing.

“Come and hug uncle like me, aunty.” Freda added. That’s one thing with kids. Freda pouts and makes that baby face requesting that I hug Samuel. His sister noticed I wasn’t going to stand so she said;
“Aunty is shy, don’t mind her.”

“Why is aunty shy? Is she not going to be his wife? You hug daddy in my presence why can’t she hug him too?”

Samuel noticed my facial expression and didn’t want Freda to go off board so he diverted the topic.
“Come let’s check whether aunty did your assignment very well.” He puts her down and turn towards me. “You can quickly go and change so that we can leave.”

“Where are you going to, uncle?” Freda asks looking from me to her uncle.

“I want to take her to somewhere. You know she’s in Lagos for the first time.” Samuel replies as I stand up to leave when I heard Freda ask a question I least expected.

“Are you going on a date?”

Samuel’s sister’s eyes nearly popped out as her daughter asked that question.

I quickly rushed inside to change into a better dress to avoid the next embarrassment or awkwardness.

My God. What have I gotten myself into?

To be continued. . .
ยฉ Rejoice Kelechi

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