Coming To Lagos episode 10

CONTINUATION. . Coming To Lagos. . . Ep 10

I got to work on Friday but it couldn’t place my hands on the why I was having a bad mood.
It was during lunch break, Timothy came to my table and as usual, with my lunch.

“I’m not hungry, thank you Timothy.” I could see Stella’s angry stare as she didn’t hide the fact that she didn’t like Timothy.

“Angel, you need food to have strength.” He continued to entice me to accept the food. That was one aspect of Timothy I hated. The next minute, he’ll call me sweetheart, my love, coco, angel. . .and some other names I’m not okay with.

“Timothy, I have told you that I’m not interested. Let me be, please.”

“A beautiful girl like you need a well rooted Lagos boy like me. I’ll make you enjoy Lagos. Trust me.”

“I’m not interested, please. Don’t bother bringing lunch for me again.” I stood up from my desk and went to the restroom. I wasn’t still feeling too well so I decided to step out for a bit. A woman sells really nice Bole in a canteen close to our office and I decided to get some.

Her female worker just brought my order when a woman came to sit on the seat opposite to mine.

“You must be Blessing?”

“Yes, and who are you?” I asked but she didn’t respond but lifted up her fingers to show me an engagement ring and her protruding stomach.
“I don’t understand.” I added.

“I am Timothy’s fiancรฉ. I have heard about all you have been doing with him. .”

“I beg your pardon, miss. I have nothing to do with Timothy.”

“Hey, I’m not done. It was because of me that Timothy got this job. I have eyes and ears so I know that you’re the one trying to snatch my Timothy. Oh, and you’re even new in Lagos so it won’t be difficult to deal with you.” She stoo up and was about leaving when she turned to me again. She must have forgotten something.
“Timothy can never leave me. Never. He must marry me else Lagos won’t be enough for us all.”

Immediately she left, I lost my appetite.

I checked my phone but no call from Samuel. Not even a text today.
I paid the woman and walked back into the office. When I entered, everyone kept staring at me awkwardly. No one said anything to me. Even Timothy didn’t approach me. Probably I was able to dismiss him but I was wrong.

When we closed, Stella and I usually pick a bus at the same bustop or book an uber.
“What did Winifred say to you?”

“Who is Winifred?”

“Timothy’s fiancรฉ na.”

“What?? How did you know she came to me?” I asked looking surprised.

“Everyone knows. I didn’t want to tell you initially. I wanted to mind my business but I thought you would pick the pieces. Winifred’s dad is a friend to the Director so it was rumoured that when Timothy got her pregnant, all these mainland boys looking for big girls to roll with, he quickly engaged her. Being without a job, Winifred puts in word for him and he got this job.”

“But believe me, Stella, I don’t have anything to do with Timothy. You know he’s the one always on my case. I know.” I couldn’t bring myself to face my first embarrassment at work. I have always wanted to avoid anything that will make me a topic for gossip in the office.

“He did same with me when I started.” Stella confessed. “I don’t think he loves her but he has no choice except he has found a better place to work and can hide because, Winifred won’t let him go scout free.”

I got home tired, and worried but no one to talk to. Not even Samuel because I haven’t responded to his calls or text since this week. i don’t know what he thinks of me now.
After freshening up and eating the food I got on my way, I picked up my phone and clicked on Samuel’s message. Tons of messages from him met my eyes.

“Hi Blessing, you’re not picking my calls. Are you okay?”
“Please call me.”
“Did I do anything wrong?”
“Was my friendship ruining your relationship?”
“Talk to me, Blessing. Tell me what I did wrong.”
“Hi. I’m sorry for bothering you.”
“I hope you’re fine and getting used to work.”

I felt bad after going through all his texts and decided to send a message. No. I’ll drop by his sister’s place tomorrow being my off day.
After some hours of working on my system that Saturday morning, I quickly got dressed and left for Freda’s house. I got some fruits on my way.
With trepidation of the unknown, I knocked on their door.
Mrs Hannah opens the door and I can see Freda behind her, peering to know who it was.

“Aunty Blessing!!” She screamed and jumps on me. I lift her up to see her cute little face. She was laughing and said, “Throw me up like uncle Sam.”

I tried not to stare at Mrs Hannah. I know Samuel must have told her of my recent attitude.

“You’re an old woman, I can’t throw you up.” I tried to explain because my hands were already aching from holding her so high.
I dropped her down and handed the bag of fruits to her.

“Apples? I love apples. I’ll drop some for uncle Sam too.” She took them and runs into the kitchen.
The parlor was really quiet. Mrs Hannah wasn’t saying anything neither did I. I just stood at the door not knowing what to do but she finally spoke.

“Sit down. We need to talk.”

I don’t know why whenever she says that, my heart seems to beat at 20m/s. She was still wearing her glasses but as I sat down on a sofa adjacent to her, she pulls the glasses off her face and rubs her eyes.

“How are you, Blessing? And work?”

“I’m fine, ma’am. Work is fine too.”

“I want to ask you a question and I want you to be sincere with me.” I was scared she was going to hear the sound of my heartbeat.
“Did Samuel do anything wrong to you? Did he try to touch you or something?”

“Oh no ma.” I quickly answered. What even gave her the idea that that was it? Oh no. She probably thinks. . .what did Samuel even tell her?

“Then why did you stop picking his calls? Replying to his messages? I didn’t want to call you so that it won’t seem I’m trying to play anything on you guys but after you told me the truth on how you two met, i noticed something.” She was silent for a while. I couldn’t believe she was doing this. Trying to get me emotional.

“I realised Samuel likes you but he won’t admit it. Please, whatever it is, you should talk it out. If you don’t feel the same way, tell him and don’t keep him in the dark.”

“Thank you, ma’am. I’ll do as you’ve said.” I stood up ready to leave when Freda comes out from wherever she was and said she would like to go with me. A typical Nigerian mother, she tried to say no but I accepted and pleaded on her behalf. I thought she will kick against it due to what’s going on between her brother and I. She accepted as I helped Freda pack her assignment and we left for my house.

It was when we stepped out of the door that it dawned on me that I have carried “trouble” with me.

To be continued. . .

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