The Billionaire’s Baby Mama episode 11&12




A single push from Dennis made josh to drop his hand from Alison’s arm.

He laughed harshly as Dennis placed an arm protectively around her.

“You are barking up the wrong tree, Overton” he said “the woman’s pregnant and you’re a sore loser.And she ain’t gonna get away with this too”.

“That’s it” Dennis said calmly and he drove his fist into Josh’s stomach and the man crumpled like paper.

“Stop!”Alison screamed as she grabbed Dennis arm.

Dennis remained silent as he took her hand and led her out of the garden straight to the car.

Celebration be damned, he wanted to get her away from Josh as quick as possible.

Alison glanced worriedly at dennis from time to time as they drove to her home.

He seemed really angry and it was all her fault.

Of course Dennis must have heard their conversation and knew she was pregnant.

Why didn’t she tell him about the pregnancy sooner?

And now it all came to light in a very unpleasant way.

They stopped outside her house and Alison quickly came out herself before Denni could get round to her side of the car.

“Listen Dennis” she began hurriedly “I’m so sorry…”.

“Why didn’t you tell me Alison?” he said with a pained look in his eyes and Alison wanted to cry.

“I..I…”she stuttered “I was confused. it all happened so suddenly…”

“That’s still no reason to not tell me you are carrying Josh Brandon’s child!”


Alison stared at Dennis’s concerned face and realized to her horror what was happening.


He thought the baby was Josh’s.

She stared at him in disbelief as he continued talking.

“I don’t know if there’s still a chance for me but Alison” he said “I would rather die than see you go back to him”.

“Me too” Alison said “listen Dennis,you got it all wrong..”

“No I dont” Dennis interrupted “whatever happens, I’ll be by your side, ally. We’ll both take care of the baby and I’ll treat it like mine”.


Alison couldn’t believe this was happening.

She made to talk again but she couldn’t because he kissed her.





‘This was no time to be tardy’alison thought as she hurriedly packed her files and grabbed her car keys ready to sail out the door.

She had been very busy during the past week ever since she accepted the contract, visiting the new site chosen to build the new factory and all other stuff but that was no reason for Dennis to slacken their Romance.

The petting and spoiling still continued and seemed to increase as soon as he realized she was now pregnant.

She waited for the day she would spill the news to him that the child was actually his and she’s hoping he will like the news.

She has no doubt that he would be a great father and a loving one too.

Look how he offered to raise Josh’s child as his even if his assumption was wrong.

The only cloud on her bright days was Josh Brandon.

The Man obstinately refused to believe the baby wasn’t his and even went as far as threatening to sue.

He was becoming strange, and scared as she was to admit it, he’s started stalking her too.

He seemed to have gone off the deep end after been fired suddenly the day after what happened that night.

Dennis doesn’t know about any of this.

If he had he would have done more than firing Josh brandon.

She parked her car hurriedly, ready to run in to her office and dump the heavy files on her hand and give Tonia and the rest of her staff some last minute instructions before heading out, then stopped in mid stride as she viewed the scene before her.

“Oh for God’s sake!” she spat out in annoyance as she saw the tired form of Josh Brandon in the visiting area.

Josh looked tired and smug at the same time, as though he just landed a gold mine that nobody knew about.

Tonia stood, arms akimbo like a guard dog as she glared at Josh.

She hated the sight of him after daring to dump her best friend at the altar.

“Its OK, Toni, i can handle this” Alison said

“Not a bad idea” Tonia said “but I’ll be glad to help”

She smacked her hands together like they were planning to beat him up which made Alison smile

The smile dissipated immediately she turned to face Josh.

“Leave” she ordered “now”.

“I would do that” the obnoxious man said and began to straighten his suit jacket “right after I drop this”

He placed a filed document on Tonia’s desk which earned him a glare from her.

Alison reluctantly took the document from the desk and read the contents in growing disbelief.

“You are suing for your paternity rights?!” she asked incredulously “I told you the baby isn’t yours!”.

“Prove it”Josh smirked “if its not mine then whose child is it? I don’t think you are the one to sleep around right after we broke up, are you alison”

“Who I sleep with is none of your business” Alison said, her anger increasing by the minute “the baby isn’t yours period. Leave my office at once!”

Josh smiled and Tonia’s fingers itched to slap him.

“Girl, let’s just shove him out” she offered and Alison was tempted to agree with her.

Josh had gone too far.

“Not without telling me who the father of your child is apart from me” he said, in a goading tone “whose is it, Alison? Dennis’?”.

“Alison fought her anger and lost.

The next minute she was yelling.

“Yes! Dennis is the father of my child!” she yelled “and he’s a much better man than you!”

She heard Tonia gasp loudly and she saw Josh’s face turn white with shock and anger.

Well,she had expected that.

But what she hadn’t expected was Dennis’s voice behind her.

“I beg your pardon?”

Alison froze with shock, her legs incapable of moving as she wished with all her heart she could take back the words but nope, the deed was done.

She turned slowly to face him and her heart shattered.

A whole range of expressions crossed his face at intervals and Alison was afraid he was going to faint.

She tried to reach for him but he stepped back quickly.


“Dennis listen..” she swallowed as her voice cracked on the next words “I…I really meant to tell you..”

“You meant to tell me?!” Dennis thundered “that’s my child and you kept it a secret from me?!”

“I’m sorry….”

Without another word, Dennis turned on his heel and was gone.

A minute later, the sound of his engine filled the air, and the car was gone too.

Alison stood, in shock, as the sound of the engine faded into thin air.

He had not been happy.

He was not pleased with the child.

He thought of her as a deceptive woman who was also ungrateful.

All the dreams of them together has been shattered.

He was would never want her now.

She crumpled to the floor and dissolved in a pool of tears.

Finally it has happened and Dennis isn’t pleased
I feel so sad for Alison,don’t you?
Well, she should have told him sooner
What happens next?
Let’s find out together
Keep your seatbelts fastened, guys ,this is going to be a long ride.

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