The Billionaire’s Baby Mama epilogue





“Offside! offside!” Alison yelled as she almost fell off her chair in aggression “what, are all those referees blind or something? Foul!”

Dennis smiled

He never ceased to be amused with Alison’s actions anytime they watch baseball together

He only just discovered her passion for the game although she doesn’t play

Now every Wednesday night they watch their favourite team play because he was also a die hard fan too

Tonight game was special because it was a final match and Alison was really anxious to see her favorite team win

“You want more ice on that drink?” Alison asked as the game went into half time and she picked up her glass of wine and Dennis glass of scotch

“Yep and a refill”

Alison smiled and walked to the kitchen, feeling extremely happy

She refilled the drinks and added extra ice then walked back to the huge living room only to find it empty

What the…?

She smiled then and dropped their drinks as she went towards the only place where she knew he would be

Dennis stood on the nursery, cradling a tiny infant whose wide golden eyes were the replicas of her fathers’

“You woke her up” she said accusingly

“No I didn’t”

“Yes you did” she said again as Dennis drew her close and nestled Sarah in his hands more “because you can’t keep your hands off her”

“Why should I ?” Dennis asked with the same wonder that had filled his eyes when the doctor handed them their baby girl three months ago “She’s all mine”

She and Dennis had gotten married a month after her accident when she was fully recovered and Sarah had been given to them 2months after, perfectly healthy and bright.

Alison couldn’t ask for a better child than Sarah.

She reached over for her but Dennis out maneuvered her, refusing to give up the baby.

Alison laughed delightedly.

“Alright you have until the end of the game, then she’s all mine, deal?” She said and Dennis nodded, still mesmerized with the baby.

With his hands linked with the two most beautiful women in the world, he walked into the sitting room, content and happy

Life couldn’t be any better.


And I’ll be dropping another story soon. Anticipate.
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