Will You Marry My Husband episode 5


the wardrope corner ; i stopped and asked

“ma! why am i here”
she turned and faced me then said

“Can i confide in you
” she asked.

i was curious.

“yeah,…you can” i said

she now smiled

“Okay ! ray is cheating on me but i can’t wrap my head around why he choosed to stab me through my heart”

i felt adre*naline rushing down my spine.

i was ten*sed so i com*ported myself because i was confused if the woman is actually directing those words to me.

“wow! why would he do such thing to you; thats so b*ad of him; but have you been able to findout who he is cheating with”

She turned away facing the wardrope.

i stepped back a little

“No…dear but when i finally find out who she is…..? well i reserved my words”

The confusion on my face was enough for anyone to suspect me , luckily for me she was facing the wardrope , running her hands through the clothes hanging on the wardrope which happens to be ray’s clothe;
i thought i could change her mind.

“i think you should take things slowly , don’t allow heartbreak to make you do something dra*stic”.

“you say what? she turned to me.

“if i eventually find out who she is…i’ll unveil my hidden being! do you know how it hurts to be betrayed? sta*bbed in my back by someone you love the most?”

I kept mute

“let’s check out this clothe vivian”

“take heart ma, but how were you able to findout about his cheating life”

“Look dear! worry less. i have my ways and am going to sort it out sooner, i just wanted you to know that am aware of his cheating. now lets check this clothes out for ray ; since in the morning have been skeptical of which clothes to actually choose for ray so a thought came in and i suggested you would be in the right person to choose”

she brought out a blue shirt and showed it to me.

” Don’t you think this one will be nice on him?”

She placed the shirt my breast ;

i looked at her but she was busy checking out the shirt on my breast.

“i don’t really know his choice ,you are his wife ; you should know what fits him”

i smiled

she stepped back with the shirt and looked at me

“And you’re his what?

” sorry , i didn’t mean to; its just that it’s been long we lived together, i mean your husband and i, it’s been ages so i don’t know his likes and dislikes”
i smiled

” Even as at that you should atleast know a little about him”

she left me and turned to the wardrope

“let’s check out some other shirts, come forward dear”

i moved a bit closer to her but still sca*red, i mean i wasn’t myself at all; the tension, the suspense everything waa frea*king me out.

“I want you to choose some outfits that would last him for like a week in that hospital, you can help me, am b*ad at selecting clothes; alright?”

At first i thought she knew everything, but i was wrong.
i felt relieved , i now walked closer and picked out few of his outfits and arranged it into his box.

After we were done we proceeded to the hospital .

Right inside the hospital, we entered his room.

Ray was still lying unco*ncious.

she sat down beside him while i sat on the chair closer to the door.

They was a total silence

After few minute Ray coughed he tried opening his eyes; i quickly called the doctor in; immediately he came inside, i sat back and let his wife do her wify duties atleast mine would be later;.

“He is getting better but he needs some rest” he cautioned us and left.

Janet adjusted herself closer to him and carriedup his hands and said

“i’m glad you’re back to life! i really miss you”

Ray moved his body trying to open his eyes.

i stoodup and sat back to avoid any suspect.

“I’m glad he is well now”

Ray turned his face am sure he recognized my voice; he wandered his eyes around looking confused.

“vivian” he tried calling my name.

“yea ray” i stood up and walked closer to him.
he was looking at janet and i
janet smiled

“what’s going on here” ray asked.

“my dear you need some rest, by the way what do you think is going on? isn’t she your cousin, she’s so nice infact she has been so helpful ; she even helped me to select some few clothes for you”

“select wha what? ray asked.

“your clothes! relax dear”

Ray kept mute and stared at me.

“vivian , thanks for coming.” he said.

“but you never told me you have another cousin apart from freda earnestly i was shocked when she told me she’s your cousin, she’s beautiful and accomodating ; ”

I was ner*vous ; Thank God ray later cooperated .

“well janet, i only asked because i know this my cousin; sorry i never told you about her , She is a stu*bborn head sha , i’m glad shes back , we had a little misunderstandin
g but am glad she came”

“we’ve bonded i kind of like her” janet whispered to ray.

I stared at them ; i was mute throughout .

I stood up, ray looked at me

” you know what? i think i like this one” janet said.

“you think so?” ray asked

“what kind of respond is that… you dont like her?” janet replied

He adjusted his body on the bed and said

“nooo i mean she is kind of stub*born i was wondering why would you like a stub*born big head like her ; vivian… thanks for your care okay…talk to you later” ray smiled.

i quickly walked out fast out of the door.

“Ray you will be discharged in 3 days time”

“how come you knew much about her, i mean vivian”

“lol , she has been calling your line frequently, so i picked, she introduced herself as your cousin, i was shocked how come i dont know her”.

“well…i ”

“it’s okay ray! relax and rest” janet interrupted.

Later in the evening janet was in her sitting room relaxing just then she heard a knock on her door she got up to go and open behold it was freda, ray’s cousin.

“aww welcome freda longtime you’ve decided to visit us”

” yes o my dear you know after i heard of the incident i was so disturbed , i decided i’ll come today, how is he?” freda asked.

“He’s getting better , he will be discharge in 3 days time, i went there this morning with his cousin”

“which cousin is that?” freda adjusted herself waiting for an explanation.

“Don’t you know her?she said she’s his cousin her name is vivian” (to be continued)

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