Trials episode 5


It has been two years since my sister got married, and as always, life at home with mama isn’t easy in any way. I have developed the strength to ignore her in all she does. The fault-finding, accusations, mocking, and threats all made me stronger.

Since I turned a new age, mama had declared the house a war zone. I have gotten even closer to God and I am enjoying my time with him. Getting a job isn’t easy, but I’m hopeful it will go well, and the best news is that I met someone.

He is an amazing young man. Although it’s nothing serious yet, I’m trusting God to bring good out of it. Mama does not approve of him in any way; he’s too poor, she always says. You need a rich man to spoil you and buy you all sorts of accessories and gadgets she ranted as usual.

Look at the kind of house your sister lives in; have you not seen the kind of clothes and jewelries she adorns herself in? The kind of cars she drives? Don’t you want that kind of life? Where you live, breathe, and command money? This man does not even have a car and you want marry him?

You are a disgrace she continued. Why settle for less, when you can have more? Why have you decided to shame me Charity? she asked angrily. Look at the kind of wedding your sister had, look at the people who graced that occasion, but yet you go for a man in rags? If you marry John, I cease to be your mother. I cannot have my own daughter bring me disgrace and with that she stomped out.

You do not need a pauper whose job cannot even take care of himself and you, but mother was wrong, for I looked beyond money and material gains. I needed quality—a man who would be faithful and committed to his marital vows. One who can give me peace of mind, for nothing beats a spouse with these qualities, something my mother doesn’t understand.

John has indicated an interest in marrying me. I have prayed about it and gained Heaven’s approval, so I said yes. Mama was so displeased and told me how disappointed she is in me settling for less.

She still favors Tobi, Dami’s friend who loathes me because of my rejection of him numerous times and refusal of his expensive gifts, all of which mama has taken as hers, but I don’t care; for as long as God is in this, it is enough for me.

The days flew by, and finally it was here, my wedding day. Something I have looked forward to all these years. It is a small wedding, enough to see the day through.
John and I wanted nothing extravagant so as to fit the size of our pockets and also save some money for our marital life.

Not everyone from my mother’s family attended; I guess since it wasn’t loud and flowing with money and luxury like that of my sister, it wasn’t good enough for them.

My sister never came, despite numerous calls and invitations sent. Mother attended but left an hour into the ceremony, so Aunt Joy stood in for her. John’s family loved and welcomed me. It was a perfect little wedding with needed family and friends who loved us just the way I wanted it.

Settling into the role of a wife in my new home was easy. Daily, I thank God for my husband. He’s the best gift Heaven has blessed me with. His mother and siblings are very accommodating and loving. God gave me another mother in my mother-in-law, one who took motherly duties seriously and also loved God with her heart.

She is the best so far. All the love and warmth I never got from Mama, I got from John’s mother. We don’t have much, but we make the most of each day by being content and appreciative of life.

It’s been three years of being married to John, and it’s going great. I’m currently pregnant and expecting a boy. My husband is overjoyed, and my mother-in-law is ecstatic. I understand her excitement, as John is the only son. We live three states away from my mother and her troubles.

My husband got a good job that comes with good friends and connections, a car, and a house, and the salary is massive. It was a big and unexpected surprise when the job offer came in. We knew things were going to turn positive for us and the blessings kept coming.

My business has picked up too, with branches in different states. Yes, remember that little business I managed while I still lived with mama? It has grown massively. I have also expanded into importing from other countries and have people all over the country buying from me. Life is going great with God’s blessings on us.

The knock on the door persisted. Ignore it, my husband kissed and whispered into my ear. I want to spend time with my best girl, so no distractions are needed. My husband is so playful, a side I never get tired of as I enjoy it a lot.

Blushing and giggling, I got up from his arms to get the door, and it’s my sister—yes, the same sister—who never answered my numerous calls and blocked my number, never attended my little wedding, and who I haven’t seen since the day she left home—a married woman.

How did she trace me? Who gave her my new address? What does she want? Shocked, I kept looking at her. She couldn’t meet my eyes as I ushered her in. She broke into tears, hugging me tightly and that got me worried. What could the problem be?

She looked so small and frail, her beauty gone, and her expressive eyes dimmed with pain, hurt, and sorrow. She has also lost a tooth. What has happened to her? What and who made her this way, and why? Where was her husband? These questions ran a marathon through my mind as I kept looking at her crying and, this time, hugging herself.

Tears filled my eyes as I hugged her to myself, and I was surprised when she hugged back. Breaking away from her, I silently led her to the sitting room. I was able to calm her down and get her to talk. Sadly, she looked at me, I have made the worst mistake.

Precious started crying again. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and make good decisions. I regret listening to mama and allowing her to make decisions that have ruined me and my life. I regret not listening to you when you were looking out for me. I also regret my love for money and have pushed myself into the hands of a devil because of it.

Charity, mama has finished me she cried harder. I was so troubled because it hurts seeing my sister this way. What is going on precious? Why are you looking like a mad woman? Where is Dami? I asked her.

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