Trials episode 9


It’s been 16 years of marital bliss and God’s faithfulness. I pondered as I read the book of Jeremiah 29:11. For I know the thoughts I have for you, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and hope, says the Lord. Meditating on these words, I couldn’t help but thank God for the beautiful future and ending he’s given me.

Mother asked John’s forgiveness for all she said to him, and of course he readily agreed. Precious, too, is back on good terms with her, although at a distance. Little Emmanuel has been introduced to her, and the joy of seeing and carrying her grandson shines so brightly in her. She attends church and is very close to God, courtesy of John’s mother. Mother is a changed person now, and I’m happy she has come to know Christ.

My marriage is going strong, and my husband loves me more and more each day. My kids are growing and doing well in school. My husband started his business years ago, and today it’s expanded into different states in the country as well as mine. We are richly blessed.

My sister found a good man in Dr. Mike; she is married and is expecting her second child currently. It gives me joy to see how things have worked out so beautifully for her. Indeed, her past has taught her a lesson. One we would never forget.

Dami and his friends have been arrested and are currently in jail for their crimes. The wicked don’t go unpunished.

As I wrap up my life story, I have words of wisdom to share with you all, which I believe will help guide you into making the right decisions.

Are you a young man or woman who thinks God has forgotten you? Are you one who thinks you have not gotten anywhere and have achieved nothing yet? God has not forgotten about you and will never forget you. All you need is time.

Are you an unmarried young woman who is ready for marriage? Please await God’s timing. For it is better to marry late and right than to go into marriage early and wrong. Do not be so desperate for marriage that you end up in the devil’s den.

All that glitters is not gold. Do not be carried away by the luxuries of life, for there are better things to life than riches. It is good to want a comfortable life, but it should never be at the detriment of your sanity. I didn’t have them in the past, but look at all I own today. Time has made a difference, and I have more than enough. Let time bring them to you so you can have peace of mind.

Never let yourself be pressured into anything by family, friends, or society, for when the goings turn bad, you alone will carry your cross. Please learn from my sister, precious.

Surround yourself with good and responsible people. Choose your circle wisely so you can have people who will always have your back and push you down the right path just like Aunt Joy did to me in motivation, support and encouragement. Keep away from bad friends.

Next, physical appearance is good, but always look deeper into the soul and heart, for looks are deceiving and can easily be manipulated and covered. There are wolves in sheep clothing out there, so be careful.

Just like my husband said, think of your trials as a journey that will take you to a better end, and always remember that gold and other precious gems have to go through fire and other processes to come out shiny and full of great value, and people will pay anything to have them as finished products at the end.

As a young man or woman, you are full of value created for a greater purpose. You are gold and full of worth. Allow God to polish you so you can brightly shine.

My final advice to everyone is to please hold on to God, for he never disappoints. No matter what challenges you are facing in life, God is and will always be there, for as long as you let him in, He will always sort things out in his time.

As you have read this story, It is my desire that it has made an impact and also taught you lessons. Just like me, always know that you are in the master’s plan. My name is Charity, and this is my story.

©️ Wofai Patrick🌹

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