Clouded by jealousy episode 8


What have I done! what have gotten myself into? Chinekemu o! (My God o!)
What did I do to my very best friend, no! no!! I don’t want to believe that I’m capable of doing that, I’m a mürdérer! God please save me. I didn’t mean to do it, is the work of the devul

Olivia cried as she threw the knife on the floor
with her blood stained hands trembling, she rushed to the bathroom and started washing off the blood but it seems to her that the water she’s using to wash her hands is a pool of blood.

She ran out of the compound and headed towards the gate, she tried severally to open it but the gate wasn’t opening.

Oh my God! what do I do now, how do I escape from here, I don’t want to go to prison at this age, how do I face the world, my family, Juliet’s family? could Juliet be dead or alive? please God I’m sorry…

Who locked the gate on me…
She banged many times on the gate and shouted for help but no help was coming forth..

(Uche already told some guys to secure the place until his military friend arrives)

She looked all around, calculating for route of escape but it seems their was none because the whole compound is fenced with barbwire

What do I do now! what! what! Olivia just think, think of something quick or else the police will come and arrest you, and you will rot in jail forever after the shames, humiliations, disgrace and the bad name upon your family

(Think fast! She said hitting her head hard with her both hands)

Süicide is the only way out! Olivia said and burst into hysterical sorrowful laughter as tears gush down her cheeks…

If I kïll myself, nothing else will matter anymore, I won’t face any shame, totùre or disgracë, I will be lying lifeles$ without a worry in the world, yes that’s the best option
I have to do it immediately before the police comes to apprehend me, now or never!!

She was crying bitterly with regrets as she headed towards her room, she stopped and stood at uche’s apartment for while before muttering few words…

” All I did was fighting for Love, Uche I wished you loved me back just a little bit, all of these wouldn’t have happened”

“You could have chosen another woman over me and I would have been cool with it but you went ahead to choose my best friend over me just to spite me and to remind me yet again that Juliet is better than me! It hurts damn!”

“I hope my dêath will make you realize how much I loved you and longed to be with you.
I wish I can put all of these in writing so that you will read it t but time will not permit me besides it doesn’t really matter at all
Good-bye my love Uche”

Olivia wiped the tears that flooded her eyes and continues towards her room, she stopped inches away from her door post and remembered the pastor that visited her few days ago

She flashed back as the exact same words the pastor said to her kept echoing in her head, just the way the pastor said them to her

She vividly remembered every single word of that pastor which includes…

“Young girl calm down, you’re too young to be exhibiting this kind of temperaments, I know you’re going through some emotional breakdown but the Lord said I should tell you that He is preparing the best for you”

“Olivia, you’re a good girl, the Lord has prepared a better life and ways for you aside the ways you choose for yourself. Remove hatred, bitterness and envy from your heart and you will break limits”

“Destiny differs, stars are different, you only have your own purpose to fulfill, don’t let circumstances force you into what is not meant for you because you think you deserves it”

“Take jealousy far away from your heart or else it will push you into doing a lot of things that you will regret later in life, and that’s if you will be granted a chance for regrets”

“Your thoughts are so evil and wicked, purge your heart from evil before they destroys you.
Don’t fight against who is not fighting against you rather fight against your own self for it is your greatest enemy”

The warnings came clearly but I chose to ignore them. That’s it, “The pastor said that’s if I’m giving a chance for regrets”

Olivia laughed out loud mockingly at herself, that pastor really saw clearly because right now I’m not backing down from kíllîng myself so no time for regrets.

There was a noise at the gate, without waiting to see whose coming in, Olivia quickly ran into her room and shut the door.

She quickly picked up the same knife she used to stab Juliet and smiled to herself

I guess is time, she said and lift up the knífe..



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