Complicated episode 10


Episode 10

Temi fulfilled her promise to take Ore shopping, where she bought an array of provocative attires. Ore had instructed the chef to notify her whenever Adetola planned to dine at home. Upon receiving the chef’s message about Adetola’s impending return, Ore chose one of the seductive dresses Temi had encouraged her to buy. However, on entering the dining room, she was met with Adetola’s repulsed gaze, leaving her bewildered and a little hurt.

During dinner, Adetola’s repulsion persisted, as he interpreted Ore’s attire as an attempt to seduce him. He silently wished she would redirect her focus elsewhere, recognizing that a romantic connection between them was impossible. Determined to maintain his distance, he remained detached to deter any misconceptions.

Despite Adetola’s apparent distaste, Ore observed him discreetly, trying to understand her husband’s behaviour. She noticed moments of tenderness, such as when he engaged in mundane tasks like cutting his chicken. Yet, glimpses of another facet of his personality emerged during a phone call with someone named Jaiye, prompting Ore’s curiosity about this individual’s influence on Adetola’s behaviour.

Ore attempted to discuss their relationship and the possibility of truly living together as a couple, but Adetola abruptly left the house without responding. Frustrated and confused about how to progress towards starting a family under these circumstances, Ore cried herself to sleep that night. In her dreams, she saw Farouk smiling reassuringly, telling her everything would be alright.

Despite the growing distance between herself and Tola, Ore clung to the hope that they might eventually find some common ground to build upon. However, her optimism was soon challenged when her father summoned her to his office. After exchanging brief pleasantries, he inquired about her relationship with Adetola.

“So, how are things between you and Adetola?” he asked.

“What exactly do you want to know, Dad?” Ore replied.

He gave her a piercing look before pressing further. “When do I expect a grandson?”

“I’m not God, Dad. I can’t decide that,” Ore responded.

Her father’s next words stung sharply. “Don’t get smart with me, young lady. I know Adetola is not attracted to you, and I don’t blame him.” Ore was deeply hurt by her father’s harsh remarks.


“Quiet. Get him to sleep with you, or I’ll be forced to take measures.”

“Contrary to what you think, we are sharing a bed,” Ore lied, unwilling to concede that her father might be right about Adetola’s lack of attraction to her.

“I hope that’s true, for both your sakes. I’ll have my PA send you some money to buy whatever you want.”

“No, I don’t need anything. I’m fine. But there’s something else I need to discuss with you, Dad.”

“If it’s about Darasimi, save your breath. I don’t want to hear it.”

“How can you know that’s what I wanted to talk about?”

“I know you; you are the softest of my children, the one with a real heart but also the most susceptible. I’ve made my decision about your sister, and I’m not changing it.”

“But Dad, why can’t you act like a father for once and try to understand her reasons? Is there really no room for forgiveness with you? Please, Dad. I’ve married Adetola; let Darasimi have her chance at love.”

“Ope, show her out,” he instructed his aide, who stood by her seat, ready to escort her out.

“Okay, I will go, Dad. But one day, you will regret this.”

As if orchestrated by both sets of parents, Adetola found himself in a similar conversation with his father.

“So tell me, son, how are things between you and Ore? I know she wasn’t your choice and she’s not your type, but she’s a good girl and your mother chose her for a reason. You need to make it work with her as your wife. You’re our only son, and we’re looking forward to grandchildren from you.”

“Dad, you don’t have to worry about that; you’ll have your grandchildren soon,” Adetola lied, preferring to keep his parents out of his personal affairs.

Adetola’s response seemed to satisfy his father for the moment, but he knew the issue was far from settled. His father nodded slowly, the lines of expectation etched deeply on his face.

“Good, good. Just remember, son, family is everything. We rely on you to carry on our name and legacy.”

Adetola merely nodded, his mind racing with thoughts on how to navigate this delicate situation. The pressure to conform to his family’s expectations was immense, but being sterile is not something he wants to discuss with his parent he only hope Ore will agree to his plans.

That night, Ore was surprised to find Adetola joining her for dinner, his presence unexpected. As she adjusted mentally, suspicion crept into her thoughts, suspecting he had an ulterior motive. Once dinner was underway, he broached the subject.

“I’ve thought of a solution to our situation,” he began.

“What situation?” Ore asked.

“Our parents expect us to have a child, and it’s clear I’m not comfortable being intimate with you,” Adetola stated bluntly, his words stinging Ore, though she maintained her composure. “I propose we consider artificial insemination or using a surrogate.”

“Really? It seems you’ve thought this through. I understand artificial insemination, but how do you plan to convince your parents about surrogacy?”

“If we come to an agreement, we can present a united front and convince them together.”

“So, you expect me to lie to protect you? What about my desires? I don’t want artificial insemination or a surrogate. I want to conceive naturally,” Ore countered.

Adetola replied firmly, “Then you’re living in a fantasy. Read my lips: I will not sleep with you, so consider the options because our parents are inexplicably desperate for a grandson.”

Ore sat in silence for a moment, the weight of Adetola’s words pressing heavily upon her. She felt a mix of anger and sadness, conflicted between her own desires and the harsh reality presented by her husband.

“Desperate enough to force us into options we’re not comfortable with,” Ore finally responded, her voice tinged with frustration. “This isn’t just about what you want, or what they want. What about what I want? What about my feelings in all this?”

Adetola looked at Ore, noticing the distress in her eyes for the first time. He realized that his approach might have been too harsh, too dismissive of her feelings. “I’m sorry, Ore. I didn’t mean to dismiss your feelings. It’s just that… I’m trying to find a way to deal with our parents’ pressure without making us both miserable.”

“I get that we’re in a tough spot with our parents, but this… this is our life. We can’t just make decisions based on what will make them stop pressuring us. We need to think about what will make us happy, or at least what we can live with.”

Adetola sighed, the magnitude of their dilemma settling in. “Look, I have my life planned out with someone else and I would like to get back to that life as soon as we can provide them what they want. Excuse me” and he walked out.

Ore’s hope that one day the man she married might come to see her as a lover and partner, was shattered. She sighed as she contemplated a bleak future. Yet, she knew a decision had to be made.

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