Sleep with me episode 4



Before I started my business, I submitted my CV to an organisation some months back.

Well, I just submitted it there without thinking of any positive outcome.

I zeroed my mind about the organisation. You know why?

The reason was because I was below the age requirements. You must be above 30 to secure the job, and I was just 26. I submitted the CV just for submitting sake.

So, on that fateful afternoon, checking through a message sent to my mail, I was asked to report to the organisation for an oral interview.

You can imagine the joy that flooded my heart.

I was wondering why they asked me to come for an oral interview knowing fully well that I was below the required age limit.

Well, I felt it was the Lord’s doing…

The following day, I handed everything to God in prayer and went straight to the organisation.

On getting to the organisation, I was interviewed by the board of directors.

In one word, I was congratulated. I became shocked.

My appointment letter was given to me and it was just as if I was dreaming.

As soon as I got home I shared the story with my sister, she was soooooo happy.

I decided to share my testimony with Darasimi. Infact she was so happy for me though she sounded somehow.

“Nike, did you sleep with anyone before you get this job” she asked.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed. It was the finger of God working in my life. God finally put a smile on my face. My waiting period was not in vain.

“Woww, I’m happy for you Nike”. Dara said.

“Darasimi, you’re sounding somehow. Are you alright?” I managed to ask.

“Yes I’m alright. Though not too fine. I have been in pain since morning. My stomach is really paining me. But I believe I will be fine” she managed to answer me.

“Ahhh!” , Dara what did you eat? I hope it is not your pre-menstrual pain. Remember back then in school, how you always experience those mild pains all in the name of shedding blood” I teased.

She started laughing.

Nike, I have not seen….

“Seen what?” I asked

“Never mind!” she replied.

I became suddenly afraid.

“Are you sure you’re not pregnant?” I asked.

“Oh no! I’m not pregnant. It’s hormonal imbalance. Pregnant ke…” she replied laughing.

Alright ooo, just take care of yourself.

“Thank you ore mi(my friend). Congratulations once again oo” Dara said.

After few weeks of working in the organisation, I made friend with a secretary. When our bond of friendship became strong, I decided to ask her some question.

She made me to understand that the set of people employed some months back were sacked due to falsification of age and information.

They realised that I was true. And also I met their requirements except age stuff. But, they overlooked the age factor.

On hearing this, I became so happy.

Dara told me she wanted to pay me a visit which she did.

On getting to my place, I noticed she was acting in a funny manner.

“What happen to you Darasimi” I asked.

Darasimi, this is blood. You are bleeding.

“Darasimiiiiiii!!!” I screamed.

I had to rush her to the hospital.

What actually happened?

Watch out in part 5.


©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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