Nadia episode 9&10

Episode 9

It was a good exam, Nadia and Ruth came home full of smiles, there is no doubt they will get admission Ruth said excitedly to Nadia. When they got home, they were very tired, Ruth hurried to mama’s place to see if any if the goodies was left for them, and just as she had expected, mama had set aside their own flask of food which Ruth gladly took from her. She was happy about the food but was not too happy because she didnt see Frank, she chatted with mama for a while before leaving. Nadia heaved a big sigh of relief when Ruth returned with the flask of food hunger was destroying her, she pounced on the food and ate until she was filled. Only then did she ask about the party. She jumped on her bed and in no distance she was snoring n Wonder land.

Ruth could not contain her joy as she waved the result sheet at mama. She and Nadia had passed and have been given admission in the university of Benin. Mama was so happy for them that she decided to cook that night, it was a happy occasion. At first Nadia was very worried how they will cope, but after a little words of encouragement from Ruth, she was fine. After the whole enjoyment they went to bed.
Preparations for school begun, Nadia and Ruth have employed a total of 13 girls, who รฑow work for them, they no longer went for hawking. They soon resumed school and stared their registrations, they had both decided that they would go to school from home, there was no point of looking for another accommodation when they already had a house right there in Benin. Nadia was admitted to study MEDICINE AND SUGERY, while RUTH was to become a lawyer. At first it was easy for them because they did almost the same courses but for few, but when they for to their second year in the university things changed, Nadia and Ruth were separated. They now had their lectures separately. They couldn’t even leave the house at the same time anymore and most times, they end up late for their classes but thank God they made a new friend Vic.

Vic was in same department with Ruth, and she lived in one of the private hostels around the school. Vic’s parents were rich and being the only child they spoil her with everything she needed. Unlike Nadia and Ruth she didnt have to struggle for anything, but despite all of this she was a good student, she didn’t allow her parents money to get to her head. She lived in a room and a parlour, her parents had everything well furnished and arranged for her. When she suggested to Ruth and Nadia to come stay with her they didn’t accept, but seeing the turn out of things and the early morning classes which they needed to always be part of they had no choice than to agree with Vic. They didnt agree to move in with her but agreed to pass the night whenever they had am early morning class.

Mama was not happy because she had grown so fond of the girls but she was glad they didn’t move out completely. Over the Years she has encouraged Frank’s wishes to pursue a relationship with Ruth, but frank had told her that he wants the girls to get to 300level or even final year before making his intentions known to them.

One day after their lectures, Nadia had told Ruth to get her bags so they could go home,and Ruth reminded her that she had an early morning class the next day and suggested that they pass the night at Vic’s like they normally do. ”My classes are not that early and besides you don’t have any classes tomorrow, so let’s go home don’t worry about me, my class I’d by 8.30am.” But Ruth kept insisting that 8.30 was early enough. ”Nadia please let’s stay over at Vic’s tonight, I know I don’t have any classes tomorrow but you do and instead of wasting that transport tomorrow, let’s pass the night please.” Nadia looked at Ruth again, she doesn’t understand why Ruth was acting up. ”Ruth is it that you have a hidden agenda that you don’t want me to know of?” Nadia asked” how can you say that Nadia, the truth is I don’t just feel like going home today, besides I already told mama we are not coming back so she is not expecting us. Nadia please, you know I have never asked of anything from you like this, please let’s just stay the night pleaseeeeeee” and I don’t feel like staying here tonight Nadia replied, my spirit wants me to go home, I know its because of that telenovela that you want to watch that’s why you are acting like this but please let’s just go home already, please Ruth let’s go please! Vic who was quiet all through at this point joined in the discussion and both her and Ruth started pleasing with Nadia to stay just for the night. After much pleadings from Ruth and Vic, she reluctantly agreed to stay. Ruth was happy, it was the telenovela on zeeworld that really made her want to stay.

Even though Nadia stayed she was not happy and despite all the girls attempt to cheer her up she remained moody, she couldn’t explain why she was dull either. After chatting for a while the girls went to bed.

It was the loud noise on the door that woke the girls up. Four fearful looking guys with long gums were in the room with them. ”Bring out all your money they ordered, please sir, please we don’t have any money Ruth cried out, a dirty slap on her face sent her slumping like a bag of rice on the ground, shut up there, small rat, bring out all the money now or we fire you down. Vic quickly got up and emptied all her bags giving them all she had, including her two expensive phones her parents got for her from their last trip to canada. Even though the room was dark Nadia could feel them smiling, they soon dragged her up and requested for her phones and money, she told them she didnt have any money, that she is just a visitor and this was not her house, the one who looked like their leader then asked her to kneel down and she did, then he saw the necklace on her neck and pulled it off. Nadia started crying and begging them not to take the necklace from her, it was the only gift she has from her late mother, the man who got angry on hearing that slapped her and pushed her down shouting and causing, ”na your mama first die? My mama die when I be three years and she nor leave anything for me, you day here day talk if I hear your voice again I blast you. Then they turned around to leave and then they stopped again when one of them said, ”boss this two girls nor give us anything o, make we leave them like that? The leader stopped like he was thinking for a while before he answered and said devour them! But leave the fresh fine one for me, na me get that one, he was pointing at Nadia,and that was how each of them took turns with Ruth and Vic and the leader who seemed like he has been in the business for long pounced on Nadia,tearing her clothes, scratching and pinching her all over, Nadia was crying for help but non came, when he was finally done he stood up and ordered his boys to leave, he didn’t know that the girls were all virgins, he looked in confusion and regret before picking up the neck chain and running out of the house. Vic, Ruth and Nadia cries and wept bitterly, the three of them had just been raped…….

Episode 10

Nadia, Vic and Ruth had been raped, the girls laid still for sometime before Vic managed to get up, she went over to her neighbour and borrowed their phone with which she called her parents, they quickly came over to school and picked her home. Nadia was furious, she was angry. If inky Ruth had listened to her this wouldn’t have happened, she picked up herself and the pieces of her thorn clothes she turned and looked at Ruth who was still wailing on the floor, and without saying a word she picked her bags and left the house.

So many thoughts were in her head, she was weeping inside of her. She had lost her virginity in the most wicked of ways, her mom had died and left her to this wicked world. The only thing her mom had given to her, her good luck chain had been collected from her. Life was worth nothing to her, what kind of life was she living?

All this was Ruth’s fault, if Ruth had followed her home this calamity wouldn’t have fallen on them, she cried even more when she remembered her mother’s dying words to always listen to her heart, to always have a second thought on everything, her mom had promised her that she would always be with her, God had promised her that He would always be with her, but now where were they when she was been beaten and raped by a minster, where was her mom and where was God? She had left Ruth in that house not minding to know if she was okay or not.

But how can Ruth be okay? Ruth was crying and lamenting, saying if she had known she would have followed Nadia, ”see what telenovela has done to me oooo” she cried, why didnt I listen to my sister, why didnt I go home? How do I face my sister now? My pride is done, my sister is gone, what do I do now? Where do I go now? All the efforts from the neighbours to calm her down failed. She was shouting and wailing and suddenly she stopped crying and started running until she disappeared from sight.

Meanwhile Vic’s parent had carried her straight from the hostel back to abuja their home town. She was taken straight to the hospital and her dad had ordered that she be given the best medical attention requires. Ruth was his only child and he couldn’t afford anything bad to happen to her. He had made a call to the commissioner of police to track down those boys and make sure they are caught and dealt with for daring to raise their filthy hands on his daughter. He would deal mercilessly with them.

Nadia was so lost in thoughts that she didnt see the vehicle coming, before she noticed it, it was too late, the car threw her from the road and she fell and hit her head on the electric pole that was just by the tarred road. She tasted the blood rush from her head in her tongue, she could see the vehicle driving away, she could hear faintly the voices of people causing at the vehicle, and she could see some persons in shadow form wailing, some were lifting their hands on their heads, others were running around her in circles, slowly the while thing faded away and she soon lost consciousness.

To be continued!

Whose fault is all of this?
Written and composed by Excelrhymez

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