Sleep with me episode 12


PART 12.

As I was busy chasing cockroaches, one of the cockroaches dragged me out. It crawled outside and I followed.

As I got out, from afar off, I saw a pretty young lady (who happened to be someone well known to me) kneeling down, and begging a guy.

I didn’t know her offence, so I thought it was maybe because she really did something wrong not until I decided to pretend as if I wanted to get something where she was.

She was insensitive. She didn’t know my intention.

“Femi, please don’t leave me alone. I really love you so much but I cannot sleep with you” the young lady said.

Within me, I was vexed. “How could she be begging a man that wanted to take away her dignity? What a shame on her!” I thought within myself.

You know what?

The boyfriend’s response pissed me off. I felt like slapping him.

He told the young lady that the only thing she could ever do to prove her love for him was to sleep with him else, nothing like relationship again.

I knew the lady was in between two options.

“I’ve gotten what I needed” I said to myself.

I retired to my apartment.

The following day, I sang a song so loud and intentional just for my beautiful lady to hear.

“Aunty this is old school song.” she blurted out.

To cut the story short, my pretty lady later got pregnant for Femi.

And to be sincere with you, her life is nothing to write home about now. She automatically left school because of belle. Her parents threw her out,. They were so disappointed in her.

Funny enough, Femi dumped her. She gave birth to a daughter without a fatherly love.

In order to cater for her needs and that of her daughter, she ventured into selling sachet water.

Well, I know that is not the end for her. But if only she hadn’t defiled herself, if only she hadn’t slept with Femi, the issue of pregnancy would had been averted. Now, the child is seems to be a very big burden to her.

Her dreams were truncated.

It can only take God to mould her broken pieces. Yes, that’s what God does. Dear reader, no matter how broken or shattered your life may be right now, God is still in the business of mending broken lives. He can make something new out of you. Just allow God to do His work.

This pretty young lady has attempted suicide times without number.

All those unnecessary headaches would have been averted if only she stood her ground.


Ladies, if a man tells you he loves you and yet after your skirt, let it sink deep down in you that he is your greatest enemy.

Enough of children who lack parental care. Enough of babies being thrown into the gutter.

If you know you have a future to protect, don’t play with any thing that can destroy your future.

If you know you are not ready to be a father, why are you then impregnating a lady?

If you know you are not ready to be a mother, why then are you opening your legs for that guy?

Stop it!

Ladies, stop it!

Guys, stop it!

Don’t taste it when you know you are not ready for it.

Even if a man cries out blood, trying to persuade you to show how much you love him by sleeping with him, then know that there is fire on the mountain.

God forbids fornication. God frowns at adultery.

So keep yourself.

The man or woman who will love and accept you will come your way.

So back to my story.

Remember I said when I was 30, there was no man to call my own.

Yes, I cried my eyes out. I thought I was truly under a spell. Not knowing that God has something in plan for me.

Well, beloved, you may not see answers to your prayers, cries now, but be rest assured that God hears them all. He sees your tears. He sees your heart cries.

He sees everything. And he will surely come to your aid. He will not leave you like that to perish if truly you are trusting Him.

Please, I beseech you dear reader, don’t give up on God. Don’t stop serving God because of problems, because, your answer is coming soon. It is around the corner. Wait for it!

I got married at the age of 31 to my wonderful husband.

How did we meet?

Watch out in part 13.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.

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