My wicked father Episode 9


Episode 9

I immediately departed the station when my father alighted from the car and went inside the station to be interrogated, .

Oh, all this while, I never told Mike’s mother what’s going on”

So I gave her a call, but she was not picking, I continued calling till she later picked

Hello mama,

hello, hello,hello,

Oh, I sigh.

The old woman had put the phone on hold,

After calling again for like two times,
She picked, but network didn’t allowed us to have a clear conversation,

mama where are you? I managed to asked.

I want to come and see you, please give me a direction, I said.

Ok when you Reach Atamu village, stop by the primary school and call me,I will come and carry you, she replied,

How’s mike, she asked,

I feigned to not hearing, so I cut the call without answering.

I was happy when the driver said he’s familiar with the village,

Let’s go, I said and we moved.

Though I really pity this driver, because he seems hungry,

Anyway when we get to mama house, I would look for food so we would eat, I reasoned.


As we were going, his phone rang .

“Oh, my wife.” He said,

Before he could even say anything,

The wife had quickly embarrassed him ,

Hello, how are you doing? She enquired,

Do I still speak English ? She said

I dey ask, “Wey you dey?

Infact wait, Yesterday you carry your girlfriend come house, e no do you abi?

This morning you don early again carry am go hotel to go do nonsense,

because sey una no get chance for house to have s*x, you be useless man, and na God go punish you.

Make I stay hungry you hear?

As you dey go, go buy your own chop,
Cus na you pikin dey s**k..

I don’t blame you, I only blame myself for being so low to open my legs give a common taxi man wey no get any future, idiot. She ended the call.

the cab driver turned to face me, to notice if I have heard anything,

I nodded,

“I’m really sorry about that.” I said,

Were you two having problem? I asked.

My sister, we no get problem o, he answered,

The worst thing that can happen to a man, in my opinion, is to marry a wrong woman.

Are women really this rude? I query

Haba, is it because I didn’t grow up under my mother’s supervision ,

so I can tell if she was typically impolite to that evil father of mine? I reasoned.

And thus her own is approaching with obscene language and a curse; God will assist men, I thought.

Until we arrived in the village, we continued to talk about his wife’s situation.

Though I asked him to overlook everything and be as a man.

Mama was overjoyed to see me in the village, and probably assumed I had wonderful news to share.

How is Michael? She excitedly enquired,

I pretended not to hear her,

What did you eat, Mama? I queried.

“Nothing as of yet, my Daughter.” She said.

, “Okay, I said,

mama, we need to eat first, Michael is fine.

Okay, she responded.

After we finished eating,.

I told her everything that happened,

The elderly woman immediately passed out,

And after many hours of pouring water on her,
She finally woke up, and began to sobbed furiously.

Who will bury me now that my only child is dead? She asked.

We wept nonstop until virtually everyone in the neighborhood joined us in our grief.

I was unable to contain my tears and sobbed.

After a while, I informed them that the situation had been reported to the police and that it will shortly be brought before the court,

which I am unable to hire a lawyer.

And God so gracious that one of the uncle, Who is a lawyer, took on the case,

And swore that justice must prevail.

To be continue….

Written by V.I.C

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