Nadia episode 13&14


Episode 13

She felt no pain, she felt an inner peace, she couldn’t explain it, but somehow she liked it, she was walking towards a bright light, so bright and beautiful, she couldn’t wait to step into the light, the magnetic force that pulled her towards the light was so strong. And somehow she enjoyed the pull, she didnt want to turn back. She just wanted to get to it and so she started running towards the light she didnt want to be stopped.

Suddenly, she saw her, looking so beautiful, dressed in all white, she had come out from inside the light, just as Nadia was about to step in, she was looking peaceful and sad at the same time, ”mother she shouted as she ran to hug her, but she pulled away, Nadia tried again and the more she tried to hug her, the more she pulled away. ”Mother why are you pulling away from me, I have missed you so much and now that I’ve seen you let me hug you at least, she tried again and she pulled away one more time. ”Mother, I don’t understand, didnt you miss me? Why dont you want to hug me?”

Nadia, my child, you don’t belong here, you have to go back, destinies are tied to you and without you they won’t be fulfilled, you haven’t even began your journey in life, so you have to ho back. You must fulfill your destiny. ”But mother, I don’t want to go back, I am happy here, I love it here, I want to be with you, please mother don’t send me away, let me stay here with you, we’ve been apart for too long, I don’t want to be separated from you anymore.

Nadi, my beloved, you have to go back, this is not the time for us to be together, when that time comes nobody will stop you, but for now please go back my child. ”Mother , Nadia continued, the road is rough, I have been violated and disgraced, I have suffered all alone, I have been used and abused severally please I don’t want to go back……
Nadia my child, this time it was not her moms voice, she turned and she saw her father, smiling at her, she ran to him with tears in her eyes, but he signalled her to stop. Oh my beautiful daughter, see how big you’ve become, your mom and I are so proud of the woman you have become. You are a very strong woman and we are very happy that you are our child, but you have to listen to tour mother, you have to go back, your destiny is tied to others and without you Thiers won’t be fulfilled. Please my child go back.

Father, mother, Nadia cried, I am so tired, I am so weak, I can’t go back, I don’t want to go back. Those wicked men locked me up and I can’t get out, this is the first time I am truly free, please don’t send me away. I don’t want to go back. Don’t you love me anymore?/why are you pushing me away. This place is so beautiful and peaceful and we can all live here in peace. As one big and happy family, please don’t send me back. I have nothing to go back to, nobody wants me there please mother, please father, let me stay with you, am so tired please.

Nadia my child, it was her mother this time, your father and I love you so much and we are here watching over you. Please go back. Your sister needs you, she is broken without you, she will not be complete without you and she will be miserable without you, for her sake go back, please my child. When Nadia heard that Ruth is miserable she got up and made up her mind to return. ”But I am still locked up in that room, I can’t get out, I don’t have the strength, and even if I do, I can’t fight the four of them, how do I get to my sister? Her father looked at her and smiled and said. ”You are stronger than you know my child, obstacles are still on your way but as long as you have faith and remain strong you will overcome” she looked at her mom one more time and the mom told her as long as you hold that chain with you, you will always prevail. Go my child! For my sisters sake I will go, I love you mom, I love you dad, as Nadia said those words she opened her eyes. And she was still in the room, her head was Still aching, so it was all a dream, it felt so real, but it was just a dream. She looked at her hands and saw that the chain was still with her, she managed to stand up and his the chain carefully on her pocket. She remembered her dads words to her..”you are stronger than you know” then she stood up and for the first time she looked around the room to see if there was anything she could use and try to escape.

All this while Nadia never realized that the glass louvers to the room was not even strong, but tonight its like she could see clearer than before. Gently she began removing the louver one by one, she didnt mind that they were cutting her hand, she must leave this place tonight and that was all that matters to her. If she is caught she will definitely be killed, she began removing them as fast as she could and suddenly she heard the footsteps walking towards the door, the white touch was pointing fully on the door. She can’t pretend to be asleep now because she had already removed much of the louver on the ground, and she can’t climb out either because she still have to remove at least three more louvers to be able to pass through without raising any sound, and there was no enough time to remove those three louvers because the person coming was already at the door……

What should Nadia do?
What will happen to her now?

Episode 14

Nadia paused and stared at the door, she prayed silently for a miracle because she knew there was no way she could fight whoever it was that was coming, then she heard someone calling, ”wey you, why you day go meet that girl, leave am she go don faint again na. ” the guy who was already opening the door with his key answered , ” I just won check am.””my friend leave that girl make she sleep, at least you don chop her already this night, leave her for today abeg”, then Nadia heard him lock the door, take off the key and left. She heaved a sigh of relief as she quickly removed the remaining three louvers slowly she climbed outside of the window, making sure not to make any noise, she looked from left to right before walking into the dark night.

Nadia walked deep into the night, falling and standing along the way. She was very weak but she was determined to go far away, she wandered deep into the bushes not knowing when she will hit the roads. It was so dark that she does not even know the direction she was heading to, she was very tires but kept on moving, when she felt she had given the house some distance, she decided to sit down and rest for a while. She said a short prayer and slept off, resting her back in the big tree that was there in the forest.


Its already a month since Nadia disappeared, Ruth had stopped going to school, she had gone mute since Nadia disappeared, she has refused to eat anything, she has refused to talk to anybody, she sits all day staring in the air, talking to herself and crying. Frank has called different doctors to check on her yet the story remains that nothing was wrong with her, yet daily she keeps depreciating and getting worse. Mama and frank had resolved that they would take her to a psychiatric hospital if she does not improve within the week. Frank had not stopped searching for Nadia , for the sake of his mom and Ruth whom he had taken great interest on.

Meanwhile the guys have discovered that Nadia has already escaped and were seriously searching the bushes for her. They had decided that they will kill and bury her immediately she is found, they couldn’t afford to risk their safety anymore.
It was nearly dawn though the sky was still dark, but you could manage to see a little bit, Nadia was still sleeping, it was the sharp pains on her leg that woke her up. She jumped up to see the big snake crawling away, she cried out in so much pain. Luckily her mom had taught her what to do in such situations and she had also shows her some herbs to use if she encountered such and luckily the herbs was just around, she quickly tore a piece of her cloth and tied the legs she looked around and saw the herbs she plucked it, squeezed out the juice and applied it quickly to the leg, then she heard voices and saw the torchlights, she quickly understood that they were searching for, she couldn’t run anymore because her legs and so she gradually hooked forward, gathering all the little strength left in her. She can’t afford to be caught right now. She hopped very far away from them, then she started hearing the sound of a working generator, she knew a house was nearby and so she jumped very fast following the sound of the generator.

In no time, she got to the door post, and she hit the door with the little strength she had, she shouted and cried for help, the kidnappers were still coming and soon they will see her, she could see them very well, she hit the door once more and in no time the door opened. ”Help me, help me please” Nadia cried out and she collapsed in his open hands, she opened her eyes slowly and looked him in his eyes, ”Frank” she called out then shut them back…
Stanley, dragged her into his small apartment, he looked around and saw no one, then he went back inside. Just then the mean guys came out from the bush. They saw no trace of Nadia, they didnt no where she entered.”oh God , I tell you say make we waste that girl since, you nor geee, now see, if that girl report us we don finish o” make we go back inside I sure say she still day d Bush, she nor fit disappear na, make we go, then they turned and went inside the bush looking for Nadia!

To be continued!
What next?
Written and composed by Excelrhymez

Sorry for all the typographic error. No time to be editing before posting.

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