Complicated episode 22


Episode 22

As Rufus walked out of the hospital, sudden gunshots rang out, sending him quickly scurrying back into the hospital grounds just as security was locking the gates. Inside, chaos erupted as everyone scrambled to find cover from the gunfire occurring right in front of the hospital. Rufus used the distraction to navigate the wards, wondering how he could locate the woman he was supposed to pray for.

After wandering for a while, he considered leaving before encountering the nurse who had been rude to him earlier. Just then, he heard a woman crying. Approaching a slightly ajar door, he saw two women inside—one crying and the other comforting her, with a body covered by white sheets on the bed. He hesitated, pondering if this was the woman he was meant to pray for when he noticed the rude nurse approaching. Quickly, he slipped into the room to avoid her.

Meanwhile, doctors and nurses had just left Farouk’s ward after declaring him dead. His heart had stopped, and he had been disconnected from the life support, his body covered with a sheet. Farouk’s mother and sister were in the room, holding each other as they cried uncontrollably. Rufus watched from the door, moved by compassion, and without realizing it, he spoke up.

“Can I pray for him?”

The two women were startled to see a stranger in the room.

“Who are you?” Titilope asked.

“I asked if I could pray,” Rufus repeated.

“Please, this is a private moment; kindly leave,” Titilope responded.

Rufus turned to leave, but Mrs. Fernadis stopped him. “Wait, who are you, and how did you get in here?” she asked.

“The Lord sent me here in response to a woman’s prayers for her son’s healing. I don’t know if you are that woman, but I was just moved with compassion,” Rufus explained.

“I am that woman, but you came too late. If you had been here 10 minutes earlier, maybe the story might have been different.”

Feeling a deep sense of regret, Rufus turned and quietly walked out of the room, his heart heavy with the weight of what might have been.

Since the deaths of Chief Akinola and Chief Ayegbajeje, it seemed as if everything had begun to crumble. The prestigious office of the Akintola family caught fire and was reduced to ashes. Meanwhile, Ayebgajeje’s office building suddenly collapsed, resulting in numerous fatalities. Ade had to leave to handle the misfortunes befalling both families. They were advised by their pastor not to return to their family homes until proper prayers could be performed to cleanse and cast out any lingering spells.

Within 24 hours, the two families had lost an immense amount—everything they had sacrificed family happiness for, everything they had sold their souls to achieve, all seemed to be crumbling around them. The media buzzed with news of the deaths of the two chiefs, drawing speculative connections between their deaths and the subsequent disasters befalling their families. Rumours circulated about the source of their wealth, with many suggesting it was ill-gotten.

Questions also arose about the whereabouts of Adetola Ayegbajeje, the CEO of his family’s company. This added to the overwhelming stress the families were facing, but they could hardly afford the time to worry about online speculation. If divine intervention didn’t come soon, they might lose two more members of the families.

For Abike, the possibility of losing more family members was unbearable, especially since Adetola was all she had left. Even the child his wife carried was not his, leaving her clinging to prayer and seeking divine intervention for her son. Meanwhile, Adunni, who had never been to church due to her family’s traditionalist beliefs, was uncertain about what to expect and unsure if Dara would survive. Nonetheless, she found some solace in knowing that at least she would still have Ade.

But that glimmer of hope was extinguished when they received news that Ade had been involved in a fatal car accident. Adunni denied the news instantly, unable to accept the harsh reality. Heartbroken, she wanted to leave immediately to see her son’s body and convince herself of the truth, but the pastor advised against anyone leaving until the force set on destroying their family was fully addressed.

Back at the church, the pastor’s friend arrived, and they began an intense prayer session. They prayed for many hours, and at one point, Ore was so exhausted she had to take a break. As the prayer session continued, the pastor’s friend suddenly halted everyone and revealed that evil spirits, sent from the fraternity, were loitering outside the church, intending to claim Adetola and Darasimi because of their involvement in the taboo.

The pastor asked the congregation to form a protective circle around them while he and Ore’s pastor stood at the threshold of the building, praying fervently. After some time, they returned to the group, and the pastor’s friend laid hands on Adetola and Darasimi, commanding the evil spirits to release them and set them free.

It was Adetola who first regained consciousness; he opened his eyes, confused about his surroundings. Abike rushed to his side and hugged him, weeping profusely. Then Darasimi opened her eyes, and seeing her mother, who was already burdened with grief over Ade’s death and fearful for her daughter’s life, leaped from her seat and ran to embrace her daughter.

Ore, watching from the side, was moved to tears by the scene unfolding before her. She marvelled at the mercy of God, knowing that it was only by divine grace that they had survived. Her heart soared with gratitude for God’s everlasting love and faithfulness that endures through all generations.

It was a deeply emotional moment as they explained everything that had transpired to Adetola and Darasimi. Adetola acknowledged that he had suspected something diabolical was afoot, but he hadn’t realized the full extent of the darkness involved. He then apologized to Ore for his indiscretion with her sister, admitting he had no excuse other than the immense pressure he was under.

Darasimi also knelt before Ore, seeking forgiveness. She confessed that she was consumed with rage and revenge, feeling as though a spirit had possessed her, clouding her judgment and actions. Ore, recognizing the extraordinary circumstances and the manipulative forces at play, forgave them both.

Afterwards, the pastors accompanied them to their respective homes to conduct prayers and cleanse the houses before anyone could return. It was a challenging period for everyone involved, as each family had lost one or two loved ones. There were funerals to arrange and numerous official affairs to settle. Ore and Adetola found themselves tasked with representing their families in sorting out the considerable aftermath left by their parents.

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