Complicated episode 8


Episode 8

In the days following Ore’s arrival at Adetola’s home, a polite yet evident distance characterized their relationship. Adetola buried himself in his work, leaving early and returning late, his presence more akin to that of a ghost than a husband. Ore, meanwhile, tried to find her footing in this new environment, manoeuvring through the vast, silent rooms of a house that felt more like a museum than a home.

However, barely a week after her disastrous honeymoon, while still frequently thinking about Farouk, Ore received a call from her professor at Harvard School. He informed her that a prominent organization was looking for a financial analyst to work remotely, and he had recommended her for the position. A representative from the organization would soon contact her.

Ore was thrilled by this news. Due to her father’s wishes, she had been unable to work at another company, and since her wedding, her father had insisted she stay at home to care for her family. Now, with the opportunity to work remotely, she was overjoyed. She immediately called Temi, who was equally excited for her and promised to visit after work to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Darasimi had become a shadow of her former self. She had reluctantly signed the annulment document to keep Tobi safe, effectively erasing their brief marriage from legal existence. She missed Tobi deeply and struggled to believe that he could have betrayed her in such a manner.

Her father had confined her to their home until he decided her fate, leaving her to keep to herself. Her mother attempted to uplift her spirits, but Darasimi was disillusioned by her inability to stand up to her husband and defend her children. Instead, her mother’s support of her father’s harsh treatment only deepened Darasimi’s sense of betrayal. Now, Darasimi felt empty, harbouring hatred for everyone around her.

As days passed by, Darasimi’s despair deepened. She spent long hours staring out of her bedroom window, lost in thoughts that spiralled into darker places with each passing day. The walls of her luxurious but confining room felt like a prison, and the silence was suffocating. She had no contact with the outside world, her phone and internet access were cut off, and the only people she saw were her parents and the household staff.

The sense of betrayal was not just personal but extended to Tobi, whom she had loved and trusted. The thought that he might have accepted money to leave her tormented her. She wondered if their love had been as deep for him as it had been for her, or if it had all been a facade. These thoughts haunted her days and nights, leaving her to wrestle with a profound sense of loss and disillusionment. She knew something had to change, and she began to contemplate ways to reclaim her life and her voice, no matter the cost.

After work, Temi visited Ore, and they enjoyed a lavish meal prepared by the chef, complemented by a bottle of red wine. Later, they retired to Ore’s room for a private conversation.

“So, how are things with you and Adetola?” Temi asked.

“It’s the same. I barely see him some days, and other days he doesn’t even come home. He’s probably spending time with his girlfriend.”

“Hey, so he doesn’t realize he’s married, and that Tiwa girl—following another woman’s husband.”

“I honestly don’t know what to do. How am I supposed to get pregnant if he doesn’t even touch me?”

“You’re not the only one with something at stake; he too wants this marriage over so he can carry on with his life. I think you don’t make any moves. But here’s what we should do: we’re going shopping this weekend.”

“I’m not really in the mood for shopping,” Ore responded.

“Look, this isn’t just any shopping; this is special. I’m taking you to get some sexy things that you can wear around the house. Just because you’re plus-sized doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. You need to know how to dress and work your body.”

“You are a bad influence. I should stay away from you or I might miss the rapture,” Ore joked.

“Trust me, you need a friend like me. So, when is your call with the company representative?”

“I got an email today; it’s tomorrow at 10 a.m.”

“I hope you’re ready.”

“I was born ready. I’m just so grateful to God for this opportunity. I was already getting bored with myself.”

“And Farouk? I tried to look him up on social media, but I don’t know his last name so I couldn’t find anything.”

Ore became uneasy. “I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Did something happen after I left?”

“No, nothing. I’m married, so I shouldn’t be thinking about another man.”

“So you have been thinking about him,” Temi pointed out.

“Temidayo, can we please talk about something else?”

Adetola and Tiwa were spending a quiet evening together when the topic of Adetola’s marriage surfaced.

“So what’s the plan? You keep coming here every night, sometimes staying over. When are you going to address the situation?” Tiwa asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about having a baby with your wife. The sooner she gets pregnant, the sooner this charade can end, and we can be together,” Tiwa explained.

“I don’t know how that’s going to happen. I can’t stand being near her, let alone having s*x with her,” Adetola confessed.

“Then you don’t love me,” Tiwa retorted.

“Why would you say that?”

“Because if you did, you would do this for my sake.”

“These things aren’t easy. I’ll find a way.”

“What way, Adetola?”

“We could consider artificial insemination or a surrogate.”

“How are you going to get her to agree to that?”

“I’m working on it.”

“Please, the sooner the better. I’m getting tired of this hide-and-seek game,” Tiwa urged.

After Temi left, Ore felt compelled to call her mother.

“Hello Mum, good evening.”

“Ore, how are you?”

“Mum, you didn’t even call to check on me. I’m your daughter and you and Dad pushed me into this marriage. Don’t you care if I’m okay?”

“Look, I’m tired of you children blaming me and expecting me to stand up to your father. Who has ever stood up for me? You are adults now; you have to carry your own burdens.”

“‘You people’—are you referring to me and Darasimi?” There was silence on the other end. “Talk to me, Mum, is Dara back?”

“Yes, she’s back. She married that nobody, Tobi, and now your father has annulled the marriage and grounded her. You children think our lives should revolve around you. I have other things to deal with, Ore, so I will say good night.”

With that, she ended the call. Ore was left stunned. Dara had married Tobi—that was bold, she thought. But her father had annulled the marriage. Why am I not surprised? I’m always treated this way. But Darasimi is Daddy’s princess, so for her to be treated like this means there’s a lot more to this ordeal.”

Deciding to learn more and offer her support, Ore resolved to visit Dara the next day after she met with the Eclexia company.

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