Coming To Lagos episode 17


Love is beautiful. With Samuel, it seems so easy.

Love is. .is. . . I don’t even know the word to use to describe this love.
Samuel made love look easy. Yes, there were sacrifices to make but it seemed he actually sacrificed more in our relationship.
It’s been two months of waking up to texts from my love, making sure I’m okay at work even when I return late, he orders food and we talk via video call till I sleep off.

“Haba, Blessing this your man dey try o. See how you’re blushing.” Stella said to me as I was blushing after reading the text Samuel sent to me at work. “I go love o.”

“See who’s talking.” I fired at her. “What’s with your fire looking Hercules abi what’s his name again?” I asked her, laughing out loud.

“Don’t spoil his name biko. His name is Henry and concerning that, please join me in prayers o.”

“For what? Has he popped the question?” I asked feigning serious face.

“Question nibo? Someone that is still sister zoning me abi colleague zoning. This guy is a Timothy’s opposite o. Forming hard guy for me since.”

Henry is the new guy who replaced Timothy after he was relieved of his job. Cute, tall and fair guy. Not as cute as my honey, Sam.

“Stop laughing, Blessing. I’m serious. How di you even do your own? Which juju man did the charm for you nau. See how the first day you arrived this annoying state, you found love.”

“It’s God o. My dear.” We heard a sound at the door. Someone was approaching. “Stella, look. Your demi-god has arrived.”

“Where? Where is he?” She turned around immediately, scanning the room for Henry, unfortunately it was the cleaner. “Naughty girl.” She threw a jotter at me and walks to her table.

I wasn’t this lucky in my first relationship.

His name was Prince.

Prince hails from Abia state and we met in an event where I was part of the ushering team. He complimented my outfit as I directed him to where he would sit and he gave me his card saying his sister needed such services at her wedding. That I should call him.

I did, when I went home.
And that was how we started talking and feelings grew into something we couldn’t hide. We decided to make it official. We started dating five months after our first meeting but nine months into our relationship that’s exactly a year and five months after we met, he started giving me some attitude.

His sisters too.
The married one and the other ones who weren’t married. They stopped conversing with me.
Whenever I visit or we run into ourselves, they act as though I wasn’t wanted there.

I told Prince about it but he didn’t want to talk about it.
“Prince, did I do anything wrong? Your family no longer likes me.”
And for the first time, Prince shouted at me.

That he can’t go against his family and marry someone from Imo state. He knew all along about my state of origin but never mentioned anything.

I had cried that night.
I thought our love story was perfect.
‘We met at an event and tied the knot.’

It sounded perfect but no.
We didn’t even have a proper breakup.
We just stopped seeing eachother. Talking or texting.
I once ran into him some months later and saw him with a pregnant woman.
I knew what it meant.

He needed an excuse to leave me because I was bent on keeping our bed undefiled. He had gotten someone pregnant and needed me out of the way.

He saw me but I acted as though I didn’t see me.

A year down the line and I got news about my present job here in Lagos. I applied and was first interviewed online before my physical interview, getting stranded at mile 2 and meeting my Treasure. Sam.

Love has a way of finding someone in unpleasant places or circumstances. Just like Sam and I.
I quickly finished up and left earlier which enabled me to meet up with Mrs Hannah 8 years marriage anniversary. It was a small party at a garden in Surulere. Few of their friends were present to celebrate with them.

We got to laugh and play games. They shared their story, of their love and marriage. The ups and down and how they have been able to cope and advise to we, the singles present.
I was engrossed in listening that I didn’t know when Freda passed me a card. It felt thick against my palm and I wanted to tuck it in till they were done but she said;

“Aunty, look at it now.”

I carefully opened the card as the card fell off my hands as I saw the content.
I don’t know why I was shocked at first.
Probably because everything still seems like a dream to me.

“What should I tell him, Aunty?” Freda asked when her father walks up to her and carried her up in his arms.

“Your job is done. Uncle Sam will finish it up.” He was saying when I turned and saw my prince, my treasure, kneeling on a knee with a ring in a ring box, stretched out to me.

“No long talks today. Yessssssss! I’ll marry you.” I screamed.

“Put that ring quickly before she changes her mind.” Someone shouts from the little crowd that had formed.
I tried to fight the little tears struggling to free themselves from my eyes.
Now don’t ask me why ladies cry when being proposed to. That feeling can’t be explained.

I could smell him, his hair and perfume as I stayed in his arms, allowing the tears to finally fall.
“When did you plan this?” I asked him.

“Since the day you agreed to give us a chance.”

“You’re so sweet, My love.”

“You’re sweeter, my honey.”

And then,

“Let’s cheers, to the newest couple.”

As sounds of “cheers” filled the garden and the clicking of cameras.
I felt some one tapping me and I turned, it was Freda.

“I will be the little bride.”

“Of course, my darling. Who else if not you.” I said.
Mummy will be the happiest person when I tell her. Daniel, he will have alot of questions for me.

I posted “And I said yes” on my WhatsApp status as congratulations begins to flood in.

“Ahh, our mile 2 has popped the question o. Congratulations, my dear.” Stella sent with love emoji and a dancing sticker.

“Thank you, my boss lady.”

“We have a wedding to plan!!”

“Yes, we do o.”

“No one is dragging my maid of honour position with me o.”

“I hear you ma.” I replied with a laughing emoji as I decided to call mum.

“My God has done it, finally, finally finally. My God has done it, finally finally finally. Chai. I’m happy for you my daughter.” Mummy kept on singing and singing as I broke the news to her.

“Mummy, I’m happy too o.”

“This my in-law is doing everything sharp sharp. Ogò bu ogò. Correct in-law.” Mummy kept singing Samuel’s praises. I could feel the excitement in her voice. It was real. I can imagine her Joy for me. Remembering how I ended with Samuel and the past men who were not interested in marriage but flirting around and after so long, I met Sam.

“Maybe we’ll use a hall at mile 2 for our reception. It holds alot of memory for us.” I said to mummy.

“Ehen, you must discuss it first with your husband. He’s the head of the family. Anything he says stands.”

“But mummy it’s just a suggestion.”

“No but. You must obey him as the head.” She kept on insisting.

“Mummy you’re taking this thing too far o.” Both of us started laughing as I realised I really miss mum. She has been there for me all along even as a best friend.

“I love you, mum.”

“I love you too, my daughter but go and tell your husband that one.”

“Ahaha, mummmmyyyyy!”


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I love you all.❤️

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