Clouded by jealousy episode 4


Why exactly are you even laughing at me Juliet because it seems I am desperate to hear the gist abi?

No, no! is just the way you kept your face and was looking at me like you wants to drag the answers out of my mouth, that cracked me up. Juliet said still laughing

But there’s nothing funny there, if you don’t want to tell me, simply say so and I won’t bother you again. When ever it comes to your turn for gist, you never gist me fully but if it is me now, I will tell you every single details. Just keep it to yourself.

Olivia gave a long hiss, grabbed her phone and headed towards the door. Juliet quickly run and blocked the door.

Common bestie, it hasn’t gotten to that, you and this your temperament all the time, just be calming down small small oo! You already know that I have this nature of laughing all the time from childhood, I wasn’t really laughing at you and you know that it was just….

Please let me pass jor! Olivia said cutting Juliet off…. even in a serious discussion you will start laughing, before you know it now, you will want to procastinate the gist.

Olivia said frowning and trying to open the door but Juliet held her hand…

Uche asked me to be his girlfriend but I turned him down. Juliet broke the ice, starring at Olivia who is wide with shock…

What! you gotta be kidding me girlfriend, I don’t want to believe you right now, Olivia said leaving the door handle….

Juliet walked back and continued unpacking the things she came back with as she chuckles and told Olivia that she’s not kidding

Olivia Sluggishly walked back into the room and sat on the bed…. Juliet but why did you decline such a cute handsome looking guy, do you know that Uche is every woman’s dreams
Common now, that guy is an amazing and great guy.

Olivia said still looking at Juliet unbelievably, Juliet only smiled without uttering any word

Juliet, He is not only hard working but also God fearing too. Is been almost a year he packed into this compound, I have never seen him with any single woman before. Why did you turn him down, he is your spec girl and he must really be heartbroken right now.

Olivia see you’re very right no doubt Uche is a great guy but that’s not enough reason to fall in love with him, is been barely two weeks I have known him, I only intends to stay here for just a month….

You’re just talking like a toddler Juliet, is a day not enough for people to fall in Love?
Olivia asked Juliet.

You’re right bestie, but what happens when I travel back to my base, like I don’t like anything long distance relationship atall girlfriend, Juliet defended

Is not like you’re in any relationship so I don’t see the reason why you have to turn down uche’s proposal Juliet…. do you know how many girls are diĂ©ing to be his girlfriend?
I have known you for like forever girlfriend, is there something you’re not telling me??

I was calling you earlier so that you will tell me exactly what you will like me to get for you but you wasn’t taking your calls, here check if you will like this gown. Juliet said throwing two clothes at Olivia.

Now someone is trying to change the topic, you’ve started keeping secrets from me Juliet, so this is how you want our friendship and sisterhood to be like this time around right, no wahala. Olivia said, taking off Juliet’s hands from her shoulder.

Why do you like taking everything so personal Olivia, you’re always so temperamental why now, you of all people should know that I will never hide anything from you bestie, we’ve come along way for stuffs like this to bring misunderstanding between us….

Juliet was still talking when Olivia cuts in….

Now you’re trying to cover up your tracks, always wanting to be the good one, if I had known that because of “Man” you will start keeping secrets from me, I wouldn’t have allowed you come to my house in the first place. Olivia blurted out

Are you been serious right now? Juliet was taken aback by Olivia’s statement. What’s there to say no to a man for Christ sakes, we literary grew up together and you’ve seen me say no to many men in the past but never reacted like this Olivia, what’s going on?

Yes because you’re always open but now I don’t think you’re saying the truth about this particular guy Uche, for Christ sake he is your spec, I know your taste when it comes to men Juliet, so just stop telling me lies with flimsy excuses girl.

Really Olivia!, so you actually wants to know why I declined uche’s proposal to me right, ok fine I will tell you since you’re pushing this matter too much… Juliet said soberly….

Just forget it because I know you’re going to tell me another lies or flimsy excuses again. Olivia chuckled and lye down on the bed.

Well the true reason why I rejected Uche is because of you Olivia….. Juliet said looking directly into Olivia’s eyeballs

What! Olivia shouted jerking up from the bed.


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