Sleep with me episode 10


PART 10.

I decided to undergo a therapy. The therapy lasted for 6 months.

The therapy helped me to move past the trauma I had. It really helped me to reclaim my sexual health. It affected my life in general.

My husband noticed positive changes in me and he was very happy I went for the therapy.

Nike, I am really sorry for the great loss. I pray May God confort you and her family.

It’s quite unfortunate that she died just like that without tracing her steps back to God.

That’s why I usually tell people to be careful when seeking jobs. Looking for short cuts will surely cut a man short.

A job seeker must be very careful and wise inorder not to fall into the hands of the wicked.

Nike, some weeks ago, I heard about a lady who was used for rituals.

Of a truth, she was desperately looking for job. She saw an advert, and decided to take it up. She called the number. In one word, she thought it was an organisation, but๐Ÿ‘‡

She fell into the hands of ritualist. The people who called her were ritualist. They planned everything so well and without wasting time, they killed her. Her sensitive parts were removed.

“Ahhh!, may God save us” I screamed.


“Bimpe, how did you get this job?” I asked.

“I submitted my application letter to this organisation, and after few weeks, I was shortlisted. I spoke to God in prayers to work thing out well for me, and God did”.She replied.

Nike, I had been praying to God for long, but God decided to answer me at His own appointed time. I got the job after 6 months of leaving my previous work.

Nike, God is not too late for any man. Whatever God says shall surely come to pass. Though it may tarry, it will surely be fulfilled.

Remember, when Lazarus in the Bible was four days gone, hopeless, written off, God still came through for him. He brought hope to the hopeless situation. People thought it was to late for miracle to happen, but they were proven wrong.

Dear, God is not too late in your case. Just don’t lose hope in God. God is the only one that can solve your problem. And, He can never give up on you.

When I got home that night, I kept on ruminating on what Bimpe told me.

Trusting God is the only best option for anyone who wants to live long in life. And it is only a patient person that can really wait on God.

Impatience has led many to their untimely death.

I was still lost in thought when something caught my attention.

To be continued.

ยฉ๏ธOjo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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