Complicated episode 19


Episode 19

Darasimi meticulously prepared everything she needed to secretly record her escapades with both Adetola and his father. She positioned a camera to capture the bed where the rendezvous would take place, planning to invite the son first, followed by the father. After setting everything up, she snapped some photos and sent them to Adetola to lure him in.

Adetola, already overwhelmed by the unresolved matter of Ore’s child’s paternity and the strain with Tiwa who was avoiding his calls, was further distracted when he received another provocative picture from Dara and an address. Although he had plans to meet Jaiye at the club, the temptation to meet Dara first was too strong. He decided he would quickly see her before joining Jaiye.

At the hotel, Adetola’s rendezvous with Darasimi quickly escalated, but as soon as they finished, both of them began to experience excruciating pain in their groins, so intense that they both lost consciousness. Meanwhile, Chief Ayegbajeje, who was at home enjoying dinner, suddenly started experiencing similar severe pain in his groin and also lost consciousness before anyone could assist him. He was swiftly rushed to the hospital.

While this drama unfolded, Jaiye tried to reach Adetola, but his calls went unanswered due to Adetola’s incapacitated state. Similarly, Abike, becoming increasingly worried, had been trying to call Adetola as well. After getting no response, she called his driver, who informed her that they were at a hotel but he was unsure who Adetola was meeting. Abike instructed the driver to find Adetola immediately and to call her with any updates.

At the hospital, Chief Ayegbajeje was admitted, and the medical team began conducting various tests to determine the cause of his sudden and severe symptoms. Meanwhile, Abike, sensing that something was terribly wrong, decided to head to the hotel where Adetola was after the driver reported he couldn’t get past the reception.

At the hotel, Abike approached the manager, who was initially hesitant when she explained the situation. However, after some persuasion, the manager agreed to call the room, but there was no answer. Concerned, the manager, accompanied by some staff, went to knock on the door. After several attempts without a response, they used a master key to enter the room, where they found Adetola and Darasimi both unconscious.

Abike was shocked to discover Adetola and Darasimi together in such a state, realizing he had been involved with both sisters. She immediately called for an ambulance and reached out to her pastor to pray for them. As they were being transferred to the hospital, Abike made the difficult call to Chief Akinola because of her daughter’s involvement and also contacted Ore to inform her of the situation.

Meanwhile, Farouk was at home sleeping when he suddenly began to experience excruciating pain; his nerves were trembling intensely, a sensation he had never felt before. He quickly pressed the bell to call for help, and he was rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival and after examination, the doctors pulled his mother and sister aside to discuss his condition.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Fernadis, but the time has come. Farouk will not recover from this crisis. All we can do now is to make him as comfortable as possible. I suggest you prepare to say your goodbyes; it could be any minute now.”

“Ha!” Mrs. Fernadis exclaimed as she and Titilope held each other, crying bitterly. They couldn’t imagine life without Farouk. Mrs. Fernadis was overwhelmed with pain; just five years earlier, she had lost her husband, and now she faced the prospect of burying her son.

Later, they went into his room where he lay on oxygen, looking peaceful yet pale. Mrs. Fernadis knelt beside her daughter.

“I won’t let you go without a fight, Farouk,” she declared as they both began to pray earnestly.

Meanwhile, Oreoluwa arrived at the hospital and was shocked to learn that Adetola and Darasimi were involved with each other.

“How could Dara do this to me, sleeping with my husband? Aunty Abike, what is going on?”

“I don’t know, but whatever is happening here is not just medical. I’ve called my pastor, and he is on his way here. Something sinister is going on.”

When Chief Akinola arrived, he instructed the doctors to discharge them and brought some of his men to transport the three patients to the car. Abike tried to intervene.

“You can take your daughter if you want, but you will not touch my husband and son.”

“Don’t be a fool, Abike. You know what is going on. Unless you want them both dead, let me take them to the shrine.”

“Shrine? What shrine?” Ore interjected, confused and concerned. She was ignored.

“No, my pastor is on his way here; he will pray for them,” Abike insisted.

“You know that is not possible. As a member of the shrine, I cannot allow you to bring anyone here to pray. Go on, boys,” Chief Akinola commanded, disregarding Abike’s pleas.

The tension escalated as the situation became a standoff between traditional beliefs and spiritual hope, leaving everyone on edge about the fate of their loved ones.

Abike struggled to stop them, but two of the men restrained her, creating such a commotion at the hospital that patients began to emerge from their rooms to watch. Ultimately, Abike had no choice but to follow them, as she couldn’t bear the thought of her husband and son being taken to an unknown location without her.

At the shrine, they were ushered into a large chamber. Chief Ayegbajeje, Adetola, and Darasimi were all laid out on the floor, while Chief Akinola, his wife, their son Ade, Ore, and Abike waited anxiously for the priest to arrive.

When the priest finally arrived, he surveyed the three on the floor and began consulting his oracle. After several minutes of muttering and gesturing, he turned back to Chief Akinola and asked, “How did this sacrilege happen? How did you allow it?”

“High Priest, I’m in the dark. Can you speak in plain terms?” Chief Akinola replied, confusion evident in his voice.

“This trio has committed a sacrilege, and they must pay with their lives,” the priest declared starkly.

“I don’t care what you people do; my son must not die,” Abike interjected desperately.

“Quiet, woman,” the priest cautioned her sternly.

He then announced, “I suggest you take them home; there is nothing I can do for them here.” The finality in the priest’s voice left little room for argument, signaling a dire prognosis with no hope of intervention from the spiritual realm.

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