Nadia episode 6

Episode 6

It didnt take them time to adjust to their new environment. Everybody loved the two girls for they were very hardworking and they were dedicated to their jobs. Nadia has formed the habit of helping the sick old woman they met the first day they came looking for a house. In the mornings, she would go to her room and help her fetch water, she will also help her clean her house and even watch some clothes before going out with Ruth to the market. On this faithful day she met mama in the room very smart and lively, she was surprised to see that mama had by herself managed to sweep and she was singing and trying to prepare some food…”mama, Nadia called, you look very happy and excited today, do you mind sharing the food news?” Nadia my daughter she replies its nothing o, its just that my son is visiting today and so I am very happy.”

Son? Nadia asked surprised, yes dear she replied, my son stays at the other side of town, he works over there and he has called me and told me he will be coming to see me today and that is why I decided to cook for him, you see she said coming closer to Nadia, my son even in this my state still considers my food the best, he won’t have it that I didn’t make his favourite when he comes and that is why I am doing all of this. ”I see Nadia replied. So what are you preparing,it smells nice Nadia said trying to spy at the pot. Oh! Mama replied, am trying to make orfu soup. My son loves it a lot. Wow Nadia exclaimed. It must be really special, yes o mama replied , its one of a kind.okay then mama, I will be on my way, hope I will see your son when I return. Sure, mama said, he will be here for the weekend. Okay then Nadia replied, stepping outside. O will see you when I return. ‘Okay my daughter may it be well with you, mama replied. Amen mama Nadia replied as she beckons on Ruth to join her, and not long they left for the market.

Business was good as usual for Nadia and Ruth, they returned early and after a quick bath decided to check on mama and her son before going to bed. Mama was expecting them for as soon as they knocked the door was flunged open. With a wide smoke in her face she asked how their day was and they responded with a big smile also showing they their day went smooth. Nadia asked mama about her day while Ruth was busy looking for a plate for mama to dish some soup for her. They all burst out laughing when Ruth interrupted their discussion with ”mama see the plate”…”habba Ruth, did mama ask you to bring any plates, long throat will not kill you o” mama laughed very loud before telling Nadia that she’s always happy when she serves food for people and she feels fulfilled when people enjoy her meal, she went and dished some soup for the girls, Ruth collected the plates from her excitedly, Nadia was about asking mama about her son when he stepped in, tall and handsome with a fine skin, the girls quickly adjusted their sitting positions seeing a man step into the house, mama was quick with the introduction.

”Girls, this is Frank my son, turning to Nadia she quickly added I told you about him this morning remember? ” yes ma you did Nadia replied looking at him from head to toe, mama continued, Frank this is Nadia and Ruth, the two sisters living at the last apartment, they moved in three months ago.” Frank smiled as he stretched his hands for a handshake with the girls. How do you do? He asked, how do you do they replied….”did you get the cards you went for? Mama asks this son, yes I did he replied as he stepped further inside the house taking a seat behind his mom.Nadia and Ruth stood up to go to their own rooms and thanking mama for the food. ”I hope am not the one chasing you girls away frank asked, no not at all Nadia responded , we just came back and we really need to rest awaiting tomorrow Ruth added. Okay then see you tomorrow he said. And they bid each other good night.

When they left, Nadia was not comfortable, she kept on saying she has met Frank before but cannot remember where or when, maybe in your dreams Ruth teased her, Nadia stared at her but said nothing, she was sure that frank looked very familiar but she was not sure where or how she met him, after some time she let the thought slide away, they soon started chatting about something else and not long they both slept off.

The next morning, they got things up and tunning as usual, but Nadia didnt go to mamas place today, instead Ruth went to help mama with the normal chores that they’ve assigned themselves since they came to the compound. Nadia didnt understand but she just didn’t feel comfortable with Frank. Her spirit had rejected him, and as much as she tried to force herself to understand why, the more she felt the urge to stay away from him, she remembered her mothers words to her to always have a second thought on anything before making a decision , she has thought about getting along with Frank so many times and her spirit has always rejected the idea so she decided not to press any further. Ruth was getting well with him and that was okay. Nadia was praying for Monday morning to come already so that he will just leave them in peace.

Meanwhile that evening Frank had a long discussion with Ruth, and Ruth found out that he was very funny and nice and fun to be with. He told Ruth he was surprised that everyone was calling his mom mama, he told her that his mom was not that old and she was in her early 50’s and that it was because of long suffering and sickness that made her look like she’s 70. He also told her that he has noticed that Nadia does not really like him, ”however its okay, I get that a lot from so many people” he concluded. Ruth felt sorry for him and mama as she listened to him. She soon realized that the young man loved his mom so much and can do anything for her, she found herself do drawn to him, when she got home that night she told Nadia all she discussed with Frank, she also told her that frank was 25years old. Nadia could see that Ruth really likes frank. Then she told Nadia that Frank knows that she does not like him too much, ”I have noticed it too Nadi, why is that, why don’t you like him, do you know him before?” Nadia didnt know what answer to hive Ruth. ”Honestly Ruth I can’t tell why but I don’t just feel drawn to him, my spirit does not want me close to him and I don’t know why, I don’t have any reason for I cant even explain it. I don’t know him before, though I feel like I do. His face really looks familiar but I don’t know I can’t place it. Anyways, Ruth said, he is a very nice and funny person, once you get to know him I know you will like him she said smiling. I hope so too Nadia said.

The next day was Monday and frank was leaving his mother that day, Ruth had gone there to bid him good bye, Nadia had also gone there to wish him goodbye but quickly left them with the excuse of going to the toilet. She came home and sat down to wait for Ruth. She decided to collect a passport from her bag because she had earlier agreed with Ruth that they were going to the bank today to open an account instead of the daily collector they did before. She doesn’t want a repeat of what happened before. So while waiting for Ruth she decided to pick the things she needed for the account opening, while searching for her passport something fell from the bag, she picked it up and it was that ID card, when she saw the picture she shouted yes! I knew it, I said it, its him, this is the same boy that came over to the building that night. This is that armed robber, I said it, no wonder my spirit rejected him, its him, its him. I knew there was a reason my spirit rejected him, this is it, its him this is that thief. Mamas son was that thief. Nadia sat down confused, she didnt know if she should report to mama, or tell Ruth. ”What do I do”? She asked the empty room

To be continued!
Should Nadia tell mama or Ruth?

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