The Billionaire’s Baby Mama episode 9&10





Alison stood in front of the mirror and admired the image that stared back at her.

She was dressed in a long blue sequins gown,hat hugged her figure perfectly.

Her neck and ears were decorated with matching accessories and she nodded in satisfaction at her reflection.

She ran her hands down the gown, stopping momentarily on her stomach.

Was it her imagination or was it beginning to bulge?

She felt a rush of happiness at the thought of having a full stomach then stopped smiling as she remembered Dennis.

He had been extremely kind and nice these past few weeks sending her flowers and chocolates and even jewellery and exquisite clothing’s from top notch , world famous designers.

The elaborate dinners at posh restaurants were heavenly and she had to admit she had fallen for him.

Will it all change if he finds out about the pregnancy?

She shook her head to clear the thoughts.

She would not think about that now.


But not now

She grabbed her purse and walked to the door, stopping when she heard the bell.

She was not very surprised on opening the door and finding dennis on the other side.

A gleaming Lamborghini stood in the background awaiting them.

“Dennis” she began, exasperated “I told you I would come myself”

“And I told you I won’t let you do that” he answered and smiled at her but she rolled her eyes

“So we waltz into town together” she said “what would people think?”

“Whatever they want” he replied and walked towards her and she stilled the urge to step back.

“They are going to have a lot to think about after today” he said and planted a single kiss on her bare neck.

A kiss that left her toes tingling.

Alison was still feeling the sensation as she allowed him to lead her to the car.


Now she was in trouble.

“I’m so glad I came to the gala, dear” Michelle cooed to Josh as the latter fumed in silence.

Michelle had insisted on coming too to his anger and chagrin.

And he can’t get rid of her.

He just hoped she wouldn’t stand in the way of his plans tonight.

The gala was marvellous.

Alison enjoyed herself tremendously and was grateful to Dennis who stood by her all along.

He didn’t say anything but now everyone in town assumed they had something going.

Soon she felt lightheaded.

Probably from all that dancing, she thought as she made her way outta the hall to the gardens to try to clear her dizziness.

Dennis was nowhere to be found probably with his directors.

She was about sitting down on a bench when her phone rang.

It was Tonia

“Hi baby mama!” Tonia squealed, making Alison pull the phone from her ears “how you doing?”

“I’m fine” Alison replied “just a little dizzy”

“Dizzy?” Tonia asked immediately concerned”are you OK? should I come over?”

“What? no,I’m fine” Alison said “don’t worry about me”

“Whoever said I was worried about you?” Tonia said “I am worried about the little angel in your stomach”

Alison laughed

“You’re a bad friend”she said in mock anger “are you only worried about my baby? I never knew you were such a wicked friend”

“Only when it comes to the little angel you are carrying dear” Tonia said, laughing

“Whatever” Alison said, pretending to cry “my baby does not need your care”

“What baby?” a voice asked, startling her and she turned to stare at Josh.

“What are you doing here?” Alison asked then caught herself.

Of course he would be here

He was a staff of Overton but that did not stop her from staring at him in disgust.

“Did you follow me here?” she asked again and Josh nodded to her consternation.

“Yep and I heard every word of your conversation” he said then laughed as though he was in shock “are you pregnant Alison?”

“I have no reason to answer your question” Alison retorted and started to walk past him but he grabbed her arm and pulled her, roughly against him.

She stopped and slapped him hard.

“Take your hands off me!”

“You are pregnant”

“I said let me go!”

“I suggest you do as the lady says, Brandon” a voice boomed and Alison was relieved to see Dennis coming towards them.





A single push from Dennis made josh to drop his hand from Alison’s arm.

He laughed harshly as Dennis placed an arm protectively around her.

“You are barking up the wrong tree, Overton” he said “the woman’s pregnant and you’re a sore loser.And she ain’t gonna get away with this too”.

“That’s it” Dennis said calmly and he drove his fist into Josh’s stomach and the man crumpled like paper.

“Stop!”Alison screamed as she grabbed Dennis arm.

Dennis remained silent as he took her hand and led her out of the garden straight to the car.

Celebration be damned, he wanted to get her away from Josh as quick as possible.

Alison glanced worriedly at dennis from time to time as they drove to her home.

He seemed really angry and it was all her fault.

Of course Dennis must have heard their conversation and knew she was pregnant.

Why didn’t she tell him about the pregnancy sooner?

And now it all came to light in a very unpleasant way.

They stopped outside her house and Alison quickly came out herself before Denni could get round to her side of the car.

“Listen Dennis” she began hurriedly “I’m so sorry…”.

“Why didn’t you tell me Alison?” he said with a pained look in his eyes and Alison wanted to cry.

“I..I…”she stuttered “I was confused. it all happened so suddenly…”

“That’s still no reason to not tell me you are carrying Josh Brandon’s child!”


Alison stared at Dennis’s concerned face and realized to her horror what was happening.


He thought the baby was Josh’s.

She stared at him in disbelief as he continued talking.

“I don’t know if there’s still a chance for me but Alison” he said “I would rather die than see you go back to him”.

“Me too” Alison said “listen Dennis,you got it all wrong..”

“No I dont” Dennis interrupted “whatever happens, I’ll be by your side, ally. We’ll both take care of the baby and I’ll treat it like mine”.


Alison couldn’t believe this was happening.

She made to talk again but she couldn’t because he kissed her.



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