Clouded by jealousy episode 12


Olivia was finally stiched up and wheeled into a ward, no one was allowed to see her because it was already late in the night before they could finish the surgery on her, reason been that she kept falling into unconscious

She was resucitated about three times by the doctors, that was what made the doctors spent more time than necessary trying to stich her up

Very early the next day, both Olivia and Juliet’s parents arrived at the hospital.

Olivia’s parents after hearing what happened really felt very bad and couldn’t stop apologizing to Juliet for what their daughter did to her.

Around 9:am, Uche arrived carrying two fancy bags probably containing foods, fruits and beverages both for Juliet and Olivia

As soon as Uche finished introducing himself, He also apologized to both parents for been the bone of contention between their both children.

Both parents told him that it wasn’t his fault at all, that he should stop beating himself up for something he didn’t do, besides you don’t tell the heart whom to fall in love with, Olivia mum said, while the rest nodded in agreement

Olivia’s father also told him not to live in guilt or regrets atall since he didn’t profess love to the both girls but to just Juliet whom his heart desires. He blamed his daughter for going over board with his wild obsessions, envy and Jealousy that crippled her heart.

So don’t worry my son, it is no fault of yours at all, I know how stubbørn my daughter can be.
Olivia’s father said tapping Uche at the back and also thanking him for the efforts he put in saving their daughter.

That was a great relief to Uche after listening to both parents, it was then he let out the air he didn’t know he was holding for a long time.

Uche wanted to say something before a nurse walked into the ward…

Hello, good morning everyone and how are you feeling this morning miss beautiful, hope you’re feeling a lot better now? She asked Juliet flashing a beautiful smile at her

I’m better off than yesterday nurse and thank you for asking, Juliet replied Smiling back.
please which ward is my friend in an ..

Juliet was asking when the nurse calmly interrupted her…

Well, that’s actually the reason why I came, the surgery was successful thankfully and she demands to see you miss Juliet

Really, Juliet asked brightening up with broad smiles on her face. Please nurse help me remove this drips lemme go and see her quickly and also tell her that our parents are here also.

Juliet was wheeled into Olivia’s ward in a wheelchair by her mum (She actually insisted on riding her daughter herself)

Uche followed suit carrying along what he also bought for Olivia.

Immediately Olivia saw Juliet and both their parents, fresh tears came rolling down her cheeks, she felt as if the ground should open and swallow her up.. I’m so sorry she said amidst tears.

Olivia’s mum seeing the state of her daughter’s health quickly rushed to her bedsides as tears rolled down her cheeks

I’m sorry mum, I failed you and Dad, Olivia was saying when her mum shuued her by placing her middle finger on her mouth

It’s okay my dear, I’m glad you’re alive my precious daughter, You’re flying with us to Lagos for a better treatment, the most important thing is for you to get healed and strong again soon. She said wiping Olivia’s tears while her own tears flows freely .

Juliet’s mum also approached Olivia’s bed and sat besides her, she wiped a few tear drops from her eyes before pecking Olivia’s forehead….

How are you feeling my beautiful child, despite been in this situation, your beauty still glows and radiates my girl…. you will be fine ok, my prayers are with you my darling, Juliet’s mum said stroking her hair

Mum, Olivia called out to Juliet’s mother, mum will you ever forgive me for trying to kïll your only daughter? Mum I’m so sorry for even thinking about hurting my best friend, I was uncontrollably Jealous of her even though she wasn’t the one that created herself

Olivia said pouring down tears, that kept flowing from her eyes like fountain of water

Common my Angel, you’re more like a child to me, if my daughter your friend can forgive you who I’m I not to do same? just know that I and my entire family has forgiven you already.
Juliet’s mum said smiling down at her.

Olivia also manage a smile too…

Dad I’m so sorry, please forg….

Is alright my princess, just get back to your feet dear, that’s the only time daddy will forgive you, lying down here my baby is really breaking my heart.

Olivia Dad said stroking her hair, Olivia only managed a smile….. Uche, you’re here? thank you for coming to see me, I’m sorry for…

Olivia, is ok, all I want to see is the active and vibrant Olivia again, I pray your recovery process will be as fast as possible. Here, lok what I got for you, he said bringing the items out from the bag, and this beautiful flower is for for you, Uche said giving it her

Thank so much Uche, this love is too massive more than I expected….

Juliet my sister, you’ve affected everyone with your loving nature, you are the sweetest soul I have ever seen in my entire existence.
You should be called “St Juliet”
Olivia said smiling..

What Olivia said cracked everyone up, there was a hearty laughter and the atmosphere was really lightened up.

Juliet, I am glad that every one is here and I sincerely wants to apologize to you in front of everyone, I have been a terrible friend to you from childhood even though all you’ve ever showed me is massive love, care and kindness, yet I hated and envied every single thing you does…

That’s okay, you’re my sister Olivia, Juliet said wiping Olivia’s tears

Please allow me talk today because this might be the last time we will see…..

Stop talking rubbish Olivia!, Juliet scolds her including her parents too..

Olivia smiled,… I was fighting for a man that doesn’t even love me, she said and chuckles
Truth be told, I was warned by a prophet before this day, but I stubbørnly refused to listen.

I constantly used my mum as an excuse even though I knew deep down that all she have ever showed me was love, and care after realizing her mistakes 13years ago.

I am so sorry to you all and mostly to you Juliet, I deeply and truly love you. I will always be your best friend even in our next world.

I love you too bestie, Juliet said and peck her cheek. You have to rest dear, Juliet added..

Olivia smiled, yes I will have to rest on so that I won’t cause you any further trouble, I will always guide you from harm….. I am tired, I don’t have the will to fight on.

What rubbish are you talking about Olivia? Juliet asked feeling restless, you’ve always been a fighter and I know you will pull through this, stop scaring the shît outta me abeg girlfriend

Yet again Olivia smiled, Uche loves you even though I know you don’t love him as of now because of me but you can go ahead with him cus his a great guy and you both deserves each other.

I hope my mistakes will serve as a lesson to everyone whose living a life of Jealousy and envy, Jealousy is a KÏLLER and will consume you even before you realizes.

I realized my mistakes but I guess is already too late… Olivia said smiling.

Common sis, God is a God of second chance, it can never be too late for you okay, don’t stop fighting….

Juliet was saying when Olivia smiled and said, Goodby sister Juliet, good by mum and dad, I love you all.

With that, her hand dropped from Juliet’s hold, her eyes closed in deÃ¥th as tears stream down her cheeks.That was her last tears before breathing her last.

Olivia! Olivia!! Olivia!!! Juliet called out screaming her lungs out!

She’s cold! Olivia’s father said looking upwards trying to hold back tears from falling

No daddy she can’t be deãd, Uche please call the doctor, something must be done to wake her up, she needs to be resucitated please!!

Everyone was crying uncontrollably as they watched Olivia’s lifeléss body covered up and wheeled out from the ward.

No! Noo!! Nooooooooo!!! Juliet kept screaming and chasing after Olivia’s body not minding her condition and the physical pains she is going through.



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