My wicked father Episode 4


Episode 4

As I was considering how to see Mike, God so kind, he timely came home to give me some food items so I could cook them,

I told him what my father had said. After giving it some thought, he grinned.

Coming for me? As in how? He asked,

I no be person wey person go fit do something o, he concluded.

Mike honestly didn’t believed my father could do him anything, but I know my father,

A father who disowned his only daughter?

Without hesitation, he would undoubtedly k!ll Mike.

I convinced him to act immediately as a result.

But Mike didn’t appear to like my suggestion.

But after much cajoling from me,

It’s all right, he said.

“I would report the complaint to the police, if only it would be recorded in the police crime diary for record purposes, Because I don’t want to arrest your father.

I looked at him with surprised,

Yes, I’m saying the truth, he said

Because the wealthy in this country are the ones favoured by the law, while the underprivileged are ignored.

He continued, honey, are you not aware of the first Law by Joe Abercrombie who stated clearly that,

As he was about to cite some articles when I yelled at him,

Mike, what are you quoting?

You don’t know my father right? I asked with anger on my face.

Please just go to the police right away, I sadly advised, because I know who that wicked man is. I concluded.

Ok ooo, he said.

And reluctantly got to the car, and headed to the police station.

Why won’t my father let me live in peace? I pondered.

Already, he has ruined my happiness.

Mike is the one he now wants to turn his evil eye upon, I rebuked him.

If anything should happen to Mike, I would fight him until my last breath.

I swore.

When he met my mother, he was totally poor,

My mother laid the groundwork for all the fortune he has now.

Though my mum passed away years ago.

But he wasn’t interested in finding out what killed her.

Anytime we want to stand up and do findings, he would stop us.

Though according to the rumors,
He allegedly killed my mother for rituals after he was nominated to run as a local government chairman,

But in the end, he was never elected the local government chairman. What a shame, I cursed him.

I guess the reason why he was trying to prevent us from talking to people,

so that they won’t reveal the awful deed he did.

I grinned, “maybe he thinks I don’t know anything.” Foolish man.

I’m also coming for him, I concluded.

According to mike, he had reported the matter to the police, he asked them not to arrest my father, it should only be for the record purpose.

Why did you do that, I asked with anger after informing me of what he did at the police station.

That evil man should be arrested for threat to life,

Seems you’re joking with your life.

As he was trying to explain to me, I yelled at him and entered inside the house.


I don’t know how my father got to know that the matter had been taken to the police,

So he promptly changed his plans to do something else.

Had it been mike had listened to me, nothing would have happened to us.

As the saying goes, The enemy that will destroy you will not come with a sword
BUT with a smile,

My telephone rang,

I recognized his number,

So I picked immediately,

As usual, I remained silent.

He called me as he usually does, “Mummy,”

But I was surprised who told him that am the one using the phone.

I know you heard me, please, he said.

Please forgive me; I’m willing to hire Mike as my employee and I have accept your relationship with him finally, he said.

Please come back home, he concluded.

We appreciate your offer, but we decline. I said, cutting off the call.

Wicked man. I sigh.

To be continue..

Written by V.I.C

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