Coming To Lagos episode 2

CONTINUATION. . . Coming To Lagos. . .Ep 2.

“We just have to be of help whenever we can because we can need help tomorrow too. By the way, what’s your name?” He asks as he stops a bus. I heard him call Orile.

“My name is Blessing.” I said still scared because he was still a stranger despite that he saved me from being robbed, I still had my fears. I really didn’t have any option than to pray I don’t end up disappointed.

“I am Samuel. I live at Coker but my sister lives at Orile with her husband and little daughter. I’ll explain to her and she’ll be happy to accommodate you for this night.”

“Thank you so much, sir. I don’t know what I would have done.”

“Do I look that old? Why the sir?” He asks with a smile.
I couldn’t help but smile to cover my embarrassment. I looked through the window of the bus and noticed the buzzling activities on the road at that time. I checked my phone and it was 10:14pm. My battery percentage was already at 3%, he must have seen me put on my phone.
“Don’t worry, we’ll charge it when we get to my sister’s place.”
Few minutes into the drive, our bus stops.
“This is Orile bustop. My own bustop was behind. We’ll have to cross to the other side.”

We crossed to the other side and entered a street. I couldn’t get to really read what was written on the sign post. That should be the name of the street. We entered a black gate where a two storey building was situated.
“My sister lives on the first floor.”

We got to a door and he dials a number on his phone when a young lady probably in her early thirties opens the door with a welcoming smile.

“Ahha, Sammy, you told me you won’t be able to make it here today. Freda has been asking for uncle Sam all day.” The lovely lady said as she smiles cunningly at me as though asking her brother for an explanation.

“Sister, meet my friend, Blessing. She came into Lagos today and needs somewhere to stay for the night.”

“Oh. . you’re welcome, my dear. Come, have your seat. Sam, please come with me.”
She says pulling Samuel with her. “Where’s my beautiful niece, Freda?” Sam was asking before he finally left with his sister into the other room leaving me in the parlour..
For a few minutes, I didn’t hear anything only to her his sister’s voice. .

“She’s beautiful. You never told me you had a friend in Abia who will be visiting. I’ll quickly prepare Freda’s room for her.”

Samuel came to me with a bottle of water and a plate with two oranges. “I stole Angela’s oranges for her. Don’t worry, I know what I’ll bribe her with.” He says with a smile.

I said a thank you and pleaded if I could power my phone so that I’ll be able to pick if my friend later calls. I tried not to be angry with her till I hear from her.

“I’ll be going back to my house now. If you need anything, please call me.”

“I don’t even have your number.”

“Shssssssh. Don’t be loud. If my sister hears it, she’ll be mad at me. I didn’t really tell her how we met.” He said looking to see if his sister was in sight.

“I’m sorry but please, hope you didn’t lie to her?”

“Ermm, I told her you’re my friend who needed a place to pass the night. Or, aren’t you my friend?” He asked.
I must have smiled a thousand times in the space of an hour all thanks to this stranger turned friend.”

“Of course, we’re friends. I can’t thank you enough, sir. . .Sammy.”

“Only my sister calls me Sammy. Ok, you can call me that too. I’ll punch in my numbers and come see you tomorrow before I’m off to work, okay.”

“Alright.” He quickly types his number and hands over to me to save.
“Don’t save it with Mile 2 guy o.”

Now, that was funny. I was laughing when his sister came to join us with a tray of jollof rice. “Sister, I’m already leaving.” He says standing up.

“That will be after you eat.” She says as she places the food before us and added; “My dear, when you’re done eating, I put some water to boil so that you can have your bath and retire to bed. I know you had a long day.”

I couldn’t find my tongue to thank this woman or her brother who is helping a total stranger. I never imagined that such people still exist.

Throughout the night, Anita, my friend never called neither did she respond to my messages on WhatsApp but early the next morning around 6:40am, I heard my phone ring.

To be continued. .
ยฉ Rejoice Kelechi

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