The Billionaire’s Baby Mama episode 3




Sunlight streamed into the room in bright rays as Alison awoke from a deep slumber.

She tried to lift her head but immediately fell back on the pillow.

It felt like monsters were using her brain to play football.

“Ugh!”she groaned as she tried to move but couldn’t.

Wait,wat was going on?.

She was being held tightly by strong arms against a strong body.

She glanced back and nearly screamed in terror.

“Ohmigod” she swore “I must be crazy. I actually slept with a stranger!”

She tried to move again but Dennis sighed and moved away from her.

Thankfully he was still asleep as Alison picked her limbs from the bed and grabbed her dress from the floor, hurriedly pulling it on.

Within minutes she was in her car driving at top speed back home.

How could she be so stupid? Her head was still p******g and she silently swore never to drink again.

“Great” she said as she sighted her mom’s car in her driveway. What was she going to tell her?.

“Alison, thank goodness” her mom said as she hugged her immediately she came in through the door “you are safe!”

“Where have u been?” Julie, her sister asked, scrutinizing her “you look like a mess. What have you been up to?”

“Nothing” Alison answered, avoiding Julie’s eyes.

Julie was a real lie detector and Alison wasn’t ready to tell her family that she slept with a complete stranger all because her fiancĂ© dumped her.

“Ugh”she groaned.

“What?” Julie asked, eyeing her closely.

“Nothing sis” Alison exclaimed “just let it go! OK? I was dumped by my fiancĂ© and I’m not really in a good mood to share my feelings with you, OK?!”.

“She was just worried about you” her mom said “you kept us all awake last night”.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Alison countered “I’m a grown up woman who can take care of herself”

She almost laughed at herself.

A grown up woman who acted like all irresponsible all because her fiance dumped her.

She slumped on the soft cushion next to her, placed her face in her hands and let out an enormous sob.

Her mom and sister quicky took her in their arms, silently.

She felt drained

She didn’t know what she had gotten herself into but she was determined to forget it.

Let bygones be bygones.

Alison Kent will never love again.


Alison glanced at the wall clock, shocked to see that it was already midday.

She hadn’t even started working and her most important clients were meeting her today.

The director of Overton enterprises wants a new factory site and her real estate agency was by far the best in all consultations.

She yawned, wondering why she was so tired lately.

“Maybe because you work too much” she muttered

It was common knowledge that she had become the dreaded workaholic intent on her business only.

Two months after her wedding saga, Alison had buried herself in work, giving it all her time and determined never to waste it on a man to the concern and worry of all her friends.

One of those friends was coming towards her now carrying some documents and a steaming cup of coffee.

Alison stomach turned at the smell of the coffee and she rushed into the toilet to throw up.

“Are you ok?” Tonia west, personal assistant and friend to Alison asked as she came into the room looking weak.

“I’m fine” Alison said,weakly

“Are you sure?” Tonia asked again “when last did you get a good night sleep Alison?”

Alison shook her head and refused to answer because she didn’t know too.

She knew she was becoming a shadow of herself but she didn’t care.

“When exactly is my meeting with the clients from Overton?” she asked instead and Tonia sighed.

“About time now” she answered “you had better get ready. I think they are here.”


“Look Alison, why don’t I just handle this? you ought to rest” Tonia said pleadingly.

“What?” Alison said in indignation “These are out most important clients. I’ve to….”

“Alright, alright” Tonia said and left her office.

Alison took a deep breath as she heard Tonia welcoming their clients and ushering them to her office.

She started walking towards the door as it opened and she stopped in shock.

She knew that man!.

Alison head reeled and she stumbled, hitting her stomach on the arm of a chair.

Pain as swift as lightning ripped through her and everything went black.


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