Sleep with me episode 11


PART 11.

I was still lost in thought when something caught my attention.

I saw two cockroaches copulating.

Then a voice from within was shouting “Nike go and marry so that you can also be sleeping with your man just like these cockroaches.

Of a truth, I was amazed by what I saw, but that naughty thought of having sex kept ringing in my mind.

“Why not kill those cockroaches?” I asked myself.

Then I stood up at the spur of the moment, took a shoe and started chasing them up and down. I chased them till I got outside, only for me to be welcomed by another scene.

Before I continue.

I was just 28 years old without a man I could call my husband or husband to be.

My mum was always worried about me. She felt I was becoming too old to remain a single lady. She compared me to other ladies who married so early.

Infact, she told me a spell was casted on me. She told me a lot just to hasten me.

It got to a stage that she started arranging suitors for me. But on a more serious note, none of them was meant for me.

You know why I said that?

Ok, it is because all of them wanted to eat the forbidden fruit before taking me to the altar.

I hope you now understand. Yes, they wanted me to be pregnant inorder to know my fertility level. But my mind was fixed.

I stood on my conviction “no sex before marriage”.and that made me to stay long in the market of marriage.

My first experience with the man that actually claimed to love me with the whole of his heart was terrible.

As a short lady, I had always dreamed of a tall man, light in complexion man, a rich man….the list is long.

The first man who asked me out in marriage had all the qualities I ever needed in a man.

He was so caring. Itold him about my stand. He even supported me. He told me he was going to wait till marriage.

I thought he really meant his words not until he told me he was just helping me . He said he wanted to marry me out of pity because if he doesn’t marry me, I might die as a single lady. Then all of a sudden, he started touching me in the wrong places in my body. I was so shocked. I slapped his face. He shouted at me and punched me .

I staggered back to my seat because my face was seeing double. After some minutes, he told me he wanted to taste me, else the relationship will end.

I thought within myself if I should sleep with him and marry him because of the fact that he has all the qualities I ever needed in a man or I should also break the relationship.

But a fear crept in. “What if I will never marry again? What if this man is the only man meant for me on earth? Is this how I will lose my golden opportunity?” I thought deeply within myself.

Yes, I later had to break the relationship though I waited for some time before another man came in place.

Yes, the second man came, not too rich, not tall but handsome. He was highly spiritual. He happened to be a worker in my church. His spirikoko really attracted him to me. I never knew He also had interest in me not until he asked me out.

As we continued in the relationship, I later got to realise that the spirikoko brother was a woman beater.

He slapped me times without number. Though I thought it was a mistake, not until it became a continuous routine at any slight provocation.

“For how long will I continue to endure his beatings?” I asked myself.

One part of me wanted to remain in the relationship and another part of me wanted to take to my heels.

But I later ran out of the relationship.

I thought about the fact that 30 years of age was knocking strongly at my door. 30 years without a reasonable suitor.

I cried on my 30th birthday. I begged God to at least remember me for good. Most of my mates were married. My younger sisters were married.

But you know what, all things work together for good to them that Love God.

I will continue later

Oh, that reminds me, I told you I saw something. What did I see?

Watch out in part 12.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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