Trials episode 8


My baby boy arrived yesterday morning, and watching my husband cradle his son in his arms full of love and smiles brought contentment to me. Labor wasn’t easy, but God saw me through. Being a mini version of his father, my little prince has taken to his father immediately. I smiled as I watched them interact, and with joy, I dosed off.

John’s mother is the happiest of us all. She has been singing and dancing since the arrival of the baby. She kept murmuring thanks to God for bringing another male into the family and making her a grandmother and as she cradled her grandson, she was full of love for the tiny human.

We returned to a full house with lots of friends and well-wishers. My husband did not spare expenses in ensuring the house was fully decorated, food and drinks flowing in abundance. I guess finally becoming a father made him want to give the best to his child, and as I watched him boost and interact with people who came to welcome our child into the world, my heart felt happy, for I knew without a doubt he was going to be an amazing father. Inwardly, I appreciated God for blessing me with such a supportive spouse.

Your mother is very sick, Aunt Joy said when she came to visit the baby. She kept it hidden, but I got to know when I caught her coughing up blood. She continued. Is there a way to reach out to her? Aunt Joy asked, Reach out to the very person who made my life miserable with mockery, taunts, and insults? The same woman I never got motherly love and affections from?

The very one who stood as a barrier between my creator and me? or who laughed and mocked my husband the day he came to pay my dowry? Or the numerous insults heaped on Papa when he was still alive? Or the many names calling out how she made a mistake by marrying a failure?

I knew she contributed to Papa’s illness and, finally, death. What mother is so full of greed and selfishness that she lured and finally pushed her daughter into a marriage that nearly claimed her young life? What mother is so hungry for money that she doesn’t mind who her daughters end up with as long as the money flows? I fumed angrily

I know how you feel and what you have gone through at the hands of your mother, but she is only human who let the lust for money and a luxurious life turn her into a bad mother. I suggest you talk to God about the next step to take, but please do not abandon her because of her past deeds. This is the time she needs you now. Aunt Joy encouraged me as I sat pondering her advice watching as she took her leave.

Don’t you think it’s time we invited your mother to come see her grandson? My husband asked as we watched my mother-in-law bathe our little baby. Mama John has completely taken over, taking care of him. It was a good thing because I needed proper rest after labor.

I was shocked as I looked at my husband. Invite who? my mother? I asked him again: You mean invite a woman who never liked you? who you left your wedding an hour into it? and the very one who has insulted you? Why would I invite a woman who never cared about me to see my own child? If she never liked me, then she would not like my child, I responded. There is no way mama is coming here, I said with determination in my heart.

My husband sat stunned. John had never seen me in such a mood before. I was angry. Since I married and left home, I have had peace of mind. I woke up joyfully. Why ruin it now? Why bring in the very root that has made the tree suffer? Gently, John took me into his arms, calming me down immediately.

I know she has hurt you, sweetheart, but it’s time you made peace with that part of your life and closed that chapter afterwards. If God can forgive us of our numerous sins every day, who are we to withhold forgiveness from others? My husband questioned looking at me and smiling calmly.

Yes, your mother hurt you in so many ways, but think of it as a trial you had to go through to get the great prize at the end of it all. Remember, gold and other precious gems have to go through fire and other processes to come out shiny and full of great value, and people will pay anything to have them as finished products at the end, he gently advised.

That phase of your life was your raw phase, and now, after everything you have been through, look where life has brought you. You are full of value now, and you are stronger than before. You have gone through the process of refinement, and you are shining, sweetheart. You are gold and full of worth. Right now when you step out there, Many people will do anything to be around you because you have been thoroughly polished by God and your value shines so brightly.

I looked at my husband with joy in my heart and tears in my eyes. How did I get so lucky? What did God see in me to have blessed me with such an amazing man? One with a spirit so gentle, peaceful, amazing, and forgiving, my husband indeed had a heart of gold, and I was the woman who heaven has blessed to have him. As I watched Mama John dress our son, my heart was full, for indeed, my trials brought me a great prize, my husband.

My husband and I paid my mother a visit today, but my sister refused to come because, according to her, she couldn’t stand the sight of the woman who pushed her down a dark path, so she stayed home with little Emmanuel.

I did not recognize the woman who sat before me; she’s so sick and has lost a lot of weight, looking very thin and lonely. What had happened to mama? What happened to the boisterous and loud woman I used to know? Where is the woman who relished dressing so expensively and showing off her collections? The woman who attended parties after parties every week? The boastful woman who made life difficult for me before marriage, where was she? It is hard to believe this is the same woman as I sat looking at mama.

She couldn’t meet my eyes as she wept on me, asking for forgiveness over and over again. I failed you and your sister; I allowed myself to hurt you because I thought nothing good would come out of you. You would not let me manipulate and control you into living the way I wanted, so I hated you so much she confessed. I hated the life I had and never saw the good in your father because of greed. I craved glory and money and ended up using your sister to live up to those expectations.

I allowed myself to get so carried away by a flamboyant lifestyle that I neglected to be the mother who should have understood you most. I allowed myself to push your sister into a disastrous marriage because of how selfish I was. I never liked Dami she opened up again making me gasp, but since I saw wealth I fell for it immediately.

Mama, you never liked Dami? You never liked him and yet you allowed the devil near precious? Mama why? why would you sacrifice your own daughter on the alter of greed mama why? Because she was my ticket to having those things she replied sniffing. Your sister was young and gullible. She too loved the high class and it was just what I needed to getting what I wanted and so I thought Dami would be a better person. I never looked beyond what he carried, I was so lost in the flashes of jewels he rained on me and so despite what he was I settled for him.

I neglected motherly duties, it should have been me who showed your sister the right path, me who encouraged her to go for a responsible man, me who guided her into living right. I wanted to belong with all those women out there, I never cared how and where they made their source of wealth I just wanted it.

I wanted to have it all, I wanted friends and family to envy me. I craved the glory and fame that comes with having lots of money, I saw life as a competition of who has it all and I ended up throwing away the peace I once had. The more I had, the more I craved making that hunger never go away and bringing me deeper discontentment. I failed as a wife and a mother, I failed you both mama cried loudly. My heart was heavy as I watched my mother weep like a child. Even with the promises of forgiveness, she still cried.

John had left to give us space to talk, and for the first time, mama held my hands, looked deeply into my eyes and smiled at me with pride. It is good you stood up to me she said, Look at what I pushed your sister into. If you had not stood your ground, you would have seen hell in the hands of Tobi and other young men I tried forcing on you.

You have a happy and blessed home, and you have peace of mind the best of it all mama praised. Your husband loves you deeply, I can see it in his eyes and with the way he treats you. See the way he treated me? With so much love and respect despite everything I did, he still came back to me bringing you along. He is a good man and you my daughter are very lucky to have married such a man.

You saw the future and all I saw was only the present. You never gave up your hold on God even after all I did to you and you allowed him lead you into a beautiful future. I am happy you listened to the advice of your father and walked his path of goodness and discipline. I am so proud of you. She continued in between coughing, and for the very first time in my life, I felt the warmth and love of my mother. Just like my John said, forgiveness makes the soul glow and gives immense peace which currently I have.

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