Trials episode 7


Precious has been with me for some months now, and I’m due in a week. Slowly, she is healing and is gradually picking up. She tested positive to the HIV test Dr. Mike, my husband’s friend, carried out on her.

I have consoled her and reminded her that it is not the end of the world. She’s attending church now, and I also intend starting up a small business for her to help keep her occupied. Anything to take her mind off her past and traumatic marriage.

My mother-in-law loves my sister and will always encourage her to draw herself close to God so she can heal from the trauma she got from being married to a monster. Yes, she called Dami a monster when she got to know the full story. You see why I love my mother-in-law? She is so full of love and selflessness. She readily accepted precious and also took up caring for her. Something Mama would never done for me and others.

Honey I’m home… My darling husband announced as he came in with smiles. Being heavily pregnant isn’t a joke, I can’t even stand any more. I grumbled to John, who laughed as I struggled to stand and welcome him. You look like a pregnant whale, he joked making me pout while he laughed.

A pregnant whale? Is that what to call your wife after a long day? I teased him smiling. You see, being pregnant and emotional isn’t easy., it’s often funny to see me display all sorts of emotions in a few minutes something which amuses my husband all the time.

How’s my best girl and sugar plum doing? he asked as he took my lips into his in a full kiss. That’s my John always having a sweet name or two for me each day, a side I love so much. Go and freshen up. I told him dinner is already served.

Sitting down to eat with my sister and husband is something I always looked forward to. It is so good to be with the ones you love and who matter to you. John left to quickly see a friend after lunch, and my sister took up cleaning the house.

Surprise right? Yes, my sister cleans now; she cooks too, and she has also taken up gardening and other skills and it’s all thanks to John’s mother. It’s amazing how she’s changed and has become dutiful after her traumatic marriage to Dami. Indeed, they said experience is the best teacher and I am glad she learnt her lessons.

John bought me some flowers today; he said he felt like giving his woman something beautiful to admire and make her day beautiful.

You are indeed a blessed woman to have such a good husband as John; he gives you peace of mind, adores and loves you very much. It’s easy to tell from the way he looks at you every day. Precious observed making me smile widely.

I wish I listened to your advices charity; she said as she sat besides me. I wish I listened to Aunt Joy Mama’s sister; she advised me to run far away from Dami and his friends the day she met him; she asked me to break up with him and have nothing to do with anything that linked him to me, but I never listened; see where it ended me.

I wish I wasn’t so greedy and selfish; I wish I could see the future to see what disaster Dami will bring to me. I wish I wasn’t so blinded by the glory of what he offered. She continued, but I allowed mama’s greed for money and expensive lifestyle lure me into a marriage that nearly ruined and killed me.

I married a monster because I looked and got carried away by the flashy gifts and money he lavished on me. I didn’t look deeper beyond those things to know his personality and see my mistakes, and like a sheep in wolf clothing, he lured me in deceiving me.

If only I listened to you, she said, if only I didn’t allow mother to live her life through me, if only I wasn’t so blinded by the glitter, glow and painting the town red parties he and his friends often threw and never saw beyond them.

if only I knew God and the blessings that comes with that knowledge, if only I didn’t keep irresponsible friends who just like mama pulled and pushed me into such life style. It would have been a different tale now. I wouldn’t have met him if not for my friends charity.

If only I was wise, I would have married a good man who puts me first and honors me daily like your husband does to you, she sighed. As I sat listening to my sister pour out her heart to me and eased her burdens on me, I observed her. Yes, she is healing slowly, but there’s a deep aura of pain, sadness, and regrets emanating from her.

If only one could go back to the past, she sighed again. I would so I can stand up to mama and say no to the many negative things she introduced me to, I would so I can make right decisions that will give my mind peace and my heart rest, I would so I can turn back the hands of time starting all over again, planing out my life and making good and positive choices. I would so I can make good friends who love God and help straighten out my path. If only…

If only I had allowed you to pray for me on my wedding day as you wanted to, maybe a miracle that would liberate me from going on with the marriage would have happened, but no I slapped you, yelled and pushed you away, something I deeply regret to this day.

I foolishly allowed Mama to fuel my hatred for you. I let her use me to mock and taunt you, making life unbearable for you. I thought life was mine to control, to have the ability to call and command money and luxuries having it all at my feet, it’s what mama always said to me.

I never knew behind that wealth was a man without a conscience, one who relished in making dirty money and the luxuries it gave him. One who took joy in making my life miserable, one who beat me to miscarriages, A man who pushed drugs and stole the lives of little girls by trafficking them, pushing them into pain and misery and bringing unending sorrows to their families.

He covered it well with an outer clock of kindness, gentleness, and an ever-smiling face, and that is what I saw. I never saw his cold soul and heart which were capable of bringing pain. Indeed, looks are deceptive charity, if only charity, if only……….

My heart ached as I drew my sister close to me embracing her tightly. I know the memories will never go away but I trusted God to heal her in every aspect.

No matter what she had done to me in the past, no matter the mistakes she made, she was my blood and I was ready to stand by her and ever ready to help her in any way she needed me. Now that mama had abandoned her, I knew I was the only home she had. I believe life would turn out bright again for her. John and I were ready to help her ease into life again and this time making good choices.

© Wofai Patrick 🌹

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