Nadia episode 27


Episode 27
Season Finale

Mrs Ojo narrated everything from start to finish on how badly she treated Queen, stole her daughter and how fate brought that same daughter back for her to care for, and how she maltreated that same daughter and sent her away and how finally karma caught up with her, by the end of her story the girls had cried a river, she and her husband begged for their forgiveness, Nadia didnt want to forgive them but then she remembered when her mother told her that the people who wronged her will come back and ask for her forgiveness, after thinking for a while, the girls forgave the Ojos, they all hugged and went home together.

Nadia and Ruth focused on their exams, while Stanley and Frank walked hard to make sure the girls never ever have to work again. The Ojos had reconciled and they came visiting the girls regularly and not long, Mrs Ojo got pregnant again and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! The girls were so happy to get a little cousin. It wasn’t long before they graduated. Nadia became a certified Medical Doctor and Ruth a lawyer. Stanley and Ruth were there to pick them up from school on that day to the little party that they have organised for them. It was during the party that Stanley and Frank proposed to the girls, when they finally said yes mama broke into a funny dance step that made everybody laugh.
The joy on Mr Ojo’s face as he held the girls when they walked the aisle is indescribable. Nadia and Ruth were thankful that not anyone held them on their wedding day, but their biological uncle.

It was their one year wedding anniversary, Ruth has already given birth to two boys and Nadia was heavily pregnant, Mr and Mrs Ojo with mama were in the big sitting room with Mrs Ojo also pregnant for her second child, they were all busy with the twin babies when Frank and Stanley came in, they asked mama to look after the boys that they needed to show their wives something. Ruth and Nadia wondered what the surprise was that their husbands had for them, Stanley even surprised them more by tieing a cloth on their faces, they helped the girls into the car and drove off. Ruth asked Nadia if she had an idea where they were going and Nadia responded that she didnt. Finally they got there, and the boys removed the cloth used to cover their eyes.

It was a beautiful compound, well fenced with a big beautiful gate, Nadia and Ruth didnt know what was going on, they didnt understand what their husbands were up to.

Nadia: whose place is this?
Frank brought out the keys and thew it at the girls.
Frank: its yours, Nadia and Ruth this is your house. Stan and I bought it for you girls.
Slowly Nadia began to remember the place, it was the same uncompleted building that she and her mom used to stay, where her mom had died and where she had buried her, she ran to the back of the building where she had buried her mom, and there it was, a beautiful tomb had been constructed on top of the grave, with a head stone. ”In loving memory of our mother MRS QUEEN OKORO” Nadia’s eyes filled with tears, she ran and hugged her husband so tight and then her brother in-law, Ruth held on to her husband, the girls could not hold back their tears, she held Ruth and they stood before the grave, ”mother, your girls are here, finally we are here, the sun has shined on your girls, thank you mother for not leaving us, for been here with us all this while, thank you mother” then Ruth started, ”mother I wish I met you, I know you loved me and i know you led me to my sister, thank you mother, thank you. Then Nadia brought out the neck chain and gave it to Ruth and said mother your little girl should have this now right, so she always know that you are with her, the girls cried for sometime before moving inside the house. Stanley had chosen the room where Nadia had helped him remove the bullet from his hand as their room. And just as they were about stepping into the house her water broke. They quickly helped her inside the car and drove to the hospital. Stanley called mama and the Ojos to come with the twins.

45mins later, Nadia gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, as she held her baby in her hands she couldn’t contain her joy! Welcome my child she said amidst tears. ”You shall be called Queen!” And they all laughed and thank God for safe delivery. Nadia and Ruth were the happiest, they held hands as they both sang the song ”weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”


Please let’s give the writer kudos. May God continue to enrich and increase her knowledge.

Now let’s share what we learnt from that story.

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