Coming To Lagos episode 12

CONTINUATION. . . Coming To Lagos. . . Ep 12

I haven’t called her yet since the dream I had. I decided to try her number.
“Hello! Hello!!” I said into the receiver as I couldn’t hear anything from the other end but she had picked the call.
I had to put my phone on speaker to support the normal speaker and that was when I heard it.

“What’s wrong, Anita? Are you crying?”

“He wants to kell me.”

“Who? Who wants to kell you?” I asked sitting up on my bed.

“My boyfriend. . . He. . He wants to kill me.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m inside and I have locked the door. I heard him stepping out and once he returns, he’ll kill me.”

“No matter what us happening, you can’t sleep there tonight. Have you called anyone whom you can stay with?”

“I just called two of my friends but the said they’re not around. I’m dead.” She begins to weep again. I couldn’t help but wonder what must have happened but he’s just her boyfriend, why would he hit her? After few minutes of silence, I asked if she can make it tonight to my house in coker from Isolo and she said yes. I thought it would be late then I remembered, this is Lagos. I told her I’ll send my address her for her to spend the night. I sent it to her and in 30 minutes she was here

Anita was looking so pale. It’s been ages since I last saw her, it was only pictures online that I got to see her.
“Stop crying, Anita. What happened to you?” I asked after allowing her to freshen up and change into my of my clothes.

“He got me pregnant and promised to pay my dowry only after I have put to bed. Last week, I lost the baby because he had hit me again. I lost the child that night I was supposed to pick you at mile 2.”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.”

“And this week, he threatens to throw me out and bring someone else if I don’t get pregnant again which I refused except he pays my dowry.”

“How long have you been with him?” I couldn’t help but ask

“3 years.” She answers.

“3 years and he’s still stalling to pay your bride price? Why are you still in that relationship if I may ask?”

“I love him, Blessing. I can’t just leave him when I don’t have another man in my life.”

“What nonsense.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. “I don’t know what he has fed you with but you’re being abused in that relationship. What if you had died from the miscarriage. Are your parents aware?”

“I can’t tell them about him when he hasn’t even proposed.” Anita says and sniffs.
This was the height of it. “Is this how you people do in Lagos? I have been hearing stories about these things but I can’t believe I’m actually witnessing one.”

“Blessing, how did you do it? You just came which day and see your apartment. I know you must have gotten that job you came for the interview right?” She tried diverting the subject as she dries her tears.

“My dear, it’s just God o. I can’t explain too. So what are you doing presently.”

“Hmm, I work as a sales girl with one woman. Sincerely, it doesn’t pay but I’m managing it. I’m really sorry about that night. I know you must have hated me for. . .”

“It’s fine.” I cut her short. “I was really disappointed and scared but God had sent someone who helped me that night. You don’t have to beat yourself but I’ll advise to end that relationship before it ends you.”

“Sincerely I want to leave but how would I cope. I don’t even have a house. This your house is fine o. Can I come and be staying with you?”

I had a monetary shock as I repeated what she said in my head. I can’t really trust her that much. I don’t think I like the idea.

“I’m sorry but that won’t be possible.”

“But you said you have forgiven me.” She tried to blackmail me emotionally as she begins to cry again. “If I go back, he will kell me.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t accept you yet to live with me. I have alot of things to sort out. How about those friends you said you called. Can’t you put up with one?”

“If you don’t want to help me just say it. Which one of those friends.”
I didn’t want to show my surprise at her words. Was this someone who wants to live with me? I’m glad I quietly disapproved of it.

She walks into my kitchen and asks where I keep my indomie. She fonds it under the cupboard and takes out 3 super pack and two eggs from my crate of eggs. Wow.
I can comfortably finish just one pack of super pack and maybe half of another pack making it one and half but I can never finish 3.
After eating, she slept off on the floor, I haven’t bought a couch yet. I woke her up and asked her to join me in the sitting room but she refused and slept off.

Waking up on Sunday morning, she was still sleeping soundly on the floor. I calmly told her that she should have her bath as I’ll soon be leaving for church.

“Can’t I stay back and watch the house for you?” She asked rubbing her eyes.

“That won’t be necessary. I won’t like to be late for church.”

She spent alot of time taking her bath and finally came out as she began to pick a dress from my wardrobe. I knew that one was one.

“Where are you going to now?” I asked her.

“Back to David’s house na. When I gather enough money or see a man that will treat me better, I’ll leave that God forsaken David.”

I wasn’t ready to give any other advice this Sunday morning because even the ones I had given wasn’t accepted.

“Can you give me some money for transportation back. I had used up the last money on me when coming here last night.”

I scrambled in my purse and gave her a one thousand naira note as I bade her goodbye. Sje didn’t even mutter a thank you and left, just like that. I can’t imagine living with her.
I would have loved to help. I would have considered her staying with me but from the little I have seen, I did well declining.

I left for service still, mummy hasn’t returned my calls.
I returned and saw a text from her. “Call me, Ble.”

I immediately dialed her number even before taking off my dress.

“Ehen. Hello, nwam. How are you?”

“I’m fine, mummy. I have been trying to reach. . .”

“How is Samuel, my son?”

“When did Samuel become your son, mummy. He’s fine sha.”

“Good. Very good. Has he called you today? No, have you called him today?”

“Why would I call him?” I asked baffled by mother’s questions.

“Have you answered him?” Mummy asked.

“Answer him on what mummy?” I was going to ask her another question but she ended the call.

I called back, scared that she won’t pick but she answered.

“Were you waiting for me to ask before you tell me?” Mummy asked.

“How did you know, wait. . . don’t tell me he told you about it? But how did you get his con. . .mummy!!! You took it from my phone?”

“Stop shouting my friend and answer me. So, you wanted to hide it from me?”

“No, ma.” I answered knowing pretty well that mother was trying to avoid answering me. “That was why I called you yesterday, to tell you but you didn’t pick up.”

“So. .?”

“So what, mummy? I told him I’ll pray and get back to him.” I answered.

“Ok. I’ll join you in prayer but I have my own answer already.”

“I don’t want to hear your answer, mummy. I want God’s answer.” I answered as she laughs.

“Samuel is a good man.”

“I know, mummy. Bye bye, ma. ”

“Blessing, Samuel is a good man oo. . .” I ended the call because this woman has something up her sleeve.

It’s Sunday, a little catching up with his family won’t hurt. I was contemplating on giving him a call when his call entered.

To be continued. .
Rejoice Kelechi

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