My wicked father


Episode 1…

I started my love life very well, therefore , it was my prerogative to select a partner.

And I have chosen one which is Michel Collins .

but my father keeps detecting for me who to love, which I never heed to his advice.

For countless time, he had threatened to disown me,

If I continue to date Poor Mike, as he used to call him.

However, I was not bothered and I was prepared for my father to disown me anytime.

According to a popular belief, love is a story of two individuals who are content to die for one another.

Therefore, I was willing to die rather than letting Mike to go due to poverty or my father’s threat.

Although I don’t know why I had such feelings , but since the bond was so powerful, I assume it’s love.

On the other hand, Mike was more in love with me than anything else.

But I was unaware that my father would one day killed my joy.

After graduating from one of Nigeria’s universities with the aid of his mother,

Michel began working as a cab driver to support himself because there were no jobs available.

He continued to pray, nonetheless, and also submitted his CV to different companies.

When the time is right, I’ll land a job was his every day music.

But he never knew that my father will k!ll him at the verge of his success..

My father was a cruel man who hated the underprivileged.

Despite my pleadings and the fact that he had openings in his company, he refused to employ Michel.

No one has ever achieved success on their own.everyone has been helped by another, ,

Why don’t you help Michel Dad? I asked him.

And have you forgot in a sudden that it was Barr ogaar who brought you to fame, ?

He slapped me and asked me never to say that again.

Honestly, my father is an evil man.

Anyway, that is the irony of life, yet this story’s conclusion will demonstrate just how evil people can be.

Written by V.I.C

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