Coming To Lagos episode 9

CONTINUATION. . . Coming To Lagos. . . Lagos. . Ep 9

I arrived in Lagos few minutes to 7 in the evening and Samuel was already waiting for me as promised.

“Don’t tell me under one week you became more beautiful because what’s all this beauty.” Samuel was saying as soon as he saw me.

“Don’t even start, Sammy.” I couldn’t hold back the smile I had on my face even when I spotted him from the bus.

“You remember this place, right?”

“Of course. This is Mile 2. ” I replied and immediately it dawned on me. “We met here last week.”

Entered a bus to Orile, back to his sister’s house where I would spend the night and the next day, I’ll go check my new apartment.
Freda was really happy to see me and what she said to her uncle made me embarrassed.
“Uncle Sam will now start coming every day again because aunty Blessing is here.”

His sister was also happy to see me and as usual, treated me like family. I also got to meet her husband. A very fine man just like same but he doesn’t have Sam’s height. Samuel is taller than Mr Uche, Samuel’s brother in-law.

“You’re even more beautiful in person than the picture Samuel showed me. So you’re the angel that has taken my brother’s sense of reasoning away.”

“Bia, I’m still with my senses o. Please don’t mind him.” Samuel said to me as I went in to freshen up.
I woke the next day, uche returned earlier from work, his boys were at the shop. He showed me the house, the one I had chosen from the pictures he sent. It’s a one bedroom flat and really cool.
“I had to find the ones where you won’t have neighbours to trouble you. The only neighbour you have is at the other side of the building.”

“You really out did yourself. Thank you and concerning the payment. . .”

“This is Lagos, my dear.”

This was the first time he was calling me “my dear” outside chats.
The painting was done and slowly, I’ll be able to buy some electronics.
We got a few pots and a gas cooker. There was nothing much to arrange so we were done by 8pm. That night was my first night to eat ‘ewa goin’. I could say it was ‘heavenly’. Growing up with mum, we seldom eat from vendors. Mum believed in cooking for her family which she always did till dad passed away in an accident and my younger brother has been away in school. He’s studying computer science in FUTO, Imo state.

“Tomorrow, you will start your life fully in Lagos.”

“I’m nervous, Sammy.” My eyes fell to legs to avoid him looking into them.

“I totally understand but I believe you’ll be fine. What’s there really? You’ll do just fine.”

We were able to move my things from his sister’s place and back to my house. It wasn’t a far distance, within walkable distance. We bade our goodbyes and he left.
I now have a house. I called mum and we talked at length after whishe started her unending prayers.
Came on WhatsApp and replied to some messages including Sam’s.
He didn’t fail to remind me on the route to take, how much each bus charge and what bustop I’ll alight from the bus.
A sweet short night it was.
I couldn’t sleep as usual because I kept waking up at intervals to check the time. The last was around 4:15am. I decided not to sleep anymore as I started preparing for my first day at work. By 5:30am, I had left the house and boarded a bus to Oshodi before taking another to Ikeja.

Did I fail to mention Samuel’s early morning text? By 6 o’clock on the dot, Samuel had sent a lovely text wishing me luck and making me blush so early.

I got to the office by half past seven and met the receptionist from my interview day. She seemed nice and didn’t fail to put me through wherever I was finding difficulty. Thank goodness, her office was adjacent to mine which made it easy. My table was well arranged and my working laptop was sitting on it. Few minutes after 8 o’clock, the head of our office called a little meeting where he introduced me as “one of them.”

Everyone shared a handshake with me but one guy lingered. He held onto my palm 5 seconds longer. The receptionist must have noticed because during break hours, she offered we sit together. The company usually orders lunch for the workers. It was while we were eating that she mentioned the handshake.
“Don’t mind Timothy but be weary of him. He’s a handful really especially when it comes to women. My candid advice, avoid him.” We had laughed over it and that was it. We ate lunch together and became really close colleagues. I never had issues in submitting documents or doing tasks outside my field. She was the help I needed at the office while Timothy became a thorn in my flesh.

“Hope that Timothy of a colleague didn’t disturb you today?”
Samuel had asked at the end of my first week at work. I made sure I told him all that happened why not? He always asked. He always wants to know how my day went in details.

“Don’t mind him, please. How was your day? How’s work coming along?” I had diverted the question to him.

“Work is fine it’s just that one of my container that was ceased last week is giving me concern. I have cleared the custom men and there’s nothing wrong with the goods yet they’re asking for more money.” He complained via a call that Friday night. (I don’t work on Saturdays. I work from home on Saturdays.)

“Don’t worry. They’ll release it before the end of this week.”

“This week is ending tomorrow, Ble.” He answered. First time I’m hearing him sound worried. He never seemed like someone with problems.

“Don’t you have faith? My father was a pastor before his death and I learnt alot from him especially faith. My father had a very strong and strange faith. After my birth, the doctors said my mum wouldn’t be able to conceive again but my father didn’t accept that. Whenever he goes out and returns, he’ll buy baby things especially for boys. And surprisingly before the end of that year, my mum was pregnant.”

“Hmm. My woman of God has spoken. Who am I not to believe?” He said amusingly. “I believe. Amen o.”

I was working on a project my team was asked to deliver on Monday when I got a call from Samuel but on receiving the call, it was Freda’s voice.

“Aunty Blessing, uncle Samuel said you’re a woman of God and my daddy is telling uncle Samuel to come and pay your. . .”

“Give me my phone now, Freda.” I heard Samuel’s voice from the background and some creaking sound of hands against the mouthpiece. They must have been dragging the phone.
Episode 8 was declined, you can read up from my prufile.

“Hello, Ble. I have great news.”

“Your container has been released?” I asked.

“Oh God. Freda has spoilt my surprise. It’s fine, we’ll still celebrate. How about you come over here now?”

“Urmm, I’m a bit occupied. I’m sorry I can’t make it and I will be tired when I’m done.”

“You’re sure you can’t make it even if it’s in the evening?”

“I’m sorry, Sam. Maybe some other time.” I ended the call and continued with my work.

Sunday, I didn’t pick any of Samuel’s call neither did I return his calls. I return by 10pm every night or when I’m lucky with less traffic, by 9pm. I knew he wouldn’t visit at such time else he would have come.

I was at work on Thursday and got a call from Freda’s mum.
“Hello, ma’am.” I said thinking it was Samuel’s sister but it wasn’t. It was Freda.

“Good afternoon, aunty Blessing. Please don’t tell my mummy that I called you.”

“I won’t. But why?”

“I saw her and uncle Sam but they were not smiling then I heard your name. Uncle Sam wasn’t looking happy. Are you feeling sick?” She asked childishly.

“No dear. I’m fine.”

“But uncle Sam said something is wrong with you and that you aren’t picking his calls.” There was a little silence at her end before she continued. “My mummy is coming. Bye aunty Blessing.” The call got disconnected.

I continued with work only to be interrupted again by Timothy. He has been acting unnecessarily nice to me. Always coming around to ask if I’m liking Lagos. If I live alone. If I’m single.
True to Stella, the receptionist words, Timothy’s flaw is women.

I got home that Thursday, tired as usual and decided to prepare indomie for dinner seeing it would be quick. I had put the water in the pot and on the gas when I slept off on my kitchen floor.

If not for the ringing of my phone, who knows when I would have woken up.
It was mother on the caller ID.

“Hello, mummy good eve..eni. .”

“How are you? How is Samuel, my son?”

“I’m fine, mummy.”

“Ehen? How is Samuel, my son.”

“He’s fine.”

“Just like that? When last did you hear from him?”

“Mummy, we do talk.” I lied. I didn’t want her going on and on about it because I knew she wouldn’t end.

“Did you talk to him today? Because I have been trying to call his number.” Mother was saying when I quickly got up. The sleep left my eyes immediately I heard that.

“Call him for what, mummy?” I nearly shouted. “Answer me na. Why do you want to call him?”

“Can you hear me, Blessing?” Mummy asked.

“Yes, I can hear you. Can you hear me?” I retorted.

“Hello? Hello? I cannot hear you o.” And she ended the call.

I tried calling back but it wasn’t going through anymore.

To be continued. . .

ยฉ Rejoice Kelechi

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