Clouded by jealousy episode 2


The tap came for a second time and this time around more louder

Olivia wondered if Juliet forgot something and came back to pick it up, or could it be that they cancelled their outing already?

The thought of them canceling the outing made my heart leap a little bit in joy.

She quickly took the hard copies of Uche’s picture and hid it under the bed, wiped her eyes and headed towards the door.

She got to the door and took a deep breath, she was about opening the door when the tap came banging for the third time

Yes, who is that?

She answered and swinged the door open, only for her to see an unfamiliar male face standing before her door post.

Hi, good afternoon miss, the man greeted with a broad smile plastered on his face

Good afternoon, Olivia greeted with a little frown plastered on her face after looking at the man from head to toe. Yes how may I help you? She asked a little bit harsh

Well, my name is pastor Benjamin, I ….

I already knows who you are, Olivia cuts in without letting the man complete his last statement.

Judging from your appearance and the big Bible you’re carrying, I already know that you’re a Mr pastor. The question is, how may I help you? Olivia asked almost loosing her patience

You are not usually this rude miss or are you?, I only came to deliver a message the Lord sent to me for you, the pastor said calmly still wearing a smile

Olivia let out a weird mockery laughter as she clapped her hands….. You said God sent you to me oga pastor? So you actually hears from God and yet your life is looking so miserable like this?

Please stop using God to lie abeg, if it is food or money that you want, just tell me already I have food and money to spare but if you don’t want, I was busy inside before you came intruding.

I don’t want money or food, I only came with a very crucial message for you. I don’t know you, I haven’t seen you before, but I was only directed here for a purpose and that purpose is to redeem your life from destruction……

Abeg, abeg, abeg! I no get time for this your rubbish oga, I tell you say I no dey go church? all this yeye pastor them self wey no dey carry better prophecies dey waka, must it always be negative messages all the time ehh? na your soul need redemption from destruction

Young girl calm down, you’re too young to be exhibiting this kind of temperaments, I know you’re going through some emotional breakdown but the Lord said I should tell you that He is preparing the best for you.

The pastor was still talking when Olivia cuts in….

Oga, when you’re done talking your gibberish, then you leave from the same way you came and don’t ever come back again.

Olivia, you’re a good girl, the Lord has prepared a better life and ways for you aside the ways you choose for yourself. Remove hatred, bitterness and envy from your heart and you will break limits.

The pastor continued, Destiny differs, stars are different, you only have your own purpose to fulfill, don’t let circumstances force you into what is not meant for you because you think you deserves it.

Take jealousy far away from your heart or else it will push you into doing a lot of things that you will regret later in life, and that’s if you will be granted a chance for regrets

your thoughts are so evil and wicked, purge your heart from evil before they destroys you.
Don’t fight against who is not fighting against you rather fight against your own self for it is your greatest enemy.

God loves you so much my child that’s why He sent me to warn you ahead of time. Repent and deviate from evÄ«l my child. I speak not my own words, but the words spoken to me from above. The pastor concluded

Who is your child? Infact what I’m I even doing here standing and listening to this trash you’re saying. Oga pastor tell them you didn’t see me. Olivia said entered inside the house and was about shutting the door….

Do not say I didn’t warn you ahead of time, deceast from that evĂ®l you’ve have planned in your heart my daughter.

The pastor said while holding onto the door so that Olivia will not shut it on him.

I’m glad I was able to deliver this message to you, ponder on it and i pray you changes your mind before is too late please.

The pastor finally said and started walking away.

Olivia watched him walk towards the gate, muttered church rat and banged the door.


© Chidinma Ihemenandu

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