My wicked father Episode 7


Episode 7

After waiting for several hours, Without seeing Mike,

My heart began to race,

I began to imagined some stupid scenario,,but I came to the conclusion that nothing would happen.

As I was thinking, I remembered the employment given to mike, happiness overshadowed me.

But after a little while, the thought of his whereabouts reappeared strongly.

I was thinking seriously,

Does it mean he had gone to drive a cab? I asked

No, I don’t think so, I answered.

Because he had promised to come back and visit me in other to gist me everything.

Beside, he wasn’t dressed to drive a taxi.

Anyway, I would visit the office so I could put my instincts to rest.


Perhaps God intended to disgrace my father that day for he has committed a lot of atrocity,

Or alternatively, maybe Michael Blood was torturing him,

Because he would have ordered his boys to either carried him to go hide, or, more likely, bur!ed him in a shallow gr@ve like they used to do.

However, until I arrived, he continued keeping him there at the table where they were drinking.


I picked a taxi to Amafoh Estate where my father office is located,

Though it’s a bit far from where we’re staying,

When I arrived, I alighted from the taxi and requested the driver to wait for me, and he consented.

As I entered the building, the outside was quite dry.

Some part of the ground was covered in algae, making it look very intimidating and smelling somewhat dangerous.

Lizards were mating,

though it was quite amusing, and It almost diverted my attention, which I quickly picked up dressing.

Oh, I guess, this wicked man had relocated from here to another place, I thought because the place looks so unmanned.

As I moved forward,I looked at my right side, I saw Michael car been parked.

Orh, he’s still here, I grinned.

I didn’t want that wicked man to see me,

so I wanted to walk back or perhaps waited outside the compound for mike.

But my gut didn’t agree, so I moved cautiously and went to the office.

As I discreetly opened the door to his office, I moved right in.

and looked around the office with my gaze,

I heard a moaning sound coming from the opposite office, this two mumu are making love in the office, I said.

But I was like, where’s mike?

Since there’s no one to answer, I still move around the office,

Until I noticed two class cups and two juices on the table,

I noticed goose pimples on my body, honestly this house is filled with demons, I reasoned.

I almost shouted mike, when I saw someone on the ground,

I shrieked and nearly passed out when I realized it was mike lying on the ground lifelessly.

I controlled myself,

this man don’t need to k!ll two people at the Same time, I said.

And I hurried over to Mike and put my hand inside his collar,

thank God, the hidden camera was still there, so I took it out.

I didn’t realized my shouting had awakened them,

as I was about to leave the office,

My father came out from the office naked and pursued me.

However, I had already hurried to meet the driver who took me to the police station.

Before the police arrived the scene,
Mike was taken away along side his car to an unknown area.

According to my father, he claimed that such thing never occurred in his office.

To be continue

Written by V.I.C

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