Sleep with me episode 6



Her mum wasn’t happy when I told her about her daughter’s abortion. She was highly disappointed in her. Infact, Dara was also disappointed in herself. Her dreams were dashed into the thin air.

Her sudden scream terrified us.

“I’m in pain…” She cried out.

Not quite long, the bleeding started. Her mum rushed out to call the doctor. The doctor was so busy with an operation so he didn’t attend to us immediately.

The nurses were running helter-skelter to stop the blood.

It dawned on me that I didn’t reconcile her back to God.

“Dara, please you need to trace your step back to the cross. You and pastor Gbolahan have committed great offence before God. You need to seek for pardon because if you die now without reconciling with God you will go to hell.” I said as I continued.

Please, ask God to forgive you.

” Nike, I’m currently in hell. I feel pains all around me. Hmm! , my desperate search for job is leading me to my early grave.” she said in tears.

” Please don’t say that. Darasimi, you will not die.” I said.

“Nike, I’m in pains, I doubt if I will be able to survive this. I think my life should be a lesson to everyone out there to be patient with God.” she said as she continued.

“If only I had stood with my strong conviction of doing God’s will, I wouldn’t have fallen into this. If only I was patient. If only I was patient…. “She said as she began to cough.

“Will God ever forgive me?” She continued.

Mum please forgive me, I know I have offended you. Nike, I am so sorry for putting you through all these.

Her mum told her she was forgiven.

“Ahhhh! I’m in pain.” she lamented bitterly.

“Dara, you are asking forgiveness from us, ask from God as well before it is too late. I believe God will heal you”.

“Yehhhhhh!!!” she screamed.

Please Dara, say this after me.

“Lord Jesus..” I said

“Lord Jesus” she repeated.

“I come to you today..” I said but👇

No response again. I became scared. Her eyes were closed.

“Ahhh, Darasimiiiiii please don’t do this to me. Pleaseeeeee!!!” I screamed. Tears began to flow uncontrollably.

So this is how I will miss Darasimi..

I thought Darasimi advised me to sleep with Bayo based on her love for me. I never knew she wanted me to be her partner in crime.

” Ahhh! fire brand sis Darasimi was brought down on the altar of fornication just for a job.” I cried out ..

If only she had waited. If only she had been patient. Her impatience led her to her early grave.

If not for this incidence, I wouldn’t have known that she had been sleeping around with her boss.

I thought she was still a virgin. Infact Bro Dele never knew that his wife to be was sleeping with her boss.

She hidded this. The funniest part was that she was a member of the choir unit in her church.

She sang on the last Sunday before her departure. She died on Wednesday.

Pastor Gbolahan never showed up. Infact, he was still a pastor, preaching the gospel to his church members and all his sexual escapades were hidden from his wife.

“Oh!” see how deceptive this is.

The wife thought her husband was faithful, whereas, he was a dog sleeping with his junior.

Hmmm, dear reader, you can’t hide anything from God.

You may claim to be a saint or a believer before everyone, but before God, you may not be a saint because nothing is hidden from Him.

Your secret sins are well known to God.

You may cover your sins and say nobody knows, but may I tell you that “YOU CAN’T HIDE THAT EVIL ACT OR SIN FROM GOD”

It is better you confess it now, before it exposes you.

Tomorrow may be too late.

You may be singing in the church and go to hell. Yes, that secret sin can drive you there.

Your parents may not see you, your pastor may not see you, but remember, God sees you.

Back to my story 👇

It was so hard for me to believe that Darasimi was gone just like that. I cried my eyes out when I realised that she couldn’t re-trace her steps back to God before she died.

Well, time waits for no man.

Her burial date was fixed. Hmmm, it was a painful moment for the family. She died at the age of 27.

I could not recover from the shock of her death which really affected my efficiency at work. My friend (the secretary) noticed it and was as well worried.

Sorry, Her name is Bimpe.

I narrated everything to her and she really felt bad. She consoled me.

“Hmmm!”, but she said something that really shocked me.

What did she say?

Watch out in part 7.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa

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