Will You Marry My Husband episode 7


“i don’t understand, Survived what janet?”

Ray held her arms firmly and looked into her eyes.

“Let go of my hands” janet managed to drag her hands out and looked at him.

“you mean you planned my accident?” he asked.

“worry less my dear, with time you will know” janet replied him and turned away then walked on the stairs approaching her room.

Ray stood there looking so dissapointed.

The night was uncomfortable for ray so he decided to move himself to his sitting room inorder to have a sound sleep; janet cared less.

The following day ; i was at home all alone ; lilian was in her boyfriend’s house ,

i was in my sitting room watching tv when i heard a knock i quickly stood up to go and open.

i wasn’t expecting anyone ; i was curious so i opened the door to my surprise it was janet.

“wow come in ma, you’re welcome” i smiled.

but she kept mute and didn’t reciprocate my kind gestures. she walked in majestically and stood there gazing around.

“welcome to my humble abode ma”

she looked at me from head to toe

i was curious to know why she acted that way, that was so unlike her.

“is there any problem ma” i asked.

she smiled and said

“Not at all,lol but theres a bigger problem”

my heart beat increased, i couldn’t utter a word. then she said

“You think i wouldn’t find out?”

I stood up and straightened my hands asking her what she meant by that.

“you think you can come into my home and take away everything including what i cherish the most?” she flamed.

“you think you can walk away like nothing really happened” she added.

“i don’t understand ma, what have i taken away from you, please tell me because all i know is that you’re a good woman and i can’t hurt you” she didn’t wait for me to drop those words she shut me up.

“you’re asking me what you’ve done? oohh stop pretending; we both know you’re the reason why my husband was hospitalized”

I was shocked on hearing that.

she walked closer to me and said “you’re not smart enough to have covered all your tracks”

“But ma i don’t underst….”

she slapped me

“Just shut up or i’ll slap you again and again” she said.

i stepped back and romanced my cheeks.

“So after trying to lure my husband into marrying you; after trying to get him all to yourself , you failed and then choosed to end his life right?”

I turned and back her, i couldn’t believe she actually said that to me.

“One more lies from you and i will trangle you to death, I’m way smarter than you can ever imagine so don’t try acting innocent here”

I’m sorry i have to say this; well she is right ; i don’t care what you think about me now, no need to pretend anymore. i’ll have to admit i did it.

“Yes i did it! i wanted him dead. i mean if i can’t have him all to myself then no one would. i mean…who wouldn’t want a handsome guy like him coupled with all his good attributes; he’s just what every woman craves including you. so tell me who wouldn’t”

Janet did not utter a word she was still listening to me.

I walked around all smiling.

“you know i thought i could make things work between i and ray , i thought i could have him easily, but he refused letting go of you; i was so annoyed so much that i wanted him dead at all cost.

I mean if i can’t have him nobody will; unluckily for me he survived the accident but i wanted him dead, never knew good people took him to the hospital; the hired assasins should have sent me his pictures to confirm his death; i blame them sha; if i had known they failed i wouldn’t have given them their balance.

Remember the day you called and broke the news that he was alive? i was so dissapointed and devastated;
well…. i had no other option than to play along pretending to be his cousin so you won’t suspect he had a girlfriend; i really wanted to see him, kudos to you, i said to myself since he is alive , we can still make things work. but i failed the second time and here you are.

i finally sat down comfortable after telling her my mind.

“you know you should rot in jail” she said.

i laughed and said

“you have no evidence against me , ray deserves it; you should be grateful i did it ; after all he cheated on you, and that hurts the most; i can remember whenever i and your husband have a discussion; your name must come up. i felt like i was some kind of a second hand product ; i felt jealous . I gave this man 2 years of my life; i rejected other men just to be with him . i gave him all the attention he needed, not to talk of best s*x styles; then all he could do for me is put you first in everything so i decided that since i can’t convince him to divorce you, I must end his life but wait o am just curious here; you said you knew about this from the beginning; why were you acting friendly and why really the pretense?” i asked

“youre so dumb you know, i knew you were dating my husband right from the onset i knew he was cheating on me; i hired someone to monitor your footsteps because i don’t trust a lady that’s so obsessed over a man, she can do and undo.

I wanted to deal with him my own way not until i was informed by my agent that he deposited a recorded inside your car; don’t ask how he did it; i hired a professional you know;

you succeeded in getting a guy to sneak into my husband’s house just to tamper with his steering ; well i allowed that to happen ; i just wanted to see the end of all this but i was two steps ahead of you; the following morning when my husband left to work i drove behind him incase the trap you set occurs; I only wanted you to succeed with your evil plans because i wanted ray to pass through all the trauma; atleast that will serve as a lesson to a cheating man.

“you’re joking” i replied with shocked; but she continued.

“i had a plan b and that was to get closer to you, thank God you played along lol am sure you thought you were the smart one ; claiming to behis cousin, that was fun you know…you acted so well”

i got angry and stoodup to slap her but she held my hand

“Don’t you dare” she said then proceeded.

“i called you to come to the hospital, i knew you would definitely come because you loved ray so much even after wanting him dead”

I flamed but she kept talking.

“i wanted that closeness i knew it will help in my plans .

janet said and walked around

“vivian you know if i had alerted the police immediately and they ask for evidence , i don’t think you would have rot in jail for a long time so i had to come here and play mind games with you and i have succeeed”

I looked around and peep through my window to see if anyone is around but i saw no one, i heaved a sigh of relieve.

“relax my dear, i’ve recorded everything in here” janet opened her purse and brought out a tape recorder and waved it on the air.

i was shocked i didn’t know when i fell to the ground , i told her everything because i thought she won’t have any evidence against me and even if i was jailed i had people that would have gotten me out but never knew she recorded everything.

janet continued
“you know i really wanted to get words out of your mouth because the police wanted full evidence”

and it worked . listen babygirl i have recorded everything you’ve just said in here ; you can now look outside, they’re waiting for you.

I told ray everything, and i have forgiven him, no need to be angry atleast he has passed through alot and that serves him right, ray is a changed man now”

The door flung open, the police came in; that moment my heart skipped i stoodup.

“madam you’re under arrest for attempted murder, remain silence or anything you do or say will be used against you in the court of law”

i was handcuffed immediately; tears rolled down my eyes , i should have let that family be.; lilian warned me.

The police dragged me outside , i turned and saw ray looking so disapointed; he couldn’t utter a word; am sure his heart was shattered because it was from someone he loved.

“Rot in jail babygirl” janet shouted and walked closer to ray and they hugged eachother and kissed.

I was pushed into the police vehicle, the driver drove off.

My name is Vivian and this my story.


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