Trials episode 3


Waking up to my vibrating phone I noticed I missed eight calls from an unknown number. Deciding not to call back, I dismissed the calls. I wondered who it was, knowing I don’t have people who call to check up on me, and yes, I was that introverted.

My time was spent at my little shop, church, or home. That was my little triangle. I wasn’t a social butterfly like my little sister. who enjoyed a life of attention and luxury for as long as it gets her noticed by people She’s definitely into it, I mused.

We have completely different personalities, but mama would never notice because, according to her, I am not high class and I am the little bird that would never fly since I don’t enjoy the frivolous life other young women engage in.

If only she saw beyond expensive living and the love of money, which has blinded her and clouded her sense of judgment, she would know I was created differently from my sister and others out there.

That I have my own little shop, a little business I started while in school which helps fund the house financially and I also have over four skills that I took up while in school. That I live a valuable and fulfilled life in my little introverted way, but my mother was blind. Oh yes, she was.

The call from the unknown number came again, and bracing myself, I answered it. It was tobi, one of dami’s closest friends. I wasn’t surprised he’s reaching out with another number since I blocked his after several warnings never to reach out to me again.

You see, I have my reasons and don’t want anything to do with dami’s circle of friends. There is a dark aura around them, and I wish mama would see it, but she would rather dance to the excessive amounts of money growing fat in her numerous bank accounts and the expensive gifts of trinkets sent to her. Yes, I said it before my mother was blinded by her love for money.

Tobi had made it clear he liked me the first time he met me a year ago, and just like his friend, his wealth is very questionable and since that time, gifts of money and accessories have been sent to me, all aimed at winning and enticing me to accept him as a husband, but I don’t feel safe with him.

That is why, I want nothing to do with him—to be no partaker of money whose source and root are untraceable. Numerous times, mama has urged me to be with him; I saw a man who was not the will of God for me and all mama saw, was a man who will keep buying her expensive things and keep throwing bundles of money at her.

He will take care of you and buy you the world. You will live in a big house, drive big cars and have anything you want. All you have to do is ask him she said smiling widely so say yes to him, she had persuaded numerous times, even going as far as pampering me for some time and buying me gifts.

Things I know are all aimed at making me give into marrying tobi but I keep declining, for I believe it’s better to marry late and right than to marry early and wrong. All I want is a man who would give me peace of mind and this has strengthened my faith as I keep awaiting God’s timing.

Mama, Dami asked me to give you some money for the week. He said to spoil yourself silly and keep looking young and beautiful for the wedding. My sister said as she entered the house, giving bundles of money to mama, and as usual, she was excited dancing and praising Dami.

I can’t wait for him to become my son-in-law mama boasted. He is not married to you yet but already taking care of my needs, she happily exclaimed. If he marries you, that means I will never be poor again. She continued bragging.

You have made me proud, my child. She laughed in excitement and hugged my sister. I knew the day you were born, you would be a special child, she praised, unlike someone in this house who was born to bring misery and bad luck. She clapped and hissed. Go to your room and rest. I do not want you stressed in anyway until you leave this house as a wife. She instructed my sister, who left smiling widely as mama continued praising her.

Silently, I played some games on my phone, ignoring the pain that pierced my heart at mama calling me bad luck, my own birth mother. When will my mother happily hug me and tell me how proud she is of me? Even graduating with a first class and being the best graduating student from school never moved her; all she did was remind me to ensure the certificate could get me a job.

After all, the acquisition of certificates without having money is nothing, she taunted; you need a wealthy man to take care of you and not to slave away with a useless piece of paper that can’t guarantee you enjoying life. If only they could see what God has planned for me and the promises he has made concerning my future, which I am strongly holding onto.

Why do you keep ignoring tobi, dami’s friend? You know he likes you, my sister asked as she walked into my bedroom sitting beside me. I am not interested, I replied. Looking at me, she shrugged her shoulders, rolling her eyes. You are not getting any younger sister charity, she reminded me.

You should consider settling for him, or other rich friends of my fiance who still want you. In some cultures, the elder sister has to marry first before the younger ones are allowed to bring home men as husbands she replied but I am happy we do not have such traditions here or else you would have been a stumbling block to dami and i or are you still waiting for God? She asked.

God has other things to take care of and not that of giving husbands to single women who do not see the rich young men around them. Opportunity comes once sister charity, if you do not accept tobi now, you will never get to have someone as rich as him again.

After All, there are many women who would do anything just to have him notice them my little sister advised. Do not marry a pauper because you are still holding onto God. She mockingly laughed as she left, leaving me alone with my thoughts and a heavy heart. When God? When? I asked silently as the tears fell.

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