Nadia episode 23&24


Episode 23

Stanley saw as Dagger flew pass the window and so he quickly ran after him chasing and shouting thief thief, as Stanley drew closer to Dagger, Dagger drew out his gun and fired at Stanley , who fell down on the floor. When frank saw his brother on the ground, his eyes were wide open, he quickly grabbed a gun from the police man standing by him and fired at Dagger, the bullet hit Dagger on his waist, and he fell down, the other boys who had surrendered before, quickly pulled out their guns and made attempts to run and also fire at the police men. The whole place became rowdy as it became a war zone, bullets were flying in the air as the gunfire between the boys and the police men increased. Passersby were running to safety, the owner of the shop couldn’t believe what was going on. She laid faced ground in the shop.

Ruth ran to check on Stanley who was lying in his pool of blood motionless, she was already crying as she held and shook him all over.
The policemen were prepared for this, it was like they expected such to happen, so they were prepared. They were not going to let the boys escape. And so they chased after them, shooting and running, determined to catch them. Finally they gunned down the remaining three of the boys. Two died on the spot, and one was injured badly on the head. He was taken to the hospital in handcuffs.

Dagger was also taken to the hospital in cuffs after being made to confess to all of his crimes. Ruth didnt even have the time to go and look at the criminals. She was all about taking Stanley to the hospital. Frank brought his car and they carried Stanley and drove off to the hospital.

The news that the boys have been caught had already gone round the area, that even mama and Nadia heard it, they also heard that one of the twins have been shot and is in the hospital. Nadia who was already 8months gone carried her big belly along side mama took the nearest short cut they know and went straight to the hospital.

Fear was written all over Nadia, she didnt want to hear that anything happened to any of the boys who have sacrificed so much for her. When they entered, they saw Ruth and Frank talking with some policemen, they saw the doctor walked up to them and so mama and Ruth hurried towards them. And the next thing they heard from the doctor was ”WE LOST HIM”, NADIA fainted.

Episode 24

Mr Ojo: Dear am very sorry, please forgive me, I didnt mean to hurt you like this please forgive me!
He sobbed as he held her hands on the bed, her neck and legs bandaged heavily and a drip was connected in her hand..

Mrs Ojo: you wanted to kill me, that’s why you did what you did…

Mr Ojo: How can you say that? How can I kill you, you are my wife and even though we fight and quarrel I still love you very much, please forgive me please!

Mrs Ojo: you threw a knife at me, you wanted to kill me na, if that knife had pierced my heart I would be dead by now and you will take another wife isn’t it?

Mr Ojo: no na, how can I kill you, please stop talking like that.

Mrs Ojo: look at me now, just look at me, the doctor said the knife has damaged my spinal cord and for that I won’t be able to use my legs again. I will be placed on a wheelchair, all because of you. You caused it. Its your fault!

Mr Ojo: am sorry. Am so sorry! Mr Ojo kept on sobbing….
Mrs Ojo: How did we get here, we used to be so much in love, we used to be happy, with our kids, we used to work together, how did we get here?

Mr Ojo: honestly dear, I do not know ……

Mrs Ojo: do you think its karma? Do you think we are paying for all we did to Queen and her daughter?

Mr Ojo: it may be, but isn’t this punishment too much for just sending them away and taking thier properties? We have lost our threw beloved children and we’ve lost all we have isn’t it too much?

Mrs Ojo was silent for a while before talking, dear I have a confession to make! ”What is it”? he asked, she paused for a while before continuing.

”Its Ruth” she finally said, ”what about Ruth”? Mr Ojo asked
Mrs Ruth: she is Queen’s real daughter,she went ahead to narrate all that happened 19 years ago to her husband. Mr Ojo’s mouth was wide opened as he listened to his wife. He was not aware this evil done by his wife, but all the same they are in it together.

Mr Ojo: wow! You really did a lot and I believe its karma indeed, so what do we do now
Mrs Ojo: we need to find them and ask for thier forgiveness, if not we can never have peace.

Mr Ojo: find them? Its over 19years now, how on earth do think we can find them.

Mrs Ojo, I honestly do not know!
They both sat down and discussed for a while befor deciding what else to do!

To be continued

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