Clouded by jealousy episode 5


Hold on Juliet, what are you trying to say exactly, that you did not accept Uche because of me, but how, I mean how is that even possible?

Olivia asked Juliet narrowing her brow..
Juliet smiled and held Olivia in both hands

See baby girl, we’ve both come a long way from childhood and I considers you more of a sister than a friend and you know that. I will never intentionally hurt your feelings not for anything in the world ….

What’s this sermon again now, Olivia asked cutting Juliet off. Just tell me why you said I’m the reason why you didn’t accept uche’s proposal, Is as simple as that and the question is very direct

Olivia said withdrawing her hands from Juliet’s hold.

Look bestie, I know you love this guy Uche, I know you’ve been crushing on him because you always talk about him whenever we are conversing via phone even before I came, You’re always excited to talk about Uche your neighbor.

Honestly Olivia, I never knew he was going to pick on me the day I came, the thing is that like I told you before, when I dropped at the park on my way here so we coincidentally entered the same bus, like we sat in the front seat together.

He was a decent guy, we chitchatted while in the bus without even knowing that we are going to same direction and same compound so to say. Until we alighted the bus and took Keke (Tricycle) down to this compound.

I guess that was how the whole chemistry was built. I swear to you, if I had known that he was the same Uche you told me about, trust me I would have stayed distance away from him.

So what’s your point exactly, Olivia said cutting Juliet off again

Well my point is that, I can’t go ahead and date him when I know that my best friend is into him, that will be betraying you because of a man. Olivia, I think you should go to him and tell him how you feel about him instead of bottling it all up inside you.

Don’t you think so?, Juliet asked Olivia while taking her (Olivia’s) hand into her own again

Olivia nodded her head negatively….

But why bestie, I have always known you to be a bold and brave girl, never ashamed to defend your course and always going for what you want.

I understand the society we are living in but for crying out loud girl, this is 21st century and nobody cares apart from criticsizers who would actually do the worst if opportunity present itself to them. It doesn’t really matter who professess love first as the case maybe

Juliet tried persuading her but Olivia kept shaking her head negatively

Ok, Have you forgotten Aunty Miriam and uncle Sylvester? Olivia pressed further…The one that was living in our compound years back, do you remember that it was aunty Miriam that professed love first to him, and now they are happily married with children, not just her so many others too..

That’s a different case Juliet…. Olivia was saying when Juliet cuts her off…

Common girlfriend, there’s nothing difference about the cases here, is not a crime for a girl to ask a guy out. I always see how you look at this guy, his pictures are littered all over your phone, you never talk anything without including his name, you’re crazily into him

See Olivia, is not in my place to tell him how you feel about him if not I would have done that today but I consider it as a disrespect on your person that’s why I didn’t.

See, is better you try and shoot your shot than to die in silence girl. forget the society them no epp anybody! besides they will only know if you choose to make it a public thing by telling the whole world but if you don’t nobody will know about it. Please try an…..

What about you Juliet, what about your feelings for him, I know you love him as much as I do, he found love in you and not in me. l always see the way both of you enjoys each other’s company…. So are you going to bury your feelings for him because of me?

You got it all wrong, I have no feelings whatsoever for Uche my dear Olivia. I only found out that it is only when I’m with him that you always comes around him, that’s why you always sees me together with him.

Have you forgotten that I always intentionally leaves the both of you each time I sees that my plans of you both talking to each other is working perfectly. You’re always the one coming out last out from his house and that’s because I choose to give you guys space

I was working out everything for you to ensure that you’re close to him, that’s why I was even beyond shock today when he asked me out honestly. I’m confused that you will even be thinking that I have a thing for your Uche. Olivia you should know me better than this na!

I don’t know what else to think Juliet, the only thing I’m thinking now is that you might be pretending, because if you’re not why did you agree to go on an outing with Uche.
Olivia asked Juliet making a frowny face

Oh my goodness Olivia! You know that I love outdoors more than staying indoors and seeing new places excites me more than anything.

mtcheeww! Olivia hissed..

Besides I begged you for days to come with us but you bluntantly refused.
You don’t expect me to come to your base and not go out to explore new places, you know me now, I don’t like sitting at one place.

Infact why I’m I even explaining to you what you already knows about me already Olivia, you know what, just get you ĂŁss outta that bed and go get your man.

Juliet said trying to pull her up from the bed..

Just forget it already, is too late… Olivia said sitting back at the bed…

Common girl, nothing is ever late Juliet insisted trying to pull her up again…

Leave me alone Olivia, I have already tried countless time to ask Uche out and make him look my way but he never does. Olivia said punching on her phone angrily

What! but you never told me this before… Juliet said as she weakly sat back on the bed.
You know what I’m going to help you with this she said trying to embrace Olivia….

Olivia angrily pushed Juliet away….. Just get your pretentious self out of me!!

Olivia barked at surprised Juliet..


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