Complicated episode 6


Episode 6

Darasimi and Tobi had decided it was time to face her parents and fight for their love, committing to remain true to themselves. They spent the previous night preparing and packing, planning to leave in the morning. However, they were jolted awake by loud banging on their door. With drowsy eyes, they exchanged glances, wondering who it could be. Darasimi knew instantly that her father had found them.

She quickly got up. “Dress up and go answer the door. I’m going to change in the bathroom,” she instructed.

“We aren’t expecting anyone,” Tobi whispered.

“I can bet my life it’s my father’s men. Answer the door before they break it down.”

As Darasimi slipped into the bathroom, Tobi reluctantly went to the door. Opening it, he was confronted by a familiar face—one of Chief Akinola’s men.

“Where is she?” the man demanded.

“She’s safe,” Tobi replied, blocking the doorway.

The man pushed past him and entered the room. “You can’t just barge in here!” Tobi protested, but the man turned, silencing him with a look.

“I’m trying my best not to beat you black and blue considering the stress you two have caused, so I suggest you tell me where she is.”

“I am here, Ope. What do you want?” Darasimi called out from behind.

“You know why I’m here, and there’s no need for things to get ugly.”

“Tobi, get our bags.”

“We can’t just let them—” Tobi started to protest.

“Tobi, please. Stick to our plan.” He nodded, retrieved their boxes, and they all loaded into separate vehicles and left.

The ringing of the phone stirred Ore from her deep sleep. She answered to hear that Farouk was waiting for her in the reception. Surprised, she wondered what he was doing there, then recalled his promise to take her out on a tour.

Hurriedly, she rose from her bed and went through her morning routine. As she prepared, she felt excitement bubbling within her. She had never held any man’s attention like this before. Despite her mind urging her to cut ties with him, she knew she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She wanted to experience what it felt like to be admired by a man.

As she came out from the elevator, she found Farouk patiently waiting for her in the reception area. As he caught sight of her, he rose from his seat and walked towards her, his gaze full of admiration.

“Hello, beautiful,” he greeted her, causing Ore to blush from head to toe. Grateful for her dark complexion hiding the signs, she realized she had chosen to wear one of the new dresses Temi had convinced her to buy. It wasn’t her usual style, with too much cleavage, but she noticed how it accentuated her figure.

“Good morning,” she responded, trying to mask her flustered state.

“Good morning. Have you had breakfast?” Farouk asked.

“No, I was just heading to the restaurant. Why don’t you join me?”

He declines with a courteous smile, suggesting a simpler, more picturesque setting. He takes her hand, leading her away from the grandeur of Burj Al Arab. They trek down to a cosy, hidden cafe, nestled amidst the bustling streets, a stark contrast to the luxury they left behind.

The cafe is a haven, with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries filling the air. They settle into a quiet corner, with rustic wooden tables and soft, ambient music. The breakfast is a delightful spread: creamy scrambled eggs, golden-brown croissants still warm from the oven, slices of ripe avocado, and a bowl of vibrant, mixed berries. The coffee is rich and robust, a perfect complement to the sweetness of freshly squeezed orange juice.

As they eat, the conversation flows effortlessly. Ore had never been this relaxed in the company of a man like this no scratch that she had never had the opportunity before. She savours every bite, her eyes lighting up with pleasure and her laughter mingling with the soft tunes in the background.

The day unfolds with unscripted beauty. They wander through the colourful souks, their senses teased by exotic spices and vibrant textiles. They laugh as they bargain over trinkets, their playful banter drawing them closer. As the sun sets, they find themselves in a serene park, watching the sky change hues. Lying on a shared blanket, they talked about nothing in particular just random topics it was as if they both knew this was real but they were determined to enjoy the day nonetheless.

In the evening, Farouk suggested they visit a local dance club known for its lively atmosphere and varied music. Intrigued and carried by the spontaneity that had marked their day, Ore agreed. She usually doesn’t do this but it was as if there was a force pushing her to do all of this.

Farouk escorted her to the hotel and they went to their separate room. they later met at the reception and went to the club. When Ore arrived at the opulent reception Farouq couldn’t keep his eyes away from her she was wearing a full dress with the deep cleaverage, there is no way Ore would ever have worn such a dress but on this vacation, she threw caution to the air. The club was vibrant, with pulsating lights and infectious rhythms that drew them immediately to the dance floor. As they danced, the energy around them seemed to blur into a swirl of colours and sounds.

After several hours, they found themselves at the bar, laughter mingling with the clink of glasses. The drinks they shared were sweet and strong, and as the night progressed, they both became pleasantly tipsy. Encouraged by the alcohol and the intoxicating closeness of their adventurous day, emotions and attraction peaked. The night concluded with them returning to her place, where they made love, a passionate culmination of their unexpected connection.

However, the clarity of morning brought a stark reality. As the sunlight filtered through the curtains, Ore woke up to find herself alone in bed event from the night before creeping into her mind and she couldn’t believe she had broken her marriage vow. She has also acted unchristian like she felt God would be so disappointed in her. She felt vulnerable about how quickly things had escalated, if Adetola had remained here this wouldn’t have happened.

Later, with Farouk still on her mind, Ore called the reception to inquire about his room, only to learn that he had already checked out. It was then she remembered that his vacation was ending today. Ore sighed; she realized she didn’t even know his surname. But perhaps, she thought to herself, it was for the best.

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