The Billionaire’s Baby Mama episode 13





Tonia thumped loudly on the door to Alison’s apartment with both hands as Alison clearly refused to open it at the persistent ringing of her doorbell.

“Come on, ally”she yelled” stop doing this to yourself. its been two weeks already”

Two weeks of her complete isolation from the world

Tonia was worried and downright scared. She didn’t even know if Alison was taking care of herself as she ought to.

And there’s the baby to consider.

Was she even eating at all?

“Ally, please” she pleaded, again, nearly in tears “just let me in, just once”

Dennis had disappeared after that day and Tonia was tired of them both.

Alison refused to go to his company directly to meet him because she was ashamed and Dennis was proving headstrong and proud.

Tonia wished she could bash their head together to give them common sense but she could not.

The sound of a car driving in alerted her and she turned to see Julie drove her car in.

She parked and got out, heading straight for Tonia and the apartment.

“Any luck?” she asked grimly as Tonia sadly shook her head.

“Step aside” Julie said as she removed her hairpin from her mass of dark curly hair on her head and proceeded to poke the door lock.

“Are you sure that’s gonna work?” Tonia asked skeptically.

“My daddy was a locksmith” Julie answered “Ally ought to know better about locking her self in. We’ve done this hundreds of times”.

After a few more seconds of picking, the door opened with a loud click and Tonia gasped in delight as they both rushed in.

The house was gloomy and musty.

it looked unlived in, with all the curtains drawn and windows locked.

Julie immediately went about opening windows and drawing curtains apart while Tonia searched about for Alison.

“Ally?” she called tentatively as she opened the bedroom door and saw her best friend lying motionless on the floor.

“Omigod!” She screamed and rushed towards her “Julie!”

Julie ran in just in time to see Alison’s white face and Tonia burst into tears.

She picked up a frail wrist and felt about for a pulse with bated breath.

“Thank God” she said in relief as she clearly detected a weak pulse “come on she’s still alive, let’s get her to the hospital”

Tonia sat motionless on the bed, cradling Alison’s head in her arms.

“Tonia, get up!!!”Julie screamed and Tonia flew into action

Together they got the unconscious Alison into the car.

(Because of man🙄)

Dennis reached for his bottle of alcohol and was outraged to find out it wasn’t there .

He turned on the chair to stare at Matt, who was looking at him with an expression of disgust.

“Now aren’t you a nice young man?”Matt asked sarcastically.

“Give me my bottle”.

“For God’s sake, man, what the hell is wrong with the you?”

“I’m just a little tipsy” Dennis replied and smiled wanly at Matt who rolled his eyes.

“For two weeks, you have been drowning yourself in alcohol” Matt said looking around at the messy quarters “leaving the woman you love in anguish and worry”

“I don’t love her”

“Save it for your kids, Dennis” Matt said “No one in this town is gonna believe that. If you don’t love her, I’ll eat my left shoe”

Dennis refused to answer, stubbornness squaring his jaw

“She lied to me”

The thought made him clench his fist.

Matt saw him do so and rolled his eyes again.

“She lied to you” he said “and she apologized. For God’s sake, she’s carrying your child”

Dennis shook his head

The baby thrilled him so much, he was scared he would wake up and find out it was all a dream.

How he wanted the baby

So much

But Allison didn’t’t love him

How could he dream of a future with them together without her loving him, he thought sadly.

Matt watched him and guessed what was going on in his mind.

He stood up with a sigh and went closer to Dennis.

The smell of alcohol nearly made him choke but he bore it.

After all they were best friends

“Listen man, all you gotta do Is get right up, take a much needed shower…”

Dennis glared at him but he continued

“And go see your woman” he stopped then continued sadly “whom I’ve heard is not in very good condition herself”

Dennis senses came on full alert

“What do you mean?” he asked sharply “tell me!”

Matt sighed

“Alison was found yesterday in her apartment, unconscious, Dennis” he said and watched as Dennis stood up sharply in spite of his drunken state “now we don’t know what happened but we are thinking….”

Dennis didn’t wait to hear the rest

He was already grabbing his car keys on his way to see Alison but Matt grabbed his arm.

“Chill man,I’ll drive”

Dennis didn’t even hear him

One thought raced through his head


My Alison

I go love oo🤧
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