Clouded by jealousy episode 9


Olivia lifted up the knífe to stab her self at first but she just couldn’t, she sat down and started crying uncontrollably

She slapped herself severally and lamented bitterly about her stubbørness and refusal to listen to advise and instructions, she blamed herself for the situation she is in now..

Who is here! where is that girl! you can only run but you cannot hide, is better you came out by yourself and face lesser punishment or you stress me to find you and face grave consequences! I will only count to three and you’re out or else! Came a very thick loud voice…

I knew it, Olivia! they are here for you, you brought it upon your self, she said to herself as more tears rolled down her check.
It will rather be over my dead body that I go to prison, I rather dïe here than face the shame and humiliations of this world!

She said, playing with the knífe in her hand.


Thankfully, Juliet is out of danger, she didn’t lost too much blóød, so she is undergoing treatments as about three drips was admistered to her.

She’s conscious and according to the doctors she fainted due to traumatic shock she experienced, the stab on her ribs was very deep but the cut on her hand wasn’t that deep

The doctor informed Uche that she will be fine but will have to remain in the hospital for a few days.

Uche came back from the doctors office and sat besides Juliet’s bed holding her hands…

Thank you Uche for saving my life, Juliet was saying to Uche but Uche asked her not to speak because she’s not strong enough for any stress yet.

Juliet was about protesting that she can at least talk when uche’s phone started ringing

He brought out his phone and saw who is calling and picked immediately standing up from Juliet’s bed

Hello Sam, are you in my house now, hope you’ve captured that criminal girl? Uche asked the caller

No man, it seems there’s no one in the compound, every where is quit not even a sound, maybe she escaped already….

Uche cuts in, noway, she can’t possibly escape because I made sure to lock the gate from outside and told some boys to guide it, is not possible she climbed the fence because is fenced with barb wire… she must be in her room. I’m coming now wait up!

Juliet, I’m coming back soon, what would you want me to get for you? Uche asked Juliet brushing her hair backwards

Where are you going to Uche, why were you sounding so worried over the phone, what happened? Juliet asked Uche..

Nothing, I just want to take care of something I will come back immediately, just tell me what to buy for you, Uche said not wanting to tell Juliet so as not to get her worried

Is it about Olivia? Juliet asked Uche

No, I just want to go and get you food and fruits? Uche replied avoiding her gaze

Then don’t go yet because I’m not hungry, when I’m hungry I will let you know okay..

See Juliet, I really need to go, is very important please, trust me I will be back in no time, just rest and don’t worry about anything, Uche replied, taking a step to go….

I know you are lying, is about Olivia my friend right? please don’t hurt her I beg you don’t call the police on her..

Juliet was pleading with Uche who was busy looking at her with disbelief written all over him…

Juliet you’re just unbelievable, someone that tried to end your existence, you are in this condition because of her and yet you still want her save… is this how forgiving you are?
Angry Uche asked Juliet

Juliet managed a smile, Uche, Olivia is still my friend and I have known her since we were kids, she’s only stubbørn and temperamental she doesn’t mean for all of these to happen believe me, she must be crying nonstop now and very remorseful about what she did..

Anyways, I received a call that she’s nowhere to be found but I know that I locked the gate before bringing you to the hospital and I’m certain she didn’t climb the fence, so I’m very sure that she’s in that compound probably locked herself up inside the room

Oh noo! Juliet screamed trying to get up from the bed but Uche quickly rushed to her and gently lay her back on the bed….

What is it, why did you scream, are you feeling pains anywhere, should I get the doctor, did you brush your wound? Uche asked Juliet all at once almost pressing the emergency button…

Hold on Uche, I’m fine just that I’m worried about Olivia…

So is because of that heartless murderër that you scared the shit outta me? I have told you to relax Juliet, I will take care of that bìtch..

Uche, please hurry up and get to the house, if Olivia locked herself up in her room, it means a big problem, she will hurt herself real bad. Please get going, I’m having a bad feelings..

Uche wanted to say something but Juliet shouted at him to start going already, she threatened to to remove the drips from her hands and go save her friend if Uche delays any further.

Without a word, Uche rushed out and headed to the house, on his way he kept wondering the kind of heart Juliet has, even after been a hurt by the same person yet she’s fighting so hard to save her life.

The ringing tone on his phone brought him out of his thoughts. Seeing the caller, he quickly picked the call but the caller hanged up, Uche pleaded with the driver to hurry up because he has emergency to attend to.

Why did Sam hung up on me, Uche pondered while his heart kept pounding…

Olivia please don’t do anything stupid to yourself…. Juliet prayed silently while feeling very restless for her friend Olivia.

Immediately the cab dropped Uche, he paid without waiting to collect his change, he dashed into the compound….

Where is she? he asked his friend with his colleagues…

We have searched the whole corner no sign of her, where’s her room?

The friend was asking Uche who without replying dashed to Olivia’s room and started banging on her door but no response..

She’s inside because the door is been locked from inside, Uche said and continues to bang on the door but yet no response from Olivia

Hope she has not hurt herself as Juliet feared, Uche said and started heading towards the back to check through the window.


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